Sunday, May 6, 2018

Random Cartoon

I am attaching a random cartoon done just now.
Random cartoon is what I find easy to draw. The moment I think of a topic , the artwork doesn't come out well. If the topic is close to my heart, then the artwork is proper. And both the cartoon and the script below matches.
Have a nice day !!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

#PythaShastri two e expressions

e has been a favorite constant of mine. I had described the philosophy of e earlier in this blog. And here in I am presenting two expressions of it.
I had already given a few expressions of e in my The other day . . . blog. Here, I have added two more.
I have given about 10 or more expressions on e, π and γ. I also wrote on Riemann series, Heegner numbers. I also made a pentagon with my own methods. Pentagon, you may want to know has a philosophy close to constant φ(phi). The third side of a triangle formed with two sides as two limbs is φ times the side of a pentagon.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

#PythaShastri Belief Pi (π) Expression

What is #PythaShastri Belief Pi (π) Expression mean ?
It means that the equation is true to #PythaShastri beliefs. But however, it is not exact. (By the way, I had posted a comment on Ramanujan 1/π expression and wrote that it is not exactly 1/π. Now I have understood, the concept. The concept is it is π to Ramanujan beliefs. Can it be made more accurate? Possibly he could. Is the formula of Ramanujan accepted by mathematicians? Of course, it is.) It can be made exact by choosing the way two sigma series work with each other.
The first expression gives 1.54. The second expression gives 102 for 100 terms.
And π/2 is approximately 1.54 into 1.02. Which is 1.5708.
Is this correct? Yes, to the intuition of #PythaShastri these two expressions are correct and it is correct expression for π/2 calculations.
The first expression is that of interaction between two guys on extroversion (So, #PythaShastri believes). The second expression is of irrational number and rational number series.( #PythaShastri was inspired by root 3 by root 2 heart beats thing)
Can I make this into extremely accurate π/2 series? Sort of world record thing? 
Right now, I cannot. But I am reasonably confident that this #PythaShastri expression is correct.

Monday, April 2, 2018

My Chess Elo ratings

Here is the part of the certificate from chess maniac website.

It is high school level. Does it call for a look by the society in general. A little more than this score is automatically promoted by US corporations and society and clubs.
But in India?
Anyway 1000 elo rated are routed by 1400 elo rated guys. That's how the system is. But 1000 elo rating is enough to show-off to cousins and friends who are new to chess.
I wanted to make another attempt at the elo puzzles and spent time seriously at making moves.
The latest elo rating is 1380, now.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Chess Status Now

My ELO rating has become about 1000. 1000 or below is the ELO rating of novices.
In USA, it means Class F or above.
I am consistently beating the tan in Level 3. In Level 4, it is mostly even. Level 4 is 1125 ELO rating.
I shall buy books and improve my ELO rating.
I am also planning to play chess with persons.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

#PythaShastri rhythms?

#PythaShastri had made formulas for simple pi and gamma expressions.
#PythaShastri had re-learnt the Riemann zeta functions and in the process had applied a little more to get expressions.
Now, it is tough to talk of extroverted and external work. Though, up and working and Becoming extroverted are inspirations; they are not complete for extroverted work.
What is lacking is rhythms. I sort of discovered this just a little while ago.
How to make an expression?
Possibly, 1 and 2 terms of one expression syncs with 1 and 1 terms of other.
I will try working here with dafli playing logic.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The right way to meditate

Closing your eyes and opening them while uttering repetitive prayers is possibly the peak in meditative practice.
I challenge that breath control meditations can be that effective.
I do sandhyavandanam every day. The gayatri mantra part is done by coordinating eye closing and opening. One gayatri mantra with eyes open. The second one with eyes closed. The third with eyes open. I do 54 gayatri mantra japa. By 40, I reach blissed state.
Not so religious guys can try this.