Sunday, June 17, 2018

About # PythaShastri

Corrected expressions
Given below are corrected expressions of phi and pi.

Questions to #PythaShastri.
1. What is the philosophy behind the term #PythaShastri?
Kirtivasan (I) is # PythaShastri. There were mad inspiration in me. I wanted to go closer to mathematical truth. So I decided to use the term #PythaShastri.
2. Has #PythaShastri reached the truth?
Yes. The above two are giving me the satisfaction of truth.
3. Why so much of fuss over numbers, #PythaShastri?
Numbers are not easy. We count with fingers. We go on, one the thumb, two the pointing finger. But someone exceptionally bright would say the thumb is different and the middle finger is. So two is not there. He may argue that no two things are exactly the same. Only some factors make the two things same.
4. The above expressions and so are many in the blog are not precise. Why publish them, # PythaShastri?
There are many accurate expressions too. When the focus is on one thing, the expression is accurate. When focus is on two are more things, the expression is not accurate. Measuring behavior is accurate and focus is on one thing. Becoming extroverted is focusing on two or three things and expression is not accurate.

Friday, June 15, 2018

#PythaShastri expression

I was wondering for last many years, how to handle  root 2, root 3, 2, root 5 etc. as a series. I was unable to get an expression.
Yesterday, I was thinking about the circle I get with a A4 sheet by tearing method. And I was thinking of half, quarter, one-eighth etc. as a series.
Then an idea struck me. Multiply half with one; quarter with one by root 2; one-eighth with one by root 3 and so on. This was what I seemed to be doing in circle from A4 by tearing.
What was the result in multiplying half with one; quarter with one by root 2; one-eighth with one by root 3 and so on?
The result till 1/(16384×root 14) was 0.80610075. Phi by two? Half of golden ratio?
Possibly. The curiosity of years got some peace as now I am able to understand root 2, root 3, 2, root 5 series. Multiply and invert with 4, 8, 16 etc.
Wolfram results do not support #PythaShastri claims. 0.806 it is till 1000. Not 0.808. But peace of mind has indeed been obtained, with this.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Is it the fastest nature Pi formula?#PythaShastri

Pi formulas exist in nature. Then there are formulas by Ramanujan, Chudnovsky and possibly others which are faster.
The Wikipedia formula of k!/(2k+1)!! is fast. This is nature. This is what I claim as Measuring Behaviour equation. It exists in nature.
Then there is another formula(2^n)/(comb(2n,n)). This too is nature. This was discovered by #PythaShastri. This is also Measuring Behaviour equation. It exists in nature.
The expression k!/(2k+1)!! gives pi to 6 places in 25 steps in Microsoft Excel.
The expression (2^n)/(comb(2n,n)) gives pi by 2 to 7 places in 25 steps in Microsoft Excel.
The second expression may be a little faster. Of course, Ramanujan expressions or Chudnovsky expressions are very fast. But this expression of (2^n)/(comb(2n,n)) will possibly come in top ten fast expressions of the world, if not the top five.
Also the two expressions are of nature.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ottankadu - A Short Story

Sukumaran was sleeping in his berth in 2nd AC. It was 09:15 pm and it was only in the next morning that he will reach his destination.
Sukumaran was an Area Manager in a reputed pharmaceuticals firm. He had been doing well in his career in the past and his growth had been good. From a pharma salesman to Area Manager he was able to reach in just 8 years. But in the last six months his performance was far from satisfactory. In fact it was poor. He could not provide any sales figures of significance to his bosses in Mumbai. He was tortured by domestic situations and conditions in his office.
His wife Radha was a socialite. She would throw kitty parties at their home. She would also spend quite a lot of money on beauty parlours. Sukumaran felt that his wife was possibly cheating on him and was having an affair with another man. He saw her and the man together on two or three occasions  in public. Sukumaran felt that his wife Radha was scheming to get rid of him.
Sukumaran's brother Ravikumaran was a businessman. Ravikumaran was shrewd and very money-minded. Quite recently the father of the two had died without writing a will. Sukumaran suspected that Ravikumaran might kill him to get his share of money.
Sukumaran's sister Nivedita was a professional model. She was extremely attractive and was doing well in her career. Sukumaran hated her modelling career and on many occasions he had out-rightly told his sister so. Nivedita could not take his illogical criticism and had told Sukumaran that she wished he died. Sukumaran suspected Nivedita would actually kill him.
In the last six months at his office, he was mentally affected by his domestic scene. Moreover, there was a physical fight with the Area Manager of a rival pharmaceutical firm. The rival pharma man had come to visit Sukumaran for an agreement in market share. Sukumaran had no interest in sharing his market area. There was a loud fight and the rival pharma man gave physical blows to Sukumaran.
Sukumaran was currently on tour to meet his juniors over sales conference. He was in the train thinking about his wife, brother, sister and his rival. He was tormented with his thoughts. He did not like anything in the world. He hated the train for going slow. He hated the AC in the coach for being ineffective. He hated the food for being cold. He just could not bear anything.
Suddenly the train stopped. Possibly for signal. It was not a regular stop of the train. Sukumaran looked out of his window and could just read the name of the village in the concrete board. It was Ottankadu. It was dark everywhere and he could read the name from the moonlight.
Sukumaran decided to get down here and become a monk. His feeling for this was strong and intense. He had no interest in leading a life like this. His own wife, brother and sister were scheming his death, he thought; And the enmity with the Area Manager of rival pharma company was also high. Moreover he had nothing to show to his bosses in Mumbai. He was feeling miserable.
Sukumaran thought of leaving all his luggage in the train and decided to get down at Ottankadu and achieve nirvana by becoming a monk.
He left his compartment and moved towards the door of the coach. He unlocked the door and tried to take a step outside. Suddenly he heard the clinging of glass with metal. It was the medicine bottle kept in his pant pocket striking the metal door.
Then he remembered. He was suffering from paranoia. He had visited a doctor of psychiatry and was under medication for paranoia.
He concluded that he will not become a monk. He will continue with his life and face challenges.
The forest Goddess of Ottankadu had saved him !!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Random Cartoon

I am attaching a random cartoon done just now.
Random cartoon is what I find easy to draw. The moment I think of a topic , the artwork doesn't come out well. If the topic is close to my heart, then the artwork is proper. And both the cartoon and the script below matches.
Have a nice day !!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

#PythaShastri two e expressions

e has been a favorite constant of mine. I had described the philosophy of e earlier in this blog. And here in I am presenting two expressions of it.
I had already given a few expressions of e in my The other day . . . blog. Here, I have added two more.
I have given about 10 or more expressions on e, π and γ. I also wrote on Riemann series, Heegner numbers. I also made a pentagon with my own methods. Pentagon, you may want to know has a philosophy close to constant φ(phi). The third side of a triangle formed with two sides as two limbs is φ times the side of a pentagon.