Saturday, January 11, 2020

It is beautiful

I wrote there is no 2. Meaning no two things are similar.
I wrote there are two hands, two legs etc. Sort of mirror effect.
Then there is combination.
Then there is spin. In fact in our body too.  Constant e and imaginary number i.
Then when you have accepted that no two clothes are similar but you count. Due to practical necessity. 4 shirts and 3 trosers say. Your brother disturbs you and throws some pencils and ask you to count them. You have set a range of counting for clothes. Now pencils !!. Ramanujan tau functions.
(Pi involved here-->)Then a basic necessity for product of two difficult to quantify things. Conscience into quality. Is up and working. Luck into Opportunity. Is money. Ramanujan theta functions.
(Pi involved here-->)Also you are a thinker. Certain thoughts make harmony(Differentiation). But this harmony makes your leg travel or your hands to move either consciously,sub-consciouly or unconsciously covering an area(Integration).
Then you wanted to develop yourself. To build personality. You read my blogs. My mathematical theories.
Now see the below results. With Wolfram alpha.
Whether 1, n^2,n^3,n^4,n^5 . . . with comb(2n,n) the result is always a function of pi and a constant rational number. But with n and comb(2n,n) the result is something different. When yoy do multiplication n*n(n^2) or division n/n(1) pi supports. When you take only n then it does not. So beautiful !!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Doing Fine

In art I have bought charcoal pencils. There are three pencils hard, medium and soft. These are best for caricatures. For cartoons black gel pens. I am a black and white guy in art.

I have got another paper published in JETIR. I shall complete all formalities and shall later provide a link and write details.

I have done a lot of research on taals and have adapted dafli playing to Indian taals. I shall write about it later.

I am in Delhi now. But shall be in Ranchi for new year.
My new year wishes to my blog readers. May all the good things happen to you in the new year and beyond.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Citizenship Amendment Act

First things first.
I don't think the general public is aware of a thing called citizenship. What the hell? All are citizens of the country. Then what is citizenship amendment?
It seems to be a foreign ministry act. Not a home ministry. To me. Mr. Jaishankar should be presenting it. And not Mr. Amit Shah.
Our DMK leader has opposed it.
But the President has okayed it.
Now as a citizen of India if Narendra Modi feels it is the role of science department to consider me in mathematics, then Narendra Modi also should think whether it is home ministry or foreign ministry who should be putting the CAB. My view is my mathematics is really very good.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

A good tweak this one

I listen to songs based on habit. I don't easily like latest songs. However I do like the playlists of Google play music and others. I like their categorisation of latest pop, latest bollywood songs etc.
However, many times I am moody. At a particular moment I just have to listen to a song by Ravindra Jain for instance.
The solution that worked for me for the last few years was storing songs in mobile. And listening to playlists offered by Google play music.
Recently a brainwave occurred. I put all my songs (about 1000) in Google drive. But opening the songs and playing the songs over bluetooth did not happen when I opened google drive in browser.
So what I did was install Google Drive app. Bluetooth playing of songs now happen!!
So Google Drive and Google Play Music apps are my way now to listen to music.
I have Philips bluetooth speaker.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Self - Guru

I do not comment on master artists much. Like Andrew Loomis, for example. However I do recommend their names. I do not comment because I may be different than the master and I do not wish to comment making my own suggestions.
The idea below is my very own. So I am attaching the paper.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Paperless Society

What is not being Paperless?

  1. Scanning paper and posting the scanned paper to server and keeping both the paper and scanned image is definitely not being paperless.
  2. A non-collaborative writing in office in a piece of paper is not moving towards being paperless.
  3. Writing opinions in a piece of paper without data supporting it is not moving towards being paperless.
  4. A write-up lacking clarity and which does not have block-diagram or a flowchart when required is not moving towards being paperless.
What is moving towards paperlessness ?
  1. Using Microsoft Office in collaboration
  2. Using OpenXML standards
  3. Using Microsoft charts in Microsoft Office documents 
  4. Having Office online and a big name over Internet