Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 things you can do with your Touch Mobiles

Are we using our touch mobiles to as much as possible, as far as possible? Maybe not.

These are the areas where touch mobiles help :-
1. Communication - Voice, Videos, Text based communication
2. Information - Media, Newspapers, blogs
3. Calculations - Accounting, pattern matching data, Storage
4. Guidance - GPS navigation
5. Artificial Intelligence Guidance - Siri, Google Now etc.
6. Timely Help - Alarms, Appointments
7. Music - Radio, mp3,recording etc.
8. Videos - TV, movies,video camera, still camera etc.
9. Health - Heart Beats, pedometer, emotions etc.
10. Touch - Sketching, arrangement style, colour etc.

Am I missing something else?

The above are the status of my Nokia Lumias.

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