Saturday, July 17, 2021

Go Away the third wave of Corona

Corona has caused a lot of problems. For more than a year it has caused a lot of death, innumerable suffering and more than that is the stoppage of schooling and college system.

It is feared that the third wave of Corona may happen. Another thing that is feared is the Delta variant of the corona virus.

I wrote about understanding the body better and loving yourself more as a way to beat this disease. I believe that mathematical equations of the body will give you knowledge of mathematics and body. This will inspire you and you can become stronger.

I want to spread these knowledge pieces more to create awareness and be able to beat corona.

Lifting Okras

Property of our hands

3 consecutive and 4 consecutive fingers

Golden ratio and pi

Model of constant e

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A thin difference

 What is zero ? What is one ? Very difficult questions. But very valid and beautiful questions indeed.

An infinite series from 0 to infinity for n/(n-1)! added and subtracted alternately gives zero.

While an infinite series from 0 to infinity for n/(n+1)! added for all terms gives one.

I think this is a cute answer.

Hope you like the question and answer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Targets in art

In near future,  I shall  be caricaturing women. I hope to improve my methods in caricaturing techniques in this process.

I wish to generate PhD level of knowledge in caricature as an art of drawing. 

I wish to be as good as Tom Richmond.  And William Maughan. 

Another thing I wish to practice is drawing landscapes. I wish to be as good as Frank  Rines.

I shall also study Asaro body. I hope to learn valuable lessons. 

These are the targets in art. Have a nice day!!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

About functions

I am talking of mathematical functions.  Taylor made functions in 16th or 17th century.  Later Maclaurin considered the function for zero value.  Newton then used these concepts of functions and its value at zero and made calculus.

Gauss however talked of complex functions. To see the horizontal axis and vertical axis is free and do not require time. However the resultant of horizontal and vertical or the 3rd dimension need time.

I feel complex functions are more true to reality. But Indians following English countries England and USA never followed complex functions. 

I made Rational number series, 3 and 4 consecutive numbers. My papers were rejected by famed Indian journals; though triangular numbers and prime number generation were obtained with the concept. I have now extended the Rational number series to golden ratio,  pi, hour glass and origami sheets.

I do not need complex numbers,  functions or calculus now. For I have 3 and 4 consecutive numbers, pi, hour glass, origami sheets and golden ratio.

It becomes a question of responsibility now. One cannot deny the contribution of complex numbers,  functions or calculus in education.  But we must also understand that Chinese do have a system of thought different than England, USA and India.

My responsibility is China and Asian countries.  Not English guys from England,  USA or India.

I am ready for WAR !!

(15/06/2021. English mathematicians (England,  USA, India)may have right triangle concepts in i, calculus and trigonometry. But I (China and India) have symmetry knowledge in 3 and 4 consecutive numbers, pi, hour glass,  origami sheets and golden ratio.  I will never give my knowledge of symmetry to English mathematicians. My mathematics is also protected with JETIR. I believe symmetry is the most important concept).

(15/06/2021. I have already written about symmetry in hour glass.  There is symmetry in origami sheet and 3 consecutive numbers and 4 consecutive numbers theory. More symmetry concepts coming).

(16/06/2021. I am seeing symmetry in walking principles.  Yes. In walking the right leg is forward and left leg is backward still we move forward towards destination. Is it not? I have symmetry system for it. Of course I am not going to share to English (England,  USA or India) people.  But it is with China, Korea. With me)

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Controlling the Covid pandemic

We should not be helpless against the covid disease. 

Scientists, doctors, nurses, leaders are working day in and day out to get our country out of this pandemic. 

I also want to contribute.  If you know your body you will be able to fight the disease better. This is my mantra.

Know how your body works.  Or know how you can work with your body.

Here is a piece of mathematics and body.Magic numbers and our body 1.

I have written a lot of blog posts on human mechanism and mathematics and challenges of life. You can look at them.

Just realize how nature has built us. Understand how we need to tap nature plans. And work with ourselves. 

If all of us are individually able to face covid boldly then the pandemic will vanish from India.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

An equation

 Based on my earlier post, I further modified and obtained this equation.

I hope you like this one. Have a nice day, dear blog readers !!

I have made a one to one correspondence for the above. To me there seems to be enough mathematics still to it. And (3n+1)(3n+3) is so close to (3n+1)(3n+2). 

What are your views ?

Monday, March 29, 2021

A complex equation

Euler made a fantastic complex equation e to the power of i theta equals cos theta plus i sin theta.

I tried very hard to get a similar beautiful equation. I managed a little and made the following equation.

How do you find it? Please comment below so that I can get a feedback. Have a nice day, dear readers !!
(The above is wrong)

(Added on 31/03/2021). Here is a correct complex equation. 

Thanks Wolfram alpha once again!!