Monday, August 22, 2011

Krishna Janmashtmi - Message on Action and no focus on results

Yesterday was Krishna Janmashtmi. Krishna's birth anniversary. Krishna is a beloved God of Hindus and is widely regarded and respected. His upadesha of Gita to Arjuna is a very practical advice.To all his devotees it is instruction from Krishna as to how action should be performed.

In our daily talk we talk of percentages. 30% of work has been completed. My son has scored 85%. The neta is demanding 10% commission. And more . . .

What is 100 %? 100% is the result, the objective, what you aim for, what is correct . . .

When we speak in % terms, are we not speaking, looking at results expected? Yes we are. Speaking in percent basis is speaking and concentrating on results. Especially speaking in percent of a future thing is speaking in terms of results.

So talking in percent terms of a job to be done in future, of a assignment to be completed, of a deal to be undertaken are all focussing on results .

Friday, August 19, 2011

The ultimate formula I was looking out for - the formula of UNITY (एकता)

I was searching and searching for over two years as to what causes unity. India desperately needs this.

It was yesterday. I saw the pledge to be taken on the occasion of Sadhbhavna divas. Sadhbhavna divas is today. 20th August. Rajiv Gandhi's birth anniversary. Two words from the pledge to be taken made it clear as to what is unity. The two words struck me so hard that I wondered why this did not strike me earlier.

What are the two words? The two words are emotional oneness.

My dear fellow bloggers, emotional oneness is UNITY. Rajiv Gandhi, the great visionary saw the importance of it. We all need to be emotionally one. Happy together. Sad together. Angry together. Disgusted together. Surprised together. As together as possible. As much as possible.

If Marathi feels happy with Anna Hazare, then the people of Arunachal Pradesh also need to be happy.
If Tamilian is sad with mid-day meal program, then a Kashmiri also needs to be sad.
If we have emotional oneness, we have unity. This has to be spontaneous. But I feel, we can cultivate this habit gradually too.