Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Direct Cash Transfer Schemes Opened

Our PM Dr.Manmohan Singh has launched direct cash transfer schemes.
Under Aadhar programme, the workers need to be paid. MNREGA schemes were getting controversial because money meant for the poor never reached them. The middlemen siphoned off money and only a fraction of what was meant for the poor reached them. Also government needs to pay subsidies to poor. Here too, corruption prevented poor from getting the money due to them.
Now, our PM has planned for direct cash transfer scheme. This will ensure that money can be transferred to a poor man's bank account. This is a very big achievement for the government.
Will there be loopholes? Yes, it is possible that loopholes may be there. What if there are two Raghus? Duplicate Raghu may be getting credit in his account in place of actual Raghu. Clearly this problem is a bank's problem. Because they have not verified the records of the person opening the account. Or it might be inefficiency of MNREGA officials for not confirming bank account.
India must develop working in a professional way. The problem area should be clearly identified and clear cut actions need to be taken. This is very important. Without good administration direct cash transfer scheme can be dangerous. Because money can go to wrong hands and then the money cannot be taken back. How can someone say "Give back 1 lakh rupees because I gave you wrongly"?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unity Among Women In India

The country is going through a difficult phase. The men are facing tremendous opposition from themselves. Take a look at Anna team. Infighting is beginning to show.
Someone has said that behind the success of man there is a woman. A woman has been symbolised as Shakti and Mahishasur Mardhini.
Now take the case of Kejriwal and his protest in Delhi against Salman Khurshid. Kejriwal wanted to make Delhi a Tahrir Square. No man turned up. Very few at the most. The women should have come forward at this. Men and children would have followed.
It is important that Lokpal and UID schemes are seen through. The government seems to be caring less on these crucial issues. Believe me these two schemes have the potential to see India through the most difficult times.
Dussehra has gone. The evil has been killed by the good. But we hardly seem to be celebrating. Instead we are infighting among ourselves and preparing for the next Dussehra. This has to end for ever.