Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Body Language - A Short Story

Gopal and Govind were good friends. Gopal was a union leader and he had to convince five key men in getting a hospital for laborers sanctioned. The five men were Govind, his friend; and Kumar, Yadav, Suresh and Pratap.
Gopal called all the five of them for a tea in a roadside tea shop. Gopal stood in front of a wall with his back facing the wall. All the other five stood facing Gopal. Kumar to the extreme left of Gopal. Then Yadav, Suresh, Pratap and Govind in the clockwise order. Govind was at the extreme right of Gopal.
Gopal was confident and spoke clearly and eloquently about the proposal for the hospital for laborers. He held his head straight and did not miss seeing anyone in their eyes. He spoke points in favor of the hospital in a logical way. His face was fully visible to Yadav, Suresh and Pratap when he spoke. Kumar and Govind were able to see his face only partially.
All the six of them went to the management and wrote a ballot whether they are in favor of a laborers' hospital or not.
In the evening, the management announces that they have seen the ballot and the laborers hospital cannot be sanctioned. Gopal was heartbroken. He did not believe it. He asked the management whether majority was against the laborers hospital. The management says that the consideration for laborer hospital was based on veto and one of you six has rejected the proposal for the laborer hospital.
Gopal then goes in search for Kumar and on finding him, he punches on his face and shouts, "You have betrayed us. Is it not?"
Kumar was apologetic and accepts that he did not favor a laborers hospital and voted against it. But he wondered how Gopal knew about it.
Gopal says, " I am good in body language. That is how I knew you have betrayed me."


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The first question. What is knowledge or gyana?
Knowledge is nothing but adjustment to the feedback obtained. People confuse knowledge with thinking. Thinking can be said, is for survival. It will be appropriate to think, that, if you think you can survive better with thinking; then, go ahead. Be a thinker. After all one wants to survive in this world. And thinking helps.
Not knowing the above is agyana or ignorance.
Can a person think that he has knowledge? It depends on your hearing of your own speech. There are bones and internal mouth involved in how you hear your own voice. I thought my voice is like SPB but it is somewhat like Manhar as I discovered in digital technology. So one may say that I should not have thought that I have knowledge. Because, the popular perception is SPB is better than Manhar.
What do you think ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Visual Studio for Desktop

Visual Studio for desktop is a fine tool for developing applications in a desktop. Today, the software world works very differently than in the recent past. But Microsoft has given the option of downloading Visual Studio for desktop and use it for as long as one wishes to build applications for your desktop.
I have built applications on desktop using Visual Studio for Desktop. I have used text file as a data source in one of these two applications.
Though .NET framework or xaml (pronounced zammel) is not used in these, but still it can create all the necessary applications that one envisages in an office. Database connection option is there and I think ADO may not work. ODBC will surely work. And probably OLEDB too.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The jump from the running bus

I remember the difficult days during my schooling. My father was the sole earning member in a private company. And they did not pay high salary. (But now I am earning quite a lot, courtesy the PSU. And I am extremely smart in finance handling. I like travelling on the razors edge, so to say.
I have an American mindset and I pay the price of a pumpkin for a pumpkin).
During school days, we would go to school by DTC bus.
One day while coming back from school, I missed my stop and had to jump from the running bus. I had read the Perelman book on Physics and jumped in a direction opposite to the running direction. I fell down nastily and got bruises. I thought Perelman was wrong.
But now I feel I have the ability in my body to prove Perelman is right. You can jump from a running bus in the direction opposite to its running and can land without falling. It requires practice of course. Good food and regular gymnasium should prepare one for this exercise.