Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The first question. What is knowledge or gyana?
Knowledge is nothing but adjustment to the feedback obtained. People confuse knowledge with thinking. Thinking can be said, is for survival. It will be appropriate to think, that, if you think you can survive better with thinking; then, go ahead. Be a thinker. After all one wants to survive in this world. And thinking helps.
Not knowing the above is agyana or ignorance.
Can a person think that he has knowledge? It depends on your hearing of your own speech. There are bones and internal mouth involved in how you hear your own voice. I thought my voice is like SPB but it is somewhat like Manhar as I discovered in digital technology. So one may say that I should not have thought that I have knowledge. Because, the popular perception is SPB is better than Manhar.
What do you think ?

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