Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My five favorite internet/mobile ideas

Internet/ Mobile has brought out great ideas. I am listing here five of my favorite ideas from this area:-
1) Siri. We have been waiting for an artificial intelligence system for a long long time. Since 1990s at least. Then Apple brought out an artificial intelligent system Siri in their mobile.
2) Crossword Maestro software. This software is brilliant for solving crosswords and even learning how to solve one. This software has used artificial intelligence very well, it seemed.
3) Microsoft Web Pages. Microsoft web pages are very well designed. One can learn a lot on where to place menu, what should be the border, how much etc.
4) Google Search String. Google has worked a lot on as you type string help.
5) Username/Password storage. Unsecured sites take a lot of help from this storage and a user needs to type less.
What are yours?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Current Schedule of Workouts

It is tough to find inspiration these days. So exercising for longer time is difficult. So I have cut my exercising regimen.
I do Chest and Legs on Day 1. Back and Abs on Day 2. Arms and Shoulders on Day 3.
This way my number of exercises in a day reduces to a maximum of 5 or 6. I use dumbbells.
The bodybuilding masters do exercises these way. They divide the muscles group for exercising in three or four groups and do exercises for one group in a day. If you look at the schedule of great bodybuilders, you will understand what I mean.
But I will do complete dumbbells routine in a day once I get my enthusiasm back. Till then, I will do some experimentation to keep myself exercised.