Saturday, August 22, 2015

Current Bodybuilding Plan

Day 1. Chest and Legs. Walking.
Day 2. Abs and Back. Walking.
Day 3. Pranayama. Introspection outdoors.
Day 4. Chest and Legs. Walking.
Day 5. Arms. Walking.
Day 6. Slow jogging.
Day 7. Rest.
Food. Protein drink. Protein breakfast. Carbs lunch. Carbs, minerals and vitamins dinner. Planned milk drink.
Food craving control by nicotine rogue supplements.
RJ advices for zodiac issues.

Bow to cross

Hindus are Buddhist types who bow to Jesus. Many think it is superficial.
Analysis of religion is wrong. But then one cannot help thinking with mind on spirituality.
Many people think "Eureka" is intelligence. How short sighted they are?
Memory is practice with questioning mindset.
Competitive exams are reasoning. Which to my mind is societal priorities.
Luck is desire to be lucky. Some say it can be practiced.
These are my views. What are yours?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Present Final Bodybuilding Plan

There are constraints in space and time. At certain times I need to be away in the mornings. Space is less for a workout bench.
So here is the plan for workouts:-
Day 1. Chest and legs. Walking.
Day 2. Abs and back. Jogging.
Day 3. Chest and legs. Walking.
Day 4. Arms. Jogging.
And the plan of meals:-
Whey drink.
Sprouts/Beans/Soya for breakfast.
4 slices of bread with peanut butter for lunch.
Roti/rice/idlis/dosas for dinner.
Complan before sleep.
I have kept carbs in lunch and not in breakfast because I feel it will be more suitable.
Exercises planned are:-
Chest - Bench Press, Push ups
Legs - Leg lunges, Heel raises, Squats
Abs - Legs raises lying down, legs cycling lying down
Backs - Shoulder lifts, bent over lifts
Arms - Forearm curls, biceps curls, triceps back lifts, side arm raises.
Jogging will be done in accelerate and decelerate method.
Word document shall be maintained.
Shopping for sprouts, soya, paneer and eggs will be paid attention to.
Melatonin shall be had on difficult nights.
Foam rolling shall be done if necessary.
Yoga mat shall be cleaned once a month.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

airtel 4G sim now put in Nokia 1520


Moto X was getting discharged a little too soon. So I have put the airtel 4G sim into Nokia 1520 phone from Moto X. And Dolphin sim from Nokia 1520 to Moto X.
As I had written in another blog, airtel 4G is 10 times faster in browsing and downloading. In my Nokia 1520 I disabled many background processes to make my internet mobile experience smooth.
I have grouped many camera apps together and have kept it in a group as a tile. I have also kept my music tile big and at center with two-two smaller tiles on its sides. The Calendar tile is also big. I set the calendar as a reminder for next day holidays. And the Calendar App informs me one day earlier. An example of "parson" or day after tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Blogs fans from six continents !!!!

Yes. I have fans of my blogs from six continents. The countries are :-
United Kingdom
South Korea
It was welcoming to have a person from Pakistan viewing my blogs.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Planned Schedule of Exercises

Well, I have now (today) realized that the charts the professionals at ask us to follow is the best.
I began the gym with normal food, supplements and only cardio. Then, I reduced the food and did only cardio. When the food was reduced and I was consistent in food habits I started doing weights. Then, gym was a bit expensive and I stopped. But I continued exercises using dumbbells at home. Till yesterday I did one day cardio and one day weights.
Today and now I realize that I must concentrate on one muscle group only. But with intensity. And I feel, one day of cardio in a week is good enough.
So, here is my schedule :-
Chest and back on day one. Pushups, bench press, shoulder lifts with dumbbells
Arms on day two.  Bicep curls, Triceps back lifts, Side arm raises with dumbbells
Abs on day three. Leg raises, Leg cycling
Legs on day four. Squats, Heel raises with dumbbells
Jogging on day five.
I intend to do these very seriously at high intensity. I may use bull-worker too along with weights to increase the intensity and range. I use decreasing primes numbering for reps.
I am planning to eat soya and eggs for protein.
For breakfast four slices of bread, peanut butter/eggs.
For lunch soya or dal or sprouts.
For dinner one cup of rice/roti with vegetables and salad.
Health/Protein drink once a day.