Saturday, March 30, 2013

Common Sense

Hello, World. What is common sense?
You are correct as usual Mr. Spock. It is the knowledge of 50-50.
Common Sense, the most uncommon thing in the world, is nothing but the knowing that a thing or an event is 50% favourable and 50% unfavourable. It might be an English thought, but England has laid the foundation in almost all the country of the world.
Which is the midpoint is a matter which is local in perspective. A banana peel which may make a man fall or which may not is as seen by someone. It is at the most a personal observation and personal reference drawn by the person. The mid point here is to fall due to banana peel. To another person the midpoint may be uncleanliness in the city.
Finding a mid-point to a lot of common situations is a challenging exercise. To a Delhi walla stopping a car in the middle of a road is OK. The middlepoint to him in this situation is the scratch on his car and whether to deal with the other guy with his fists or not.
What do you think is the middle point to some of the common situations that happen in our city?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friendly China

Chinese president has proposed five point formula for improving Sino-India relationship. But China is reluctant to solve the border problem with India.
China's perception of border is amazingly beautiful. They "feel" for the people and environment and draw a boundary where the "feel" ends. India has had a boundary problems since independence. Most of the borders have been marked by Britishers. India does not have a feel for boundary like China. Many states adjacent to Pakistan like Gujarat feel Pakistan is acceptable. Some Indians even talk of "Akhand Bharat" which is India and Pakistan together as one country.
I take the China's perception of border very seriously and it is also fearful.
Another thing Chinese president talked about was business relationship. Cooperation in this area is possible. What I envision is, for example, what China makes in steel India need not make sort of cooperation. Also in electricity we can have an international grid from China. This will make the world less polluted as India is mainly coal powered electricity producer.
But these calls for visionary business thinking and what we see today is businessmen like Ruia and all involving in corruption. The business community is shameless and sell their own daughters for money.