Sunday, March 29, 2015

Food Control

Controlling food habits is vital to the success of a bodybuilding regimen. The choice of exercises and supplement requirements too. But all the bodybuilding and exercising coaches say that food is the most important ingredient(supplements included) to workout on. The physical workouts comes a distant second in this race of importance in exercising.
First things first. Are gym supplements approved by FDA? I searched for it in Google. And the answer is "Food Supplements are approved by FDA".
I was early in recognizing the needs of supplements to my gymnasium workouts. Soy, whey, were felt to be absolutely necessary to continue gymnasium. But one thing I could not fathom is the fact that my regular meals too have to be reduced and changed by a very large margin. Now, I do not have too much strength and the food I ate at that point of time was essential to do one hour of gym and feel normal the whole day. Looking back, while considering my strength I will say that I must get a B- in eating habits while doing gym workouts.
I was also too much into cardio earlier on. Presently I feel the reverse. Weights seems better, though cardio is still felt to be essential to round off a gym session.
There may be many ways to control eating habits. Being disciplined on six days and having one day for cheat meals is the suggested method of In India, many people swear by yogic food habits and some tend to totally avoid carbs and fat.  Both the above methods are not suitable to me. I find "eating the same food every day" to be the most inspiring. For the last so many days I have been eating peanut spread sandwiches for breakfast and 3 cups of rice for dinner. The regularity in food is what I like the most. You may say, "I get a good night sleep because I shall be eating peanut spread sandwiches the next day morning".

Monday, March 23, 2015

A fresh beginning to a new day, everyday

The bodybuilding saga continues. Whey, creative, bcaa and Amway protein are consumed. Regular food is disciplined. I am feeling absolutely different now. I get into calorie deficit every day. My health band and internet on calorific value of food says thus.
The exercise session at gym is for one hour. 40 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of cardio. I feel better this way. Though neither the weights or cardio is intense, nevertheless I feel worked out. Decreasing primes workout of 11,7,5,3 reps is effective and is recommended. My most powerful muscle is quads(thighs) at 190 pounds. My hams is 105. My biceps 54. My triceps and chest (chest press) at 50 etc.
I look forward to gymnasium enthusiastically.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Improve Thinking - Part 2 Start to Finish

The CEO of Gazette Software Inc. was satisfied with the progress made by his team in utilizing the quality circle of for loops. There was tremendous improvement in programming quality and the business orders he received spoke the importance of quality circle of for loops.
He also wanted the team to think like stack to improve thinking. The for loops thinking and stack thinking were the only techniques he knew to improve software thinking.
He gave them three papers as shown below and asked his team to imbibe start to finish thinking.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Improve Thinking

The CEO of Gazette Software Inc. developed an idea for improving software thinking. He understood the importance of for loops and he wanted to make a quality circle for improving quality of software developed by Gazette Software Inc.
He called five men under him. Udit, finance applications specialist; Naresh, materials management specialist; Kumar, personnel management specialist; Pradeep, publicity department specialist and Yogesh, manufacturing department specialist.
The CEO included, there were 6 men in the quality circle. The order was CEO, Udit, Naresh, Kumar, Pradeep and Yogesh.
The rule of the quality circle was; the CEO will give a seed number. Udit, being a finance specialist will increase the seed number by 10% and then approximate to the nearest integer and pass the number obtained to Naresh. Naresh should reduce the number obtained from Udit by 10% and then approximate to the nearest integer and pass the number obtained to Kumar. Kumar should keep the number unchanged and pass it to Pradeep. Pradeep should double the number obtained from Kumar and pass it on to Yogesh. Yogesh should multiply the number obtained from Kumar by 2 and subtract the number Udit passed to Naresh and return back the result back to CEO.
If the CEO began with 100, what is the number CEO got back at the end of 2 rounds?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

App Developer

Deepak, Ramesh and Giridhar were aspiring for a good break in Apps development.
Deepak believed in standing on his own feet. A thousand rupees is worth more than a lakh, if earned by standing on your own feet, he would say. He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
Ramesh would always ask help in matters relating to work. Believe in yourself and ask for help with your whole heart, he would say. He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
Giridhar was skeptical and would reveal only what the other needed to know. Never reveal yourself too much and follow the same in your approach to work too, he would say.He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
All the three apply for a job in a perfectly logical thinking Indian App Company, Great Apps Inc.
Arrange Deepak, Ramesh and Giridhar in likely to be employed order.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Trinarnagar was famous for its rice cultivation. People say that only rice items are served here. Sir Yousuf Pir Sahibzada had made Trinarnagar his home. He was the world renowned motivator. His techniques in motivation and pep talks was supposed to be the best in the world. "He could make a rat feel like an elephant", is the common jargon associated with him.
Piramal wanted to send one of his juniors to undergo motivation program of Sahibzada, He felt Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif were a little de-motivated. A training under Sahibzada will only benefit them, he felt.
Piramal talked with Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif separately. Rajiv had told Piramal, "I do not believe Sir Sahibzada is world class.". Sukhwinder had told Piramal,"I have never eaten rice in my life.". Latif had told Piramal,"Sir Sahibzada belongs to a different subsect and there is prevailing enmity."
Who among Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif is automatically eliminated as a candidate?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Raghav, a brand executive in Stilleto Bearings for 17 years wrote a memo in a sheet of paper for 20 bundles of A4 reams. He sent this memo to Elangovan his chief through a messenger Ramu. His chief also an employee for 17 years; and in good terms with Raghav till recently, when a heated argument made the relationship bitter.
Raghav got the 20 bundles of A4 sheets. But Elangovan came to the seat of Raghav and told him "What do you plan to do with 30 bundles of A4 reams?". Raghav shouted back, "30? I think there is an error. I wanted only 20.".
Together they inspected the memo and found written 30. But there was overwriting.
Elangovan says," I take the responsibility that I have not changed 20 to 30."
Raghav says, "I vouch for my faithfulness that I did not cheat."
Who is lying or who is the thief?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A case of a job

Manoj wanted to change his job. He had two options. One, give interview at many places and then choose a job based on their outcome and better offering. The other option was to go to a consultant and get a suitable job. Which of these two is efficient?

Fuel Saving

Peter was undoubtedly the best automobile engineer. He had a passion for cars. If the clutch mechanism was honey almond cake, then the differential was no less than a steaming, refreshing hot coffee.
Muller was a brand freak. He believed that quality matters and quality is because of the brand. Trust the brand and relax and enjoy the services of the car, he would say.
Peter decided to make a car. He knew what to do. Differential from Mamaguchhi, clutch from Tabayoko and so on. He was able to make a fine car.
Muller bought a car. A car of the finest quality. Of the same capacity as the one Peter made.
Which of these will be fuel efficient?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tasks Assignment

Sadashiv was the CEO of Radiant Constructions.  His director Tarun always consulted him on important issues. Sadashiv planned to go to an undisclosed tourist place for 15 days. He wanted to be undisturbed.
Before his departure he got an important construction job. Which would take 15 days. Raghav had a record of finishing all assignments to completion from start to finish.  Suresh, Peter and Rajiv were relatively new and would consult the director every now and then.
To whom would Sadashiv assign the job?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Towers of Cards

Radha and Sunaina were proficient in building towers with cards. Laila was a spoil sport. She would wait for the tower to fall on its own due to unskilled card placement or she would just pull a card from a finished structure.
Radha decided to make a tower of a cylinder as high as possible. Sunaina wanted to build a Qutab Minar shape with cards. Laila was secretly observing their work from a hidden place and was waiting for the completion of structure and then pull a card.
Radha kept building the tower of a cylinder. Sunaina was able to complete her Qutab Minar, when Laila removed one card from Sunaina's structure and make the Qutab Minar fall down.
Laila proudly says,"I have won !!"
Sunaina replies back, "Hardly !!". How?

Default Company

Raghav was a brilliant boy. He qualified his degree in engineering from the best institute with great percentage. He had three offers for a job. Getting Software Inc., Rudiments Consulting Group and Stanley Infotech. 
He was confused as to which company to join. He decided to ask his uncle working in Gretto tyres in Vatsapur as Assistant Chief Executive, earning lavish perks, to help him finalize a decision.
His uncle asked him to make a comparative list of all the three companies to make things clear and then make a decision. His uncle asked him, "Posting?" Raghav said, " Getting will post me in Vatsapur. Rudiments will post me suitably after I join. While Stanley offers me the job in Jayanagar".
His uncle then asks,"What about responsibility?". Raghav said,"Getting will give me full responsibility in my projects. Rudiments will train me hard for 15 months and then post me as per my learning. Stanley will post me abroad in Dunedin."
His uncle then asks,"Pay package?". Raghav says,"Getting will pay handsome salary and perks. Rudiments will pay meagre stipend. Stanley assures me a decent pay in Frugan dollars."
Which company was the default considering factor in Raghav?