Sunday, March 29, 2015

Food Control

Controlling food habits is vital to the success of a bodybuilding regimen. The choice of exercises and supplement requirements too. But all the bodybuilding and exercising coaches say that food is the most important ingredient(supplements included) to workout on. The physical workouts comes a distant second in this race of importance in exercising.
First things first. Are gym supplements approved by FDA? I searched for it in Google. And the answer is "Food Supplements are approved by FDA".
I was early in recognizing the needs of supplements to my gymnasium workouts. Soy, whey, were felt to be absolutely necessary to continue gymnasium. But one thing I could not fathom is the fact that my regular meals too have to be reduced and changed by a very large margin. Now, I do not have too much strength and the food I ate at that point of time was essential to do one hour of gym and feel normal the whole day. Looking back, while considering my strength I will say that I must get a B- in eating habits while doing gym workouts.
I was also too much into cardio earlier on. Presently I feel the reverse. Weights seems better, though cardio is still felt to be essential to round off a gym session.
There may be many ways to control eating habits. Being disciplined on six days and having one day for cheat meals is the suggested method of In India, many people swear by yogic food habits and some tend to totally avoid carbs and fat.  Both the above methods are not suitable to me. I find "eating the same food every day" to be the most inspiring. For the last so many days I have been eating peanut spread sandwiches for breakfast and 3 cups of rice for dinner. The regularity in food is what I like the most. You may say, "I get a good night sleep because I shall be eating peanut spread sandwiches the next day morning".


Destination Infinity said...

I don't know about bodybuilding, but someone told me that for normal situations, it's better to eat whatever they feel like and then exercise to burn the extra calories. I am not sure whether controlling diet is better idea, or working out more is better?

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Diet is the most important factor.
I am not sure whether controlling diet is better idea or working out more is better.
In 1970s and all people like Arnold built their body without supplements and purely on diet.
I have the urge to release my Laplacian delta and spread it all over my body.

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

I do not want to confuse youngsters and other gym enthusiasts with vague terms like Laplacian delta.
But I want to defend myself. I learnt Pranayama a few years before joining gymnasium. Pranayama works on prana, the life force.
So possibly there is a confusion in my body and there is a mix up of pranayama and gymnasium concepts.