Friday, December 25, 2015

The Ideal Weight to Lift

If I were asked this question, I will say the weight in kilograms which can be lifted 11 (eleven) times for an exercise. I am talking of bodybuilding, of course.
For me, 10 kilogram pair dumbbells for military press is the ideal weight to lift. I can do just 11 reps of military press with 10 kilogram dumbbells. I can do about 43 bench presses with 10kg pair dumbbells. Maybe 17.5 kilogram pair is the ideal weight for bench presses. Because then I can manage just 11.
So this is the reason why young boys insist on joining gym. They have 10 kilogram pair , 17.5 kilogram pair and more. Also other equipments.
Now, why 11?
My reasoning is prime numbers in decreasing order four times. Why decreasing? 'cause I believe that decreasing primes keeps pain constant. Why four? 'cause four is two squared ( meaning two from any side) and two is biggest enemy of prime numbers.
Even numbers. Why 11? 'cause 11 will lead to 11, 7, 5 and 3. Keep the pain low and constant.
To me, a 10 kilogram pairs of dumbbells is ideal for military press as I can do 11, 7, 5 and 3. With bench press I do 23, 19, 17 and 13. Not from 43 'cause it is more difficult to do 43, 37, 31 and 29.
I now have clarity in sets and reps. But I do not know whether I should do quick and complete dumbbells workout repeated 2 or more times. Or whether strength for 4 sets in decreasing primes starting suitably from a number appropriate to the muscles exercised.
Do you have similar confusion? Please write about it.
Yet another important theory is clear now !!
What is it?
When one can do many many reps like 43 in bench press etc., then the next rep will be half. 22 or 21.
How about this?
This is a practical realisation!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bangalore IT guys ?

  1. While JSON is for data between two closer systems, XML is for data between any two systems.
  2. Blog comments can be used as a feed for news in a blog.
  3. Labeling of blog comments by blog authors should be made available. This will give an additional dimension to point number 2. (We do have approval of comments by blog authors. So why not labeling?)
  4. If we get horizontal (recursive) XML license, then vertical XML should not be a problem.
  5. In the development of software thinking techniques of for loops thinking and start to finish thinking; in start to finish thinking all the data or all the objects needed should be thought out first. Are we in sync here? Kindly refer to Start to finish software thinking and For Loops thinking.
  6. Another software thinking needed would be "to contract or to expand" logic ability or "exit" thinking or exception thinking.
  7. Microsoft technology is Blend with xaml,.NET, Web services layers. Is it not?
Merry X-Mas to you guys.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Get rid of faith

Faith can move mountains. What a great lie!! Great men still advise to keep having faith. They say your problems are molehill and not mountains. I say if faith cannot move a molehill I refuse to believe that it can move mountains.
Then, what is it that works?
I am coming to that. But before that there are two relativity principles that I will like to state.
1) Light is attracted to gravity
2) A stationary observer outside a train would see a ball thrown in air inside a train following the same trajectory irrespective of the sudden acceleration of the train. To the man inside, the ball suddenly comes back or moves ahead.
Most of the problems you face are described in the above two points. You are automatically drawn into the gravity of a problem. And you cannot believe that people outside could be so thick skinned and not understand you. Result, you loose faith.
Have no fear. God helps those who help themselves. Alas, there are people who only take help from others. I believe in giving help fully.
The above is a philosophy from science. There are many greats in science. Some excel in explaining better. Some excel in applying science better. Yet there are those who put mathematics to science. These are the people whom I admire the most. Who put mathematics to science.
Take a look at the problems you face. Get a true picture. And lead a good life. And I beg you to do so.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gadgets Galore

Earlier, I had a Windows XP machine of HCL brand. In those days, there were only simple cellphones. It was 1G or 2G at the most and SMS and calls were possible and WAP standard browsing. Motorola had a browser called Dolphin to serve WAP pages. I had a Motorola cellphone and an HCL PC.
Things started moving fast. 3G services came up and with it Smartphones. These phones were able to work with HTTP and most of them had built Apps. As HTTP had facebook support, these Smartphones were able to build Facebook App. Thus entered the social structure in mobile. A static social man became a mobile social man. I had a Samsung Monte in those days. All the Apps were inbuilt in it and a few more at the most could be downloaded from the Samsung social site.
Later the Google social site came up. Google being most popular, its social reach was phenomenal. Facebook had social restrictions but Google had no such well understood restrictions. The Smartphones became smarter and smart enough to get an Artificial Intelligent system. I had Windows phones Nokia Lumia 720 and 1520 during these times. I had concern for security and decided emphatically to have the best possible security. And that of Windows.
Even today, the Lumia 1520 is my favorite gadget. It seems easy for me. Though for gaming and teaching kids I have a Google tab and a Samsung tab.; I do not use these as seamlessly as a Nokia.
These are the gadgets I have. And a Dell PC. Then there is a Kindle reader and a new Acer Windows 10 tablet. About the connections, I presently have only one. Airtel 4G. Then, home WiFi.
And there is a remote keyboard and other blue tooth gadgets like Bose headphones. And other USB devices.
A secured gadgets galore. Driven by passion. A responsible corporate citizen trying to do the best in these trying times.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The only way to loose fat

This is just a check on your memory of how much you are able to recall from my blogs. Especially on bodybuilding.
Yes, I claim "Complete and Quick Dumbbells Routine" repeated in quick succession four times for 8 reps to be the only way to loose fat.
Why be confused whether cardio or weights is important for fat loss? Do both at the same time.
It is tough. But it gets you ripped in minimum time. And you have the word of a master for it.
Would not running with dumbbells a better idea? No it is not. As only arms can be worked out. But not chest or back

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An elemental heart

It is a common belief that man is made of five elements, namely fire, earth, water, air and sky.
Fire is a great addition element. It knows what cooperate and what not instantly.
Earth is infinity. Yes earth is what is infinity. Not space. So earth is abundance.
Water is focus. It is because it is neutral. If you are convinced that your enemies and friends are equally correct it means you're focused.
Air is highly incremental. It may turn into a wind and then into a storm and then into tornadoes as per the conditions. It teaches action with full attention.
Space is finite. As per our view because we are limited. It teaches division of a problem into manageable chunks.
We must learn to see and observe our feelings in the heart. What garb is the heart wearing? Fire, earth, water, air or sky.
If possible then we must guide the heart to a much better garb than the one that it is currently wearing.
It is not a bad idea to make an heart diary. And observe heart feelings and the guidance needed for a specific situation.
Good Luck !!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vegan and Proteins

Does vegans have problems with proteins?
Yes. They are disadvantaged when it comes to need for proteins for increasing size and bulk of muscle tissue. However my feeling is maintaining the same muscle size should not be a problem.
Is this a learned knowledge or a realized knowledge?
Realized by my body and me.
But vegans can consume 5 to 6 or more servings of whey and get protein needs. Can't they?
Yes. But whey is an animal products. So is eggs and fish. Some vegans consume eggs, fish etc. But they are not truly vegans. Moreover morality comes into play when we talk of whey. Because it is a milk products.
What morality?
Everyone consume 2-4 cups of tea. And curd. And paneer possibly. So this is the morality level. Two scoops of whey.
Will it not affect bodybuilding? With lesser proteins of 1 gm per kilogram instead of 1 gm per pound?
No. Athletics bodybuilding is possible.
How do you say?
What results?
I have improved on timing and duration of jogging. That's why.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Humble Knowledge

Bodybuilding is an ocean of knowledge.
I must begin by saying that I am not clear in Abs knowledge. Possibly a person's deep interest. Maybe laziness.
Basic Bodybuilding Exercises
Bench Press
A vertical forearm and a horizontal biceps and triceps felt as resultant in the chest muscles. It is a good inspiration for muscle geometry exercisers.
Willingness to work. To take pain. And a pleasure to do so. It is a good inspiration for workaholic exercisers.
Dead Lifts
The first step of a standing man. It is good for boosting interest in exercising.
Military Press
Proudly lifting a trophy won. It is hypocrisy. And I find it laughable. It is good for proud exercisers.
Basic Free body Exercises
Already explained. I like doing it. Possibly slavery and hard work. A pain to work. And a pleasure that you will get food. Simple animal instincts.
Push - ups
Not just your legs but your upper body together can make you walk.
Pull - ups
Not able to do it. Overweight possibly. Weak shoulders. Philosophy is Not just your legs but your upper body together can make you jump.
Improving strength in bodybuilding
Slow animation technique. Just like cartoon hands drawn in sequence lift step by step slowly.
Improving running
Improve breathing by Pranayama done vigorously. Do squats to improve leg strength.
Nobel Prize Level Bodybuilding Knowledge
Decreasing Primes number of reps in sets keeps the pain constant. As an example, if you manage to do 13 reps with 12.5 kg dumbbells. Then the second rep should be 11 reps. The third 7 reps. The fourth 5 reps.
Corollary to above will be Increasing Primes number of reps in sets keeps the gain constant. Do 5 reps. Then 7 reps. Then 11 reps. Then 13.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Navratri Celebrations

This is the festive season in India. This season is the Navratri season. It is celebrated for 10 days. These 10 days symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
In Bengal and east India this season is called as Durga Pooja. Goddess Durga fights the evil Mahishasura and kills him. In the western India and Gujarat there is Garbha dance. It symbolizes Shakti of women. In northern India and UP Dussehra is celebrated. The war between Rama and Ravana. In southern India Golu is celebrated. Steps of Golu with toys of Gods and Goddesses are kept and pooja is done.
The pictures of our Golu is hereby posted:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What next ?

Software, Exercises, Cartooning and Music. What else?
Electric Guitar? So that shastriya music and chords both can be played ( Old mindsets die hard ). No.
Get a driller, vinegar, alcohol, Colin and polishes for home enhancement? Maybe yes.
How about learning accounting? It is good to think about. But no.
Teaching kids? For heaven's sake, no.
How about 1 hour in grooming yourself? Trimming, creams, flossing, pedicure? Not really.
Reading World History? I have done that. Can redo it. Sort of brushing up for more accuracy. Yes.
Calligraphy? No.
Handwriting analysis? No. No.
Stitching, knitting sweaters, socks? Are you kidding?
Perfecting ironing of clothes? Yes. But not everyday. Because of employment.
Pickles, jams, squashes ? Oh come on.
Cooking? Hmm . . . No.
Meditation, pranayama? No.
More weights sessions? No.
More jogging sessions ? Maybe. But no overdoing.
Judo, Karate ? Not in this age.
Puzzles, crosswords, Rubik cube ? Rubik cube from You tube should be good.
Books? I need to develop different sections at convenient time habit.
Restaurants, malls? I am going out with family. No increase in frequency needed.
Prayers? Yes. Need to make it a habit.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Hopes on improvement in drawing skills

What are the areas of drawing do I wish to develop and the scope in doing better than now ?
  1. Cartooning. The scope of improvement is medium to high.
  2. Caricatures. The scope is medium.
  3. Rapid Sketching. The scope is less.
How do I plan to improve in the above areas of drawing ?
  1. Cartooning. Do different angles cartooning of humans and I like doing this.
  2. Caricatures. Practice on shapes and sizes and positioning of facial organs and I need to do this as this is a skill worth doing. It is important so I like it.
  3. Rapid sketching. The world is a place of contrasts and shapes and styles and sketching it in 15 minutes would be excellent. But do I care?
Why do you think that only these three are important?
  • Basically drawing humans is what I like. But then background is also important. Which calls for rapid sketching of scenes. Also humans have emotions which needs to be drawn. Which to my mind is caricaturing. Hence these three are what are important.
Do I think I can improve dramatically?
  • I may not. But as Shri Krishna said, one can only focus on working with interest without caring for results.
  • My problems are the fingers of hands when looked directly above the fingertips. This needs mastering.
  • Parallels, repetitions, sizing and positioning and their improvement may help in sketching scenes.
  • Understanding contrasts may also help in sketching better. I saw an optical illusion photo where our eyes can be duped so easily with contrasts. I have learnt a lesson here.
So, these are my plans in one of my hobbies and developing this hobby of cartooning. You may wish to know that software, bodybuilding and music are the other things I like. And I normally work very hard.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bodybuilding Knowledge

Can all barbell exercises be done with dumbbells?
Almost all of the exercises can be done. The rolling abs barbell exercise cannot be done with dumbbells if dumbbells are not round.

What is the single most important ingredient for success in weights workouts?
The feel for exceeding just a little.

What is the single most important consideration in cardio activities?
Having no weaknesses in legs and lungs and metabolism. A cardio activity is successful till your weakest of the three namely legs or lungs or metabolism can withstand.

So, will removing weaknesses and strengthening legs, lungs and metabolism individually help?
It will help till a lot of extent. But ultimately coordination is also important.

Anything else?
Here's what :

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My current exercise schedules

I find it very good with dumbbells. I like doing exercises with them. I have a 5kg pair, 10 kg pair and a 12.5 kg pair.
I have changed my schedule. I do a complete workout with dumbbells. And then followed by a walking and jogging.
Two years back I had 23% body fat. After the gym, my fat got reduced to 18%. My protein increased by 5%. My aim is to reduce fat to 10% or less.
My present exercising using a 12.5kg and a 10 kg dumbbells are :-
Bench press, Dumbbell squats, Dumbbell heel raises, Bent over lifts, One arm rows with a bench (not workbench), One dumbbell legs and hands arching lying down for abs, Shoulder lifts, Biceps curls, Triceps back lifts. 3 sets each using prime number reps.
I am usually exhausted with this. But I do a 25 minute of jogging resulting in about 300 calories loss after this grueling dumbbells workout.
Recently, I saw Youtube videos of exercises which can reduce fat with light dumbbells and there was another one without dumbbells. The crux here is to do one exercises after another each done for 10 reps. Do three to four sets of these 10 reps of about 4 to 5 exercises. You will be exhausted with this and I feel it will increase the stamina. The exercises are like 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 overhead claps, 10 leg raises lying down etc. Do three to four repetitions of these without any break between them.
Many masters say bench press, dead lifts, squats and shoulder lifts are the most important of dumbbells/ barbells exercises. These exercises seem to be standard core exercises and improves the strength of the body.
I intend to do the four exercises more often. To build strength. Also twice a week I intend to do 10-10-10 routines to improve my stamina.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rhythm in bodybuilding

What did I achieve by going to gym for 15 months?
I gained weight. Yes, that was what that happened to me. Probably creatine effect. Then my muscles became a little bigger. More importantly, I realized the importance of food. And the most important benefit was improvement in rhythm.
Why don't we have turbo bikes? Because we do not have suitable helmets. Why do we have electrical voltages in multiples of 11? Because porcelain the best insulator in earlier times is suitable only up to 11 kV.
When we do running, we think about breathing. When we workout, we think about injuries. Safety is an important feature of humans. Rhythm can be built only when you feel safe.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety.
What is the difference between weights training and resistance training ? Weights training are bodybuilding with dumbbells and barbells. Resistance training are using pulleys in weight machines to give an angle for a more accurate workouts. Resistance training are basically using gym machines.
Which is better for building rhythm? Weights or resistance?
I have an answer. But I do not know whether it is correct or not. The answer is weights help build rhythm. Our body has a natural tendency to be in simple harmonic motion. The effect of direct gravity due to dumbbells and barbells are felt to be simple harmonics.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety
2) Dumbbells and barbells help in building rhythm.
What is the advantage if you feel rhythmic in bodybuilding? The advantage I feel is you can continue it as a habit for longer times.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety
2) Dumbbells and barbells help in building rhythm.
3) Rhythm helps in being regular with bodybuilding.

Beyond Ambition

Is there anything beyond IITs and IIMs? I believe yes. It is the knowledge of mathematical constants.

In India many people have cleared IIT. But many are not blessed with the knowledge of constants. Many can possibly understand about constants and learn about them and write about them. But only a very few can publish about constants. There is a difference between an author and a publisher.

Many guys have failed in IITs. But I wish to offer them hope. Be regular and systematic like circular happenings. Call a spade a spade. Try to be unemotional and become factual.

Look at alternative courses like plastic engineering, bio engineering, arts, history, economics. Know that you can understand mathematical constants.

Let us forgive the disasters brought in the country by IITs. Look beyond IITs. Look beyond Ambition. Look forward to constants. Have hope. Have faith. If I can do it, so can you.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meaning of Life

"Being circular in habits and ways automatically makes a focus" - Myself.

I do not hurt people. I try to correct things. But when I fail, I am left alone.

I do not look for fame. It will be foolish to do so. But I do believe that fame can come even when avenues are closed. A thing meant for success will be successful whatever may come.

I had ideas. I had discoveries to share. It was not intentional. It was human.

I like it when many people talk about "Meaning of Life". What is your meaning of life?

Why not take a printout of the document from below and see for yourself what life means to you.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heart, Brain, Pi water and the Body

I believe our brains work like optical fibers. Also they are affected by heart beats.
Normally when you daydream or have deep interest in subjects like music, philosophy or art your heart gets affected. It drives the brain. Then brain reacts to this deep interest. Pi water reflects this reaction of brain and changes the body. Body understands and then a feedback loop type of chain is formed.
At certain times light affects heart and magnetism in blood splits the light. Like Zeeman effect. In this case the brain becomes very highly reactive due to this heart driven split. Pi water too reacts very highly. Body then spins and hands may be hyper-active. During this stage of brain activity, Pi water reaction and body form an unbeatable loop causing "discoveries".

(This article requires medical citation.)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Current Bodybuilding Plan

Day 1. Chest and Legs. Walking.
Day 2. Abs and Back. Walking.
Day 3. Pranayama. Introspection outdoors.
Day 4. Chest and Legs. Walking.
Day 5. Arms. Walking.
Day 6. Slow jogging.
Day 7. Rest.
Food. Protein drink. Protein breakfast. Carbs lunch. Carbs, minerals and vitamins dinner. Planned milk drink.
Food craving control by nicotine rogue supplements.
RJ advices for zodiac issues.

Bow to cross

Hindus are Buddhist types who bow to Jesus. Many think it is superficial.
Analysis of religion is wrong. But then one cannot help thinking with mind on spirituality.
Many people think "Eureka" is intelligence. How short sighted they are?
Memory is practice with questioning mindset.
Competitive exams are reasoning. Which to my mind is societal priorities.
Luck is desire to be lucky. Some say it can be practiced.
These are my views. What are yours?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Present Final Bodybuilding Plan

There are constraints in space and time. At certain times I need to be away in the mornings. Space is less for a workout bench.
So here is the plan for workouts:-
Day 1. Chest and legs. Walking.
Day 2. Abs and back. Jogging.
Day 3. Chest and legs. Walking.
Day 4. Arms. Jogging.
And the plan of meals:-
Whey drink.
Sprouts/Beans/Soya for breakfast.
4 slices of bread with peanut butter for lunch.
Roti/rice/idlis/dosas for dinner.
Complan before sleep.
I have kept carbs in lunch and not in breakfast because I feel it will be more suitable.
Exercises planned are:-
Chest - Bench Press, Push ups
Legs - Leg lunges, Heel raises, Squats
Abs - Legs raises lying down, legs cycling lying down
Backs - Shoulder lifts, bent over lifts
Arms - Forearm curls, biceps curls, triceps back lifts, side arm raises.
Jogging will be done in accelerate and decelerate method.
Word document shall be maintained.
Shopping for sprouts, soya, paneer and eggs will be paid attention to.
Melatonin shall be had on difficult nights.
Foam rolling shall be done if necessary.
Yoga mat shall be cleaned once a month.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

airtel 4G sim now put in Nokia 1520


Moto X was getting discharged a little too soon. So I have put the airtel 4G sim into Nokia 1520 phone from Moto X. And Dolphin sim from Nokia 1520 to Moto X.
As I had written in another blog, airtel 4G is 10 times faster in browsing and downloading. In my Nokia 1520 I disabled many background processes to make my internet mobile experience smooth.
I have grouped many camera apps together and have kept it in a group as a tile. I have also kept my music tile big and at center with two-two smaller tiles on its sides. The Calendar tile is also big. I set the calendar as a reminder for next day holidays. And the Calendar App informs me one day earlier. An example of "parson" or day after tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Blogs fans from six continents !!!!

Yes. I have fans of my blogs from six continents. The countries are :-
United Kingdom
South Korea
It was welcoming to have a person from Pakistan viewing my blogs.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Planned Schedule of Exercises

Well, I have now (today) realized that the charts the professionals at ask us to follow is the best.
I began the gym with normal food, supplements and only cardio. Then, I reduced the food and did only cardio. When the food was reduced and I was consistent in food habits I started doing weights. Then, gym was a bit expensive and I stopped. But I continued exercises using dumbbells at home. Till yesterday I did one day cardio and one day weights.
Today and now I realize that I must concentrate on one muscle group only. But with intensity. And I feel, one day of cardio in a week is good enough.
So, here is my schedule :-
Chest and back on day one. Pushups, bench press, shoulder lifts with dumbbells
Arms on day two.  Bicep curls, Triceps back lifts, Side arm raises with dumbbells
Abs on day three. Leg raises, Leg cycling
Legs on day four. Squats, Heel raises with dumbbells
Jogging on day five.
I intend to do these very seriously at high intensity. I may use bull-worker too along with weights to increase the intensity and range. I use decreasing primes numbering for reps.
I am planning to eat soya and eggs for protein.
For breakfast four slices of bread, peanut butter/eggs.
For lunch soya or dal or sprouts.
For dinner one cup of rice/roti with vegetables and salad.
Health/Protein drink once a day.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Absolute Statements

I have made some absolute statements with regard to constants, over time :-
1. There is nothing simpler than a Fibonacci number.
2. Pi can be only be determined as 22/7. Further analysis needs external help.
3. The constant e needs explanation of anti e.
4.Pythagoras is actually reaching towards zero. The attraction like gravity.
Your comments are most welcome.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When we were young our father will inspire us on becoming entrepreneurs. He was working in JK group and somehow entrepreneurship and private companies were what I found attractive and natural. Why two choices, entrepreneurship and private companies, I hear someone asking. Is it not a disaster to think of two choices? Yes, it is a disaster. When you think of entrepreneurship it is only entrepreneurship you can dream of. The reason for private companies choice is as a kid I thought of share market and composing ad jingles. I thought in free time in a private office I will do these two. So I was not very serious on entrepreneurship.
The government is taking legal opinion on venture capital by individual foreign direct investment. Venture capital is fantastic for software. I sometimes hope for a venture capital project. But then better sense prevails. It is best to do good where you are present, than, take unnecessary challenges.
Now, China and far east are great economies first. And then maybe technology. Also China is famous for quality small scale and medium scale goods. If you look at toys, dumbbells etc. you will know what I am talking about. I feel south India is similar to China in this respect. Golu padi, grinding machines are good examples. So we have already done our best with regard to 'Make in India'.
Now entrepreneurship is not easy. Imagine all the financers running after you and you are not getting money from sales. It is not just the production loss in factories. It is real competition where only your edge at the international level that matters. That too this edge should be in the entrepreneurship field you are into.
Now to end. What project/product is best for entrepreneurship?


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saying Thanks

A poor Brahmin was in his house. He was alone. He led a austere life of prayers, discipline and gardening.
He was proud of the plants he grew. The beautiful flowers he had in his gardens. The tasty, ripe fruits the trees gave. He told everyone that he was the best gardener and he took care of the plants so well that they now give fruits and flowers.
One day a cow came into the garden and started eating plants and flowers and leaves. The Brahmin was praying at that time. When he accidentally saw the cow, he became very angry.
He took a stick and went to the garden and started hitting the cow. The poor cow could not take the poor Brahmin's beating and it died.
Then, Lord Indira appeared. He asked the Brahmin, "Who made the garden?".
The brahmin replies, "I made the garden".
Then Indira asks the brahmin, "Who made the plants give flowers?"
The Brahmin replies, " I grow the plants so well that they give flowers."
Then Indira asks the brahmin, "Who made the trees give fruits?"
The Brahmin replies, " I take care of the trees so well that they give fruits."
Then Indira asks the Brahmin, "Who killed the cow?"
Then Brahmin replies, "The Lord of death caused his death."

I always thought how to deal with such responses. How to mentally get balance. Then I found the thought which would give balance. My hard work, His grace and everybody's thanks. If all the three happens then one can avoid petty thoughts like my work, not my work etc.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Meaning - A Short Story

Raju was alone in the house with his grandpa. His parents were away to visit an important relative of theirs. The mother had instructed Raju to do the maths homework completely in the three hours that will take for the parents to come back. The grandpa was keeping an eye on Raju for mischief and was guiding Raju to concentrate on his homework.
After a while, Raju asked his grandpa, "Can I go to the toilet for number one?"
His grandpa muttered, "Why say number one? Just say I want to go to the toilet. And come back soon and finish your work. Your mother will be angry otherwise."
Raju behaved very well and completed his maths homework, when the newspaper vendor came and rang the bell.
Raju opened the door and took the bill and announcing loudly, "Four hundred twenty rupees for magazines !", he gave the bill to his grandpa.
Raju then asked his grandpa to pay the money to the newspaper vendor. His grandpa refused loudly and told Raju to give the bill to his father.
Raju could not understand. He asked his grandpa, "You have a lot of money. Why don't you pay?".
Grandpa replied," I shall pay this time. But ask the newspaper vendor to change the name in the bill to my name."
Raju did as asked by his grandpa. He got the name changed and made the payment to the newspaper vendor.
The parents came back from their visit back home. On hearing that Raju had finished his homework, the mother gave Raju a big hug.
There were smiles and happiness everywhere . . .


Monday, June 15, 2015

Software Standards and Software Technology

What is the difference between OpenXML and Interop?
OpenXML is a software standard. While Interop is a software technology. But both of them can work with Word and make programming a Word document.
I have seen many organizations comfortable with software technology. Like packages of Oracle etc. They are not comfortable with software standards like OOPS built on industry accepted technologies.
A language is a language. There is nothing beyond it. A package is a hidden pack of lies and substandard intelligence which is best kept hidden. Many times you do not realize why a package does not work and you may have to look at a manual kept in a library. Many times the librarian keeps the book hidden to give it to his favorite customer. Your dream of completing the software program gets broken, then.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jogging with Whey

My exercise regimen is now jogging in the mornings. I have also calculated that if I reduce weight by 10%, I will cross the 10kmph speed running for a considerable time. It is simple Physics.
But tell me, is our body simple physics?
No it is not, everyone will say.
Now, everyday jogging takes a toll on your body. Muscles get fatigued. They may get torn. And needs repairing. Means protein consumption.
Also with a target of fat reduction, you do realize that blood vessels paths will be altered. This requires a lot of body engineering. Again more protein consumption.
Therefore it is essential to have whey drinks. Luckily, I have some stock left from my earlier bodybuilding session.
I have opened a new page in exercising chapter with Jogging and Whey. Also I am showing control in my diet. With these three in place and constancy and determination in approach I hope to be a 10kmph ( double digit) base speed runner. (Base speed means that I can always get into 10kmph speed if I feel fatigued at 12 kmph speed).
Jogging also clears my thinking.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Different Towns

I very recently was on a vacation to USA. I travelled in their highways and happened to look at their houses in their countryside. Most of the houses had at least one floor over the ground floor. To me this implied the use of steel and cement in their buildings.
In India, in towns, we normally have only ground floor buildings. We never used steel in our buildings.
Steel makes the difference. Between heights of buildings. Between money and poverty.
I heard that Empire State building is in fact a very old building. So, USA knew the importance of steel in civil work and they had brilliant engineers too.
There are people who say "Why should not we change our buildings, now? Why not make taller buildings at town level?"
The answer is what Dr.M.S.Swaminathan said about improving agriculture. He said that it is tough to change the age old mindset of Indian people.
So, age old mindset and Tazurba(experience) and Riyasat(tradition) of buddas(old men) prevent any fruitful change in civil structures at rural and town levels.
At the same time, it is tough for young to implement their ideas and dreams. For, to implement a plan a young at heart needs Haan(Yes) from many places. And for the failure to implement a plan usually requires one Naa(No).

Thursday, June 4, 2015

IQ Level

First of all, I believe IQ tests definitely tests your intelligence. Otherwise, why should it get publicity?
I have undertaken IQ test. My IQ score came to be 90 or something.
I took a look at the IQ levels of geniuses. 180 and above list. Kasparov is one of them with 190 score. Hawking has 180 score. Einstein and Da Vinci are also there in the list. Then there is a lady too in the present day list with 190. The highest ranking was 230.
Have you ever taken the IQ test?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Books

 I have bought four kindle ebooks. I bought "Speaking of Siva", "A Southern Music", "Cloud Computing", "Bollywood Sounds" recently.
"Speaking of Siva" is about Shaivaism and prayers and meanings. "A Southern Music" is about Carnatic Music. "Cloud Computing" is about the cloud and cloud computing. "Bollywood Sounds" is a book on songs of Bollywood.
I am yet to finish these books but I read them when I get time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Spin and i (the complex number)

There are a few observations with respect to the spin. One is the existence of a negative which is i squared.
My equation for complex number explanation is

x + 1/2x = 180 degrees.

i.e Action plus your perceived reaction (which is half of action. Your perception is only half. Not the full) i.e x + 1/2x equals what? The total system i.e positive and negative. Which is nothing but 180 degrees.

i.e 3/2x = 180 degrees. Or x = 120 degrees.

The explanation of a complex number leads to 1/3 rd concept. 120 degrees.

But is not an angle lesser than 120 degrees, say 2 degrees etc. true? They are true in physical existence. Mentally however positive and negative are the truths. i.e 180 degrees.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Body Language - A Short Story

Gopal and Govind were good friends. Gopal was a union leader and he had to convince five key men in getting a hospital for laborers sanctioned. The five men were Govind, his friend; and Kumar, Yadav, Suresh and Pratap.
Gopal called all the five of them for a tea in a roadside tea shop. Gopal stood in front of a wall with his back facing the wall. All the other five stood facing Gopal. Kumar to the extreme left of Gopal. Then Yadav, Suresh, Pratap and Govind in the clockwise order. Govind was at the extreme right of Gopal.
Gopal was confident and spoke clearly and eloquently about the proposal for the hospital for laborers. He held his head straight and did not miss seeing anyone in their eyes. He spoke points in favor of the hospital in a logical way. His face was fully visible to Yadav, Suresh and Pratap when he spoke. Kumar and Govind were able to see his face only partially.
All the six of them went to the management and wrote a ballot whether they are in favor of a laborers' hospital or not.
In the evening, the management announces that they have seen the ballot and the laborers hospital cannot be sanctioned. Gopal was heartbroken. He did not believe it. He asked the management whether majority was against the laborers hospital. The management says that the consideration for laborer hospital was based on veto and one of you six has rejected the proposal for the laborer hospital.
Gopal then goes in search for Kumar and on finding him, he punches on his face and shouts, "You have betrayed us. Is it not?"
Kumar was apologetic and accepts that he did not favor a laborers hospital and voted against it. But he wondered how Gopal knew about it.
Gopal says, " I am good in body language. That is how I knew you have betrayed me."


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The first question. What is knowledge or gyana?
Knowledge is nothing but adjustment to the feedback obtained. People confuse knowledge with thinking. Thinking can be said, is for survival. It will be appropriate to think, that, if you think you can survive better with thinking; then, go ahead. Be a thinker. After all one wants to survive in this world. And thinking helps.
Not knowing the above is agyana or ignorance.
Can a person think that he has knowledge? It depends on your hearing of your own speech. There are bones and internal mouth involved in how you hear your own voice. I thought my voice is like SPB but it is somewhat like Manhar as I discovered in digital technology. So one may say that I should not have thought that I have knowledge. Because, the popular perception is SPB is better than Manhar.
What do you think ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Visual Studio for Desktop

Visual Studio for desktop is a fine tool for developing applications in a desktop. Today, the software world works very differently than in the recent past. But Microsoft has given the option of downloading Visual Studio for desktop and use it for as long as one wishes to build applications for your desktop.
I have built applications on desktop using Visual Studio for Desktop. I have used text file as a data source in one of these two applications.
Though .NET framework or xaml (pronounced zammel) is not used in these, but still it can create all the necessary applications that one envisages in an office. Database connection option is there and I think ADO may not work. ODBC will surely work. And probably OLEDB too.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The jump from the running bus

I remember the difficult days during my schooling. My father was the sole earning member in a private company. And they did not pay high salary. (But now I am earning quite a lot, courtesy the PSU. And I am extremely smart in finance handling. I like travelling on the razors edge, so to say.
I have an American mindset and I pay the price of a pumpkin for a pumpkin).
During school days, we would go to school by DTC bus.
One day while coming back from school, I missed my stop and had to jump from the running bus. I had read the Perelman book on Physics and jumped in a direction opposite to the running direction. I fell down nastily and got bruises. I thought Perelman was wrong.
But now I feel I have the ability in my body to prove Perelman is right. You can jump from a running bus in the direction opposite to its running and can land without falling. It requires practice of course. Good food and regular gymnasium should prepare one for this exercise.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Food Control

Controlling food habits is vital to the success of a bodybuilding regimen. The choice of exercises and supplement requirements too. But all the bodybuilding and exercising coaches say that food is the most important ingredient(supplements included) to workout on. The physical workouts comes a distant second in this race of importance in exercising.
First things first. Are gym supplements approved by FDA? I searched for it in Google. And the answer is "Food Supplements are approved by FDA".
I was early in recognizing the needs of supplements to my gymnasium workouts. Soy, whey, were felt to be absolutely necessary to continue gymnasium. But one thing I could not fathom is the fact that my regular meals too have to be reduced and changed by a very large margin. Now, I do not have too much strength and the food I ate at that point of time was essential to do one hour of gym and feel normal the whole day. Looking back, while considering my strength I will say that I must get a B- in eating habits while doing gym workouts.
I was also too much into cardio earlier on. Presently I feel the reverse. Weights seems better, though cardio is still felt to be essential to round off a gym session.
There may be many ways to control eating habits. Being disciplined on six days and having one day for cheat meals is the suggested method of In India, many people swear by yogic food habits and some tend to totally avoid carbs and fat.  Both the above methods are not suitable to me. I find "eating the same food every day" to be the most inspiring. For the last so many days I have been eating peanut spread sandwiches for breakfast and 3 cups of rice for dinner. The regularity in food is what I like the most. You may say, "I get a good night sleep because I shall be eating peanut spread sandwiches the next day morning".

Monday, March 23, 2015

A fresh beginning to a new day, everyday

The bodybuilding saga continues. Whey, creative, bcaa and Amway protein are consumed. Regular food is disciplined. I am feeling absolutely different now. I get into calorie deficit every day. My health band and internet on calorific value of food says thus.
The exercise session at gym is for one hour. 40 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of cardio. I feel better this way. Though neither the weights or cardio is intense, nevertheless I feel worked out. Decreasing primes workout of 11,7,5,3 reps is effective and is recommended. My most powerful muscle is quads(thighs) at 190 pounds. My hams is 105. My biceps 54. My triceps and chest (chest press) at 50 etc.
I look forward to gymnasium enthusiastically.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Improve Thinking - Part 2 Start to Finish

The CEO of Gazette Software Inc. was satisfied with the progress made by his team in utilizing the quality circle of for loops. There was tremendous improvement in programming quality and the business orders he received spoke the importance of quality circle of for loops.
He also wanted the team to think like stack to improve thinking. The for loops thinking and stack thinking were the only techniques he knew to improve software thinking.
He gave them three papers as shown below and asked his team to imbibe start to finish thinking.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Improve Thinking

The CEO of Gazette Software Inc. developed an idea for improving software thinking. He understood the importance of for loops and he wanted to make a quality circle for improving quality of software developed by Gazette Software Inc.
He called five men under him. Udit, finance applications specialist; Naresh, materials management specialist; Kumar, personnel management specialist; Pradeep, publicity department specialist and Yogesh, manufacturing department specialist.
The CEO included, there were 6 men in the quality circle. The order was CEO, Udit, Naresh, Kumar, Pradeep and Yogesh.
The rule of the quality circle was; the CEO will give a seed number. Udit, being a finance specialist will increase the seed number by 10% and then approximate to the nearest integer and pass the number obtained to Naresh. Naresh should reduce the number obtained from Udit by 10% and then approximate to the nearest integer and pass the number obtained to Kumar. Kumar should keep the number unchanged and pass it to Pradeep. Pradeep should double the number obtained from Kumar and pass it on to Yogesh. Yogesh should multiply the number obtained from Kumar by 2 and subtract the number Udit passed to Naresh and return back the result back to CEO.
If the CEO began with 100, what is the number CEO got back at the end of 2 rounds?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

App Developer

Deepak, Ramesh and Giridhar were aspiring for a good break in Apps development.
Deepak believed in standing on his own feet. A thousand rupees is worth more than a lakh, if earned by standing on your own feet, he would say. He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
Ramesh would always ask help in matters relating to work. Believe in yourself and ask for help with your whole heart, he would say. He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
Giridhar was skeptical and would reveal only what the other needed to know. Never reveal yourself too much and follow the same in your approach to work too, he would say.He felt he had it in him to be a great app developer.
All the three apply for a job in a perfectly logical thinking Indian App Company, Great Apps Inc.
Arrange Deepak, Ramesh and Giridhar in likely to be employed order.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Trinarnagar was famous for its rice cultivation. People say that only rice items are served here. Sir Yousuf Pir Sahibzada had made Trinarnagar his home. He was the world renowned motivator. His techniques in motivation and pep talks was supposed to be the best in the world. "He could make a rat feel like an elephant", is the common jargon associated with him.
Piramal wanted to send one of his juniors to undergo motivation program of Sahibzada, He felt Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif were a little de-motivated. A training under Sahibzada will only benefit them, he felt.
Piramal talked with Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif separately. Rajiv had told Piramal, "I do not believe Sir Sahibzada is world class.". Sukhwinder had told Piramal,"I have never eaten rice in my life.". Latif had told Piramal,"Sir Sahibzada belongs to a different subsect and there is prevailing enmity."
Who among Rajiv, Sukhwinder and Latif is automatically eliminated as a candidate?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Raghav, a brand executive in Stilleto Bearings for 17 years wrote a memo in a sheet of paper for 20 bundles of A4 reams. He sent this memo to Elangovan his chief through a messenger Ramu. His chief also an employee for 17 years; and in good terms with Raghav till recently, when a heated argument made the relationship bitter.
Raghav got the 20 bundles of A4 sheets. But Elangovan came to the seat of Raghav and told him "What do you plan to do with 30 bundles of A4 reams?". Raghav shouted back, "30? I think there is an error. I wanted only 20.".
Together they inspected the memo and found written 30. But there was overwriting.
Elangovan says," I take the responsibility that I have not changed 20 to 30."
Raghav says, "I vouch for my faithfulness that I did not cheat."
Who is lying or who is the thief?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A case of a job

Manoj wanted to change his job. He had two options. One, give interview at many places and then choose a job based on their outcome and better offering. The other option was to go to a consultant and get a suitable job. Which of these two is efficient?

Fuel Saving

Peter was undoubtedly the best automobile engineer. He had a passion for cars. If the clutch mechanism was honey almond cake, then the differential was no less than a steaming, refreshing hot coffee.
Muller was a brand freak. He believed that quality matters and quality is because of the brand. Trust the brand and relax and enjoy the services of the car, he would say.
Peter decided to make a car. He knew what to do. Differential from Mamaguchhi, clutch from Tabayoko and so on. He was able to make a fine car.
Muller bought a car. A car of the finest quality. Of the same capacity as the one Peter made.
Which of these will be fuel efficient?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tasks Assignment

Sadashiv was the CEO of Radiant Constructions.  His director Tarun always consulted him on important issues. Sadashiv planned to go to an undisclosed tourist place for 15 days. He wanted to be undisturbed.
Before his departure he got an important construction job. Which would take 15 days. Raghav had a record of finishing all assignments to completion from start to finish.  Suresh, Peter and Rajiv were relatively new and would consult the director every now and then.
To whom would Sadashiv assign the job?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Towers of Cards

Radha and Sunaina were proficient in building towers with cards. Laila was a spoil sport. She would wait for the tower to fall on its own due to unskilled card placement or she would just pull a card from a finished structure.
Radha decided to make a tower of a cylinder as high as possible. Sunaina wanted to build a Qutab Minar shape with cards. Laila was secretly observing their work from a hidden place and was waiting for the completion of structure and then pull a card.
Radha kept building the tower of a cylinder. Sunaina was able to complete her Qutab Minar, when Laila removed one card from Sunaina's structure and make the Qutab Minar fall down.
Laila proudly says,"I have won !!"
Sunaina replies back, "Hardly !!". How?

Default Company

Raghav was a brilliant boy. He qualified his degree in engineering from the best institute with great percentage. He had three offers for a job. Getting Software Inc., Rudiments Consulting Group and Stanley Infotech. 
He was confused as to which company to join. He decided to ask his uncle working in Gretto tyres in Vatsapur as Assistant Chief Executive, earning lavish perks, to help him finalize a decision.
His uncle asked him to make a comparative list of all the three companies to make things clear and then make a decision. His uncle asked him, "Posting?" Raghav said, " Getting will post me in Vatsapur. Rudiments will post me suitably after I join. While Stanley offers me the job in Jayanagar".
His uncle then asks,"What about responsibility?". Raghav said,"Getting will give me full responsibility in my projects. Rudiments will train me hard for 15 months and then post me as per my learning. Stanley will post me abroad in Dunedin."
His uncle then asks,"Pay package?". Raghav says,"Getting will pay handsome salary and perks. Rudiments will pay meagre stipend. Stanley assures me a decent pay in Frugan dollars."
Which company was the default considering factor in Raghav?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apps deployed, developed in Visual Studio 2013

I have developed apps for Windows phone and Workstation in Visual Studio 2013 as a Hub App.
The Apps currently has default texts in it. I propose to change the text suitably at a later date. I am satisfied with this solution as this is what is my only need expected of an App. However, I have developed Windows Desktop Apps earlier and posted it as a tile in Workstation. But this app is a metro style app which is an altogether different subject.
The template designed apps were for the feeds from my blogs. These were developed in App Studio of Microsoft which was accessed online.



The tile with a cross is the Hub App developed in Visual Studio 2013 and transferred to the phone automatically by connecting it through USB. The other apps on its left and right are the Apps developed in App Studio. One has Blogs feeds. Another has Comments in blogs feeds.

Photos relevant now are:-


Friday, February 20, 2015

App Ideas

This is an idea for an app on mobiles.
One cannot escape thinking. If we concentrate hard then we will realize that our thoughts are also repetitive. Normally at the seconds level we have fear, love, hate, distaste etc. At minute level we have our animal instincts of hunger, addictions etc. When it comes to an hour, our personality comes into play. What we are about? And so on ....
I am sure we shall not be the same always and we shall be changing. The list above if looked 6 months from now will be different than what it is now.
I have also provided a level indicators below. How many marks I give out of 5 for the entity under consideration.
This app may require a database for proper working. To store results once in a month. Also it needs a touch based programming to implement the level indicators. I am not familiar with touch programming. The mobile app and phone app I developed required only insertion of feeds. No more.
To do this program in Windows technology will need Silverlight and latest Visual Studio. Also Azure services may have to be subscribed for storing information.
But I am confident that this app if developed will sell well and I can make money. What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Self Guidance Towards Practical Achievement

It is easy to imagine that you are Carl Lewis(world ranking athlete) or R K Laxman (famous Indian Cartoonist) or Chandrasekhar Subrahmanyam (Indian Nobel Prize Winner). But when it comes to reality you may be far behind them in terms of achievement. But then, that is how our thinking is. One is not able to think otherwise and a man is in chains and can think only in this narrow way.
How much correct am I in writing Carl Lewis first, R K Laxman second and C Subrahmanyam third? To me, I am 100 % correct that Carl Lewis comes to my mind first. My feeling of my body is thus. But in reality I can never do a 100 m dash within 12 seconds or so.
The result of such thinking is that frustrations can creep in easily. One will be disappointed most of the time.
This blog post is about the difference in thinking and reality achievement. And how we can achieve targets attained by experts. Is there an alternative thinking? Or maybe some goal like 100 m in 20 seconds which gives same satisfaction as a Carl Lewis run?
The aim here is to attain peace and I am planning to note down points as and when something significant creeps up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogs, Apps and Devices

I have perfected my apps to show cartoons and also links to videos.
I had to get cartoons from my cartooning blog site as a feed. The way I did for my other sites. For my videos, I did something else. I opened an account in I uploaded my dafli videos. Then these two were also subscribed as feeds.
Also I managed to make my cartoon as a live tile photo in Nokia 1520.

My personal laptop also has this app. I am inserting the screenshot of my laptop.

I have developed apps in my android mobile too. Here are the screenshots.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Improving Cartooning

R K Laxman was the best cartoonist in India. Bal Thackeray was also good. Mario Miranda too. Ajit Ninan Mathew too is. Sudhir Dhar had a fine humor and had simple lines.
But somehow I liked R K Laxman a lot. His cartoons seemed to tell stories which seemed close to my level of understanding.
But can I improve my drawing to his level? As I feel, I need to draw diagonals in a square, rectangles both ways fast and accurate quickly. Then I have to do this in ellipses and circles. But at the same time I need to make the squares and rectangles accurate in length and angles.If I master these, then my observation and imaginations will come into consideration.
I wish to cartoon better than Daniel Craig !!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kuch Filmy Baatein !!

If I were to be a part of team making a film I would use the following strategies :-

  1. Music - Music is important. And I will recommend my name to the team for music direction. I can play dafli and singing; and I am confident of driving inspiration to the music team. And together we can give good music.
  2. Cameraman - I will insist on sets and costumes. Therefore, I will ask the cameraman to focus on sets and costumes. Not too much on character or actors.
  3. Screenplay - I am confident of helping the team in converting a novel to screenplay. There is a good concept here. A funda !!
  4. Acting - I will insist on hand and eye movements and also face movements more. Like Kathakali dance. It might be exaggerating but meaning will be conveyed more.
By the way, there are some good short films made nowadays. I have forgotten the website name. The movies are about 15 to 20 minutes and some of them are good. I saw about three short films, courtesy NDTV.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A 400 year old house

I was born in a house which was 400 years old. I was born on a Sunday in my village in Kumbakonam. I possibly picked up the habit of controlling evil immediately.
Later I went to Kolkata as my father worked there.
Delhi life was different.
But now I feel there is no point in dying for evil. Because I control evil pretty well.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Latest in IT World

So, these are the interesting happenings in IT and mobile arena.
1) Lima is a terabyte level personal cloud like device. You store media and files in Lima. All your other devices like tablets phone and laptops can then use these files. (By the way I have probably only 1000 songs. But I wrote higher number in my other blog because I had other devices with copies !!)
2) Microsoft's to be installed Windows phone app now has an extension .xapp. But I think you can make it available in Windows Phone Store. However, there is a payment. But the earlier .xap Windows Phone App is also supported. I have checked this out.
3) Windows 10 will make file sharing more synchronous across its devices. So possibly, a Windows phone altered file can be immediately accessed on the Windows laptop.