Monday, May 11, 2015

The Spin and i (the complex number)

There are a few observations with respect to the spin. One is the existence of a negative which is i squared.
My equation for complex number explanation is

x + 1/2x = 180 degrees.

i.e Action plus your perceived reaction (which is half of action. Your perception is only half. Not the full) i.e x + 1/2x equals what? The total system i.e positive and negative. Which is nothing but 180 degrees.

i.e 3/2x = 180 degrees. Or x = 120 degrees.

The explanation of a complex number leads to 1/3 rd concept. 120 degrees.

But is not an angle lesser than 120 degrees, say 2 degrees etc. true? They are true in physical existence. Mentally however positive and negative are the truths. i.e 180 degrees.

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