Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Direct Cash Transfer Schemes Opened

Our PM Dr.Manmohan Singh has launched direct cash transfer schemes.
Under Aadhar programme, the workers need to be paid. MNREGA schemes were getting controversial because money meant for the poor never reached them. The middlemen siphoned off money and only a fraction of what was meant for the poor reached them. Also government needs to pay subsidies to poor. Here too, corruption prevented poor from getting the money due to them.
Now, our PM has planned for direct cash transfer scheme. This will ensure that money can be transferred to a poor man's bank account. This is a very big achievement for the government.
Will there be loopholes? Yes, it is possible that loopholes may be there. What if there are two Raghus? Duplicate Raghu may be getting credit in his account in place of actual Raghu. Clearly this problem is a bank's problem. Because they have not verified the records of the person opening the account. Or it might be inefficiency of MNREGA officials for not confirming bank account.
India must develop working in a professional way. The problem area should be clearly identified and clear cut actions need to be taken. This is very important. Without good administration direct cash transfer scheme can be dangerous. Because money can go to wrong hands and then the money cannot be taken back. How can someone say "Give back 1 lakh rupees because I gave you wrongly"?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unity Among Women In India

The country is going through a difficult phase. The men are facing tremendous opposition from themselves. Take a look at Anna team. Infighting is beginning to show.
Someone has said that behind the success of man there is a woman. A woman has been symbolised as Shakti and Mahishasur Mardhini.
Now take the case of Kejriwal and his protest in Delhi against Salman Khurshid. Kejriwal wanted to make Delhi a Tahrir Square. No man turned up. Very few at the most. The women should have come forward at this. Men and children would have followed.
It is important that Lokpal and UID schemes are seen through. The government seems to be caring less on these crucial issues. Believe me these two schemes have the potential to see India through the most difficult times.
Dussehra has gone. The evil has been killed by the good. But we hardly seem to be celebrating. Instead we are infighting among ourselves and preparing for the next Dussehra. This has to end for ever.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mehangai song from Chakravyuh

Birla ho ya Tata, Ambani ho ya Bata,
Sabne apne chakkar mein des ko hai kaata.
Are humre hi khoon se inka engine chale dhakadhak.

I feel the country has been damaged the most by double talking politicians. Do Shabdh to these politicians. Behen Chodh.
What if people are left unstable due to confusion? What if people has to act, with opposition from these politicians which can grow as they want?
Consider this against. You will be humiliated. You will be poor. You will have limited resources.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Delhi Barsaati and NRI

Delhi Barsaati has many interesting stories. Barsaati is a local slang meaning the top floor of a three storied house. Normally these are rented. The landlord and his family usually live in the ground floor and the other floors are rented out. Barsaati normally has one room, kitchen and toilet and an open space.
We have stayed in a barsaati. My father, mother and I. My brother was away abroad.
Barsaatis were very popular with Afghans during earlier times. Afghan refugees had come to Delhi and occupied the balconies predominantly. They were simple people and would offer namaaz in the open. They seemed to be contended people. But healthy and strong. Well, that is another story.
Most of the colonies having barsaatis were people from Pakistan and came to Delhi during partition. They have a lot of stories to tell. I personally have heard an old man recounting his tale dragging it for about two hours.
But time has changed now. The barsaatis have changed. Additional rooms have been added. The people in these colonies have sent their sons to USA/Canada. Their stories have gone.  Time changes. The small puppy which has grown big now no longer remember the old smell . . .

Friday, August 17, 2012


Kuch tumhari majboori rahi hogi
Kuch hamari kamzori.
Tumhare iraade ka mujhko pata nahin.
Hamara maqsad ekta-e-hind thi.

There is only a little that can be achieved by blogging your thoughts. You may have followers. You may be able to influence people. Hoping that mine can influence people, I will want my readers to be united for a strong India.
But my blogs have more or less become an open diary of thoughts. With most of the comments being mine.
India is 65 years old. The world over people are becoming smarter, stronger and more and more competitive. We should not be left behind. We need to be united in purpose and play the game by the rules of the game.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unforgettable moment? Or compensation?

Events add up in memory. And reach till a boiling point. Like number addition.
The latest grid failure is an unforgettable moment. All the people have to be suitably compensated with money. But in India there is no compensation. They make it an unforgettable event.
People boil with rage due to power breaks and sometimes pick stones for pelting on government employees and buildings. The politicians say when electricity comes back everything will become thanda.
Buddhadeb has said that even the President has admitted that development does not trickle down from up. Maybe true. But what trickles down from up is playing politics.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Need for sleep of 7 hours

We all need sleep for 7 hours.
All the politicians and VIPs too need sleep for 7 hours. Whether they sleep in their houses or in a star hotel or in their girlfriend's house, it does not matter to me. Times have changed now. It is no longer the same old times of doing work in a relaxed (fursath mein !!) way.
Agreed that netas have to be spotless, high character, simple and high thinker. But believe me such a person will only get laughter in today's times. He will not get votes.
In today's world we have to be liberal, not conservative. Bold, not afraid. Competitive, not complacent. We need to look at what we get. We must learn to ignore the means of getting it.
In today's world, one needs to draw lines as to what is correct and what is not on our own. Not based on father's guidelines.
We all need to think in the way the world works. We need to decide for ourselves as to what is correct and what is not. India is going through a crucial period. The rains may fail this year. The industry is down. We have had no good news for the last so many days.
The collective will of people can fetch good results. Let us stand to the occassion.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Self help, The Da Vinci Code and me

I have been influenced the most by American self help methods. I have read a lot and browsed on self help methods for a considerable amount of time. I have done almost all the techniques preached by American self help teachers.
But there have been a lot of criticism for American self help methods. The major one is self help is just an elation and raising your self confidence but does not fetch practical results. Maybe true. But self help books are interesting reads and one enjoys discovering oneself.
Criticism by an Indian on self help, I would say is a big insult to all the self help teachers. Why? Because for ages we have been doing meditation, self enquiry. However I will quickly add here that American management methods which are for groups may fetch practical results. We are not known to follow American management methods and therefore targetting only the self help is very unfair.
Another thing that has influenced me is the book The Da Vinci code. I have changed a lot and have begun to look at the world from an absolutely different angle. My blogs on Measuring Behaviour(www.measuringbehaviour-ravi.blogspot.com) and Becoming Extroverted(www.extroverted-ravi.blogspot.com) have been influenced by about 20% due to the book. The other 80% is my own efforts, I would say.
I will rather like to think that Measuring Behaviour and Becoming Extroverted are actually American self help techniques applied from a Da Vinci angle !!! (Ha !! Ha !! Ha !!).
My journey towards conquering myself and the world around is far from over. I have to apply myself in Indian conditions. And you bet it is damn tough. But I hope to do that and get results for myself, my family and my company. Impossible task, you say. I am hoping for the best and God Willing, I shall succeed.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finish the work in hand (FIFO)

Suppose you have two buckets to take and fill in the washing machine. How do you do it?
There are two approaches.
Step 1
Take both the buckets. Walk carefully till the washing machine.  Empty both the buckets. And then bring back the empty buckets.
Step 2
Take one bucket. Take it to the washing machine. Fill it up. Bring it back. Now take the second bucket. Take it to the washing machine. Empty the bucket. And bring it back.
The step 1 develops physical strength. The second one develops mental strength.
If you say you cannot empty both the buckets at the same time, then you are using intelligence. You are succumbing to FIFO pressure. FIFO is First In First Out. What is your take? Strength or Intelligence?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is all in the family !!

In a family a parent makes changes. Those changes impact children. For e.g. A father earns. The money gives a good life to many of his children.
In the field of IT it is called as one to many relationship. One change is made. Many impact is achieved. Someone may say why father. Why not mother? Not so fast. Give me time to type.
What I am saying here is only one to many relationship. I have not taken up the topic of entities. And their relationship.
Yes, both are important. One to many is important. So is entity relationship. Only when you know both these can you call yourself a professional IT man.
I advise you to spend considerable time and using good imagination design database. Comments are welcome.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OOPS !! Who wrote Bhagvath Gita ?

OOPS above is Object Oriented Programming System.
If you think that Bhagvath Gita was written by Ved Vyas page after page, thinking, turning pages then your thought is in the style of structural programming.
If you think that Ved Vyas just sat with a pen and book arrived automatically and moved suitably so as to form words by the movement, then your thought is in the style of object oriented programming.
The above explains the concept of structural programming and object orientation of software.
In earlier days we had structural programming and a programmer said do this, do that, go there etc. Most of the earlier languages like COBOL, C etc were suitable for structural programming.
In today's world object orientation reigns supreme. Java, C++ are object oriented languages.
OOPS is a much better way of looking at the world. Because most of us would say Bhagvath Geeta is God's word and not Ved Vyas's.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog now selected by Indiblogger

My blog The power of your company has been selected by Indiblogger. I had applied for their recognition about two months back. I have pasted their logo in my blog.

Thanks for your recognition, Indiblogger. Your recognition motivates me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hindu marriage - Support of celibacy?

A Hindu's ultimate aim is self realisation. Becoming a sanyasi is one of the essential step. And celibacy is a step towards being a sanyasi.
Celibacy is difficult to practise. Much like censorship the more you put pressure to practise celibacy more is the urge to indulge in carnal pleasure. A man then decides to marry. Because he is unable to live in a life of conflict between celibacy and sex. He enjoys the life of marriage and children are born. He may remarry but the celibacy force of Hindu is strong and he correctly feels that remarrying is not a solution. The balance between celibacy and sexual urge results in monogamy. Monogamy is being with nature. For the ratio between number of men and women is approximately 1:1. Thus celibacy is a will of God and is consistent with nature.
I do not claim the above to be a logical deduction. Logic is after all a western concept. I tremble to say emphatic no or an emphatic yes. Because these are logical statements. I may at the most say "I feel like" or "I feel resonant with". 
I am thankful to the western mind for giving us the liberty to make logical statements. And on behalf of all the Google bloggers I wish them good luck.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love and Passion - Two powerful words

Love is a powerful word and all religions talk about it. We are living in present but our past affects us by reappearing in memory. We are not able to give our best in the present due to this. And so our future is not good. This is the story which happens to us at all instant. Only God can help to get rid of this problem because some past activities may be really bad. Love is God's word and one must love one's past to do better now and ensure a good future.
When we talk of work, we must work with passion. Passion is about yourself. What is it that you like. Not what others want you to do. You maybe an engineer but gardening is what you have passion for.  When we work passionately the results satisfy us. We are happy with ourselves because we do what we want.
Love and Passion. God and you. Both are for a happy you. Because you deserve the best.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Indian races and a humourous analysis

I was interested in understanding Indians. Eminent writers feel that India is like USA. USA has people from various countries. India also has people from various countries living here. Only thing is in India people had come much earlier than in USA. Aryans came in BCs. Mughals from Afghanistan. Original inhabitants writers say are the tribals.
Anyway Indians are Indo-Caucasians, Indo-Aryans, Indo-Mongloid, Indo-Dravidians.
Characteristics of each of them (humourous)-
1) Indo-Caucasians (Punjabi) - They believe in being practical in early years and later theoretical.

2)Indo-Aryans(UP) - Blow hot everywhere except on Kamadeva.

3) Indo-Mongloid(Mizoram) - Let everyone think I am stupid but I am above you.

4)Indo-Dravidians(Tamil Nadu)- They say no for every reason and for no reason they say yes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Which is your musical instrument?

My father was interested to teach me music. He would often ask me to identify the music director of a particular song being played in AIR. I showed a keen interest in this game of his and this is what I have done in www.bollywoodmusic-ravi.blogspot.com.
He took me to a music school near my home and I joined classes for Hawaii guitar. I did not like Hawaii guitar much and my guru cited the examples of Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to boost my morale. I learnt Hawaii guitar for about a year and reached till raag stage.
But then our guru left. He was replaced by a younger guy who played Spanish guitar. I was attracted to chords played in Spanish guitar. I thought chords are the real thing and raag were not. I requested my father and my new teacher to enroll me into Spanish Guitar.
These were during my schooldays. But later I had to stop my music classes because I had to pursue further studies and pursue a career.
Years after I was comfortably employed, I joined casio classes. This I continued for about 6 months. After which I stopped.
This is what is music all about. Change in stance. Changing instruments quite often.  Choosing instruments such that all the aspects of music are covered.
I realised that only great ustaads have a focussed approach and continue playing one particular instrument througout their life. For people like me music changes as quickly as a change in mood.
Now I realise that singing is what I am good at. Because I seldom loose sync with beats. So I bought for myself a dafli from a neighbouring music instruments store. The shop owner looked at me with amazement as he had only guitars, casio, bongo etc. in his shop. He did not have dafli. But he promised to arrange for it within a week. And he did that.
So this is what I do currently. Sing and play dafli at the same time.
So what is your musical instrument? Or rather your current musical instrument?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fundamental Duties - This is what we need to do

Recently heard Dr.Karan Singh speaking about the present Indian society. He said that an Indian citizen should do his fundamental duties as specified in our constitution. Asking for fundamental rights and making other demands is valid only if one does his fundamental duties.
The Constitution says this on Fundamental Duties.

It shall be the duty of every citizens of India-
(a) to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem;
(b) to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom;
(c) to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India;
(d) to defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so;
(e) to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women;
(f) to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture;
(g) to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures;
(h) to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform;
(i) to safeguard public property and to abjure violence;
(j) to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.

I feel that I am doing all my fundamental duties listed above, except perhaps point b). Though most of the ideals are fine for me with regard to our freedom struggle, there are some things which I dislike.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

So you want to be happy ?

So, you want to be happy ? What? All of you ? I don't want to be happy. Surprised? Yes, maybe.
There are two meanings to the above set of statements. One is a cynical way of looking at things. Demeaning others, maybe. The other is choosing your emotions. Happy or surprised.
My intention was to present the sentences in a difficult logical way.
Most of us want to be happy. Happy that we drink a can of beer. Happy that we get tandoori paranthas around the corner. Happy that we get fruit drinks to quench our thirst. Happy that all men are uniform.
But look at the problems with being happy. My kids are happy. So what if road is filled with begging children?
I turn aside when I see a rowdy eve-teasing a girl. I want to be happy!Why get involved in a mess?
But if you decide to be surprised. Then you will be on your foot. You foresee problems and find solutions. You become brave.
So, surprised is my preferred emotion. What is yours?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் - Happy Pongal festival

Tomorrow is Pongal. The harvest festival in Tamil Nadu.
My wishes to all the Tamil bloggers. May the Pongal festival bring happiness and abundance in your lives.
The festival is celebrated after months of toil and the benefits of agricultural output cooked and relished. I asked one wise guy who was celebrating Pongal as to what is the philosophy he has about the Pongal dish the family had cooked. He replied back "First ஆசாமி(man)  then சாமி(God)".
He had a simple philosophy and though said humorously it struck chord with me. How I wish that every person is treated like that by every other person in this way !! And I have to pray God for that !!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Auto Expo, Delhi's mega event. Is this what we need?

Delhi is going to host the Auto Expo. Another mini car to be displayed in the exhibition. Called RE60. Made by Bajaj. I do not think a car is what is needed. We need helicopters. Should not be difficult to make. Instead of the engine making the tyres rotating in this axis, the engineers have to make it rotate in an axis perpendicular to it. Fix up a big fan and we have a helicopter. Go to office, go for shopping saving a lot of time.
The cities are choked with cars. There is so much of pollution. Not my concern, says the industry.
And Tatas have failed with Nano. Could not venture into US full heartedly.
And here is the Delhi government or probably central government (an issue that needs discussion in parliament) who is organising Auto Expo. May be they did not have enough of cars. One thing is for sure, though. People are not fools. They may go in large numbers to the exhibition. But only to see what is in offer and to get pamphlets. They use their thinking when they want to do an actual purchasing. We may have a lot of politicians and businessman smiling so obviously in camera thinking they are fooling people. They are fooling themselves. When you have printing machine for money why make cars and make money?