Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some More Digital . . .

What you see in the above picture is what is new to my collection. Google Nexus 7 which I bought earlier. I mentioned about it in http://theotherday-kirtivasan.blogspot.in.
But the problem was connecting Google Nexus 7 to internet. It is here that my brainwave worked. I bought a wireless router which supports 3G dongle. The wireless router is the white object on the photo. Then came Reliance 3G dongle. The wireless router took it in and worked seamlessly with it.It lasted for 21 days.
Then the most awaited day came. The phablet from Nokia-Microsoft. I wanted a good mobile camera. I am totally fine with digital enhancements. So I got a Nokia 1520. That is what you see in the picture above. The yellow object. I did not know about nano SIM.
I cut the Reliance 3G SIM into nano SIM and put it in Nokia 1520. Alas !! The voice did not work. No SMSs. The internet however did work. I tried to make nano back to big SIM by adapter. But sorry!! The dongle said it was too much. It failed to work. That was the end of Reliance 3G dongle and SIM which I downsized without proper knowledge.
I have now put Airtel nano SIM in Nokia 1520. Only the voice works. Nokia 1520 is obviously the best in business. It deserves an Airtel with 3G. I have applied for 3G.

 And by the way, I wanted to show the picture of how a blog looks like in My Feeds in Windows Phone and in News Bento Metro App running on Windows 8.1 in my laptop. And my latest snap . . .