Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How far, Commander?

The touch mobile is the commander here.
Some of the upcoming trends in mobile are being briefed here. Just wrapping up things.
Bing becoming more effective. Your device gets more publicity. Over workgroups, intranet, internet.
Nokia launches Android touch mobile. Maybe with Live Tile. So Android fans, get ready for "Everything at once."
Location based social apps launched. If you carry your mobile to Jaipur, then this social app will display your society's Jaipur experience. 360 is one such app. Navicomputer may be another.
Windows are working on speech help. Stuck up with Copy screen and paste. No problems. Speech help comes handy.
Lync is voice communication in Office 365. Apart from possible other functions.
Password management apps. Trust me here. Be careful with these apps. No point in having an assistant for password management. A carefully kept diary is the best solution. I have a diary with  username and password for about 50 sites. Never trust these password apps, I tell you. Be safe.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travel Smart with Skyscanner - Indiblogger Contest

Planning to spend your vacations by going on a pleasure trip? Go ahead but do not forget to plan your trip well in advance.
The first step would be to follow the place's dress code. Some places demand that you are always presentable. This means that you cannot open the doors of your room for allowing service in  undergarments.
The second step will be to tell precisely what you are looking for to eat if you plan to visit abroad. No eggs, no meat will not do. It will be better if you are specific like Thai Buddhist food or Mexican guilt free food.
The third step is the currency if you plan a visit abroad. You can go to bank and get foreign currency in exchange for rupees. You may take your credit card too along with you.
The fourth step is the communication. Learn how to enable roaming in your phone if your phone requires a manual changeover. Get an International SIM card if you are going abroad.
In case of trips within India, make an itinerary for all the days you shall be travelling. Keep a local map too with you. Tourist buses are actually very good to travel as there will be a guide who will give you information and interesting facts.
If you have a relative in foreign country who can help you during visit, then there is nothing quite like it.
Bon Voyage !! Travel Smart with Skyscanner.

Reality Views

One of the most interesting concept of life is there is nothing absolute. Most of the things are perceived relatively favourable or relatively unfavourable.
What can be considered as being a reality view? I can explain it. This is supported by my favourite theory of statistical kinks.
What is a kink?

If you look at the graph, the x axis is Rs.10 for 1 cm. But there is a kink at the start. 0 to 50.5 has been represented in 1 cm. Then afterwards it is Rs.10 for 1 cm.
In reality a box may be just 2 metres away from you in the table.  But to reach it requires moving your feet, see to it that your hands are clean, be convinced that you need it etc.  These are the kinks that come to my mind.
By the way, kink in slang means sexual taste of a person.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hope Project - Indiblogger contest

Devdasis are a reality and is a part of our culture. Many devdasis are Meera. Some have become Meera from Radha. Why? The prevailing circumstances. I remember the song "Ek Radha Ek Meera" composed by Ravindra Jain for Raj Kapoor, here
You are employed. How many are unemployed? You are leading a dignified life. How many know the word dignity? You take liberty in choosing luxury item. How many have the liberty to think luxury? It is a pity that greed has never been dealt with by our saints. I have read hundreds of books but none of the hypocrites, sorry saints, has explained greed. Probably they were unable to discover themselves.
Though not an expert, I deal with greed pretty well. I choose the less obvious ones. Then I try to make them better. Or use it more than needed to satiate greed. I know it is wrong. But the world is competitive. And one cannot escape from it because of resources. The least one can do is stay away from involvement in too many areas. Be good in your area and save resources by not involving in areas not your concern.
Our country is poor. We have been slaves. One can afford to have pride in oneself. But greed; I am afraid not at all.
Controlling our greed will be our biggest contribution to the devdasis. Let us take a pledge that we shall get rid of greed on our own. We should not be discouraged because our saints have not taught how to deal with greed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 things you can do with your Touch Mobiles

Are we using our touch mobiles to as much as possible, as far as possible? Maybe not.

These are the areas where touch mobiles help :-
1. Communication - Voice, Videos, Text based communication
2. Information - Media, Newspapers, blogs
3. Calculations - Accounting, pattern matching data, Storage
4. Guidance - GPS navigation
5. Artificial Intelligence Guidance - Siri, Google Now etc.
6. Timely Help - Alarms, Appointments
7. Music - Radio, mp3,recording etc.
8. Videos - TV, movies,video camera, still camera etc.
9. Health - Heart Beats, pedometer, emotions etc.
10. Touch - Sketching, arrangement style, colour etc.

Am I missing something else?

The above are the status of my Nokia Lumias.