Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reality Views

One of the most interesting concept of life is there is nothing absolute. Most of the things are perceived relatively favourable or relatively unfavourable.
What can be considered as being a reality view? I can explain it. This is supported by my favourite theory of statistical kinks.
What is a kink?

If you look at the graph, the x axis is Rs.10 for 1 cm. But there is a kink at the start. 0 to 50.5 has been represented in 1 cm. Then afterwards it is Rs.10 for 1 cm.
In reality a box may be just 2 metres away from you in the table.  But to reach it requires moving your feet, see to it that your hands are clean, be convinced that you need it etc.  These are the kinks that come to my mind.
By the way, kink in slang means sexual taste of a person.

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