Thursday, February 23, 2012

Which is your musical instrument?

My father was interested to teach me music. He would often ask me to identify the music director of a particular song being played in AIR. I showed a keen interest in this game of his and this is what I have done in
He took me to a music school near my home and I joined classes for Hawaii guitar. I did not like Hawaii guitar much and my guru cited the examples of Vishwa Mohan Bhatt to boost my morale. I learnt Hawaii guitar for about a year and reached till raag stage.
But then our guru left. He was replaced by a younger guy who played Spanish guitar. I was attracted to chords played in Spanish guitar. I thought chords are the real thing and raag were not. I requested my father and my new teacher to enroll me into Spanish Guitar.
These were during my schooldays. But later I had to stop my music classes because I had to pursue further studies and pursue a career.
Years after I was comfortably employed, I joined casio classes. This I continued for about 6 months. After which I stopped.
This is what is music all about. Change in stance. Changing instruments quite often.  Choosing instruments such that all the aspects of music are covered.
I realised that only great ustaads have a focussed approach and continue playing one particular instrument througout their life. For people like me music changes as quickly as a change in mood.
Now I realise that singing is what I am good at. Because I seldom loose sync with beats. So I bought for myself a dafli from a neighbouring music instruments store. The shop owner looked at me with amazement as he had only guitars, casio, bongo etc. in his shop. He did not have dafli. But he promised to arrange for it within a week. And he did that.
So this is what I do currently. Sing and play dafli at the same time.
So what is your musical instrument? Or rather your current musical instrument?