Sunday, May 27, 2012

Self help, The Da Vinci Code and me

I have been influenced the most by American self help methods. I have read a lot and browsed on self help methods for a considerable amount of time. I have done almost all the techniques preached by American self help teachers.
But there have been a lot of criticism for American self help methods. The major one is self help is just an elation and raising your self confidence but does not fetch practical results. Maybe true. But self help books are interesting reads and one enjoys discovering oneself.
Criticism by an Indian on self help, I would say is a big insult to all the self help teachers. Why? Because for ages we have been doing meditation, self enquiry. However I will quickly add here that American management methods which are for groups may fetch practical results. We are not known to follow American management methods and therefore targetting only the self help is very unfair.
Another thing that has influenced me is the book The Da Vinci code. I have changed a lot and have begun to look at the world from an absolutely different angle. My blogs on Measuring Behaviour( and Becoming Extroverted( have been influenced by about 20% due to the book. The other 80% is my own efforts, I would say.
I will rather like to think that Measuring Behaviour and Becoming Extroverted are actually American self help techniques applied from a Da Vinci angle !!! (Ha !! Ha !! Ha !!).
My journey towards conquering myself and the world around is far from over. I have to apply myself in Indian conditions. And you bet it is damn tough. But I hope to do that and get results for myself, my family and my company. Impossible task, you say. I am hoping for the best and God Willing, I shall succeed.