Monday, June 25, 2012

Need for sleep of 7 hours

We all need sleep for 7 hours.
All the politicians and VIPs too need sleep for 7 hours. Whether they sleep in their houses or in a star hotel or in their girlfriend's house, it does not matter to me. Times have changed now. It is no longer the same old times of doing work in a relaxed (fursath mein !!) way.
Agreed that netas have to be spotless, high character, simple and high thinker. But believe me such a person will only get laughter in today's times. He will not get votes.
In today's world we have to be liberal, not conservative. Bold, not afraid. Competitive, not complacent. We need to look at what we get. We must learn to ignore the means of getting it.
In today's world, one needs to draw lines as to what is correct and what is not on our own. Not based on father's guidelines.
We all need to think in the way the world works. We need to decide for ourselves as to what is correct and what is not. India is going through a crucial period. The rains may fail this year. The industry is down. We have had no good news for the last so many days.
The collective will of people can fetch good results. Let us stand to the occassion.