Friday, August 19, 2016

A write-up on Java technologies

Java is the accepted technology in coal belts and iron belts zones of India. Java, in my opinion is a rival to Microsoft technologies. The above two statements need corroboration from Bangalore IT guys.
What can Java achieve? They can make every PC, desktop a browser. Java technology can also make every server a sort of cloud server. These are logical deduction. Bangalore IT guys.
So, have the people of coal belts and iron belts accepted in some way mobile technology? IT question. Bangalore IT guys.
Do these technologies make our children dumb? Do these technologies reduce the intelligence of our children? Do these technologies reduce the creativity of our children? No, not at all. These technologies possibly direct intelligence in a browser fashion. Attractive pages. See comparison. Bargain. Click to choose. Other answer. Bangalore IT guys!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

IT Security

What is IT Security?
Virus? Only viruses ?
No. Startup Items, cookies, wrong registry entries all fall under IT Security.
When we talk of viruses, we talk about floppies and internet. The general perception is they slow down the system and slows down every other system because they spread. But then what about Trojans? Trojans just wait to know what you are typing. The moment it knows you are typing your bank password, your bank balance becomes zero. The typing and password typing is difficult for any Trojan to distinguish. It might be easy if your user name for a site is your name itself.
If you want my opinion on IT Security policy, the first principle I suggest is acceptance of the fact that everyone spreads viruses. Including you.
The second principle is 360 Total Security. Use this software.
The third principle is buy a non Windows firewall. And disable Windows Firewall. I am not against Windows Firewall, but it is only important if you are the administrator. And why did I say disable Windows Firewall? It is because two firewalls will slow down the system.
So, use 360 total Security software. And if you can afford it, buy GlassWire Firewall suggested by 360 Total Security.