Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Absolute Statements

I have made some absolute statements with regard to constants, over time :-
1. There is nothing simpler than a Fibonacci number.
2. Pi can be only be determined as 22/7. Further analysis needs external help.
3. The constant e needs explanation of anti e.
4.Pythagoras is actually reaching towards zero. The attraction like gravity.
Your comments are most welcome.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When we were young our father will inspire us on becoming entrepreneurs. He was working in JK group and somehow entrepreneurship and private companies were what I found attractive and natural. Why two choices, entrepreneurship and private companies, I hear someone asking. Is it not a disaster to think of two choices? Yes, it is a disaster. When you think of entrepreneurship it is only entrepreneurship you can dream of. The reason for private companies choice is as a kid I thought of share market and composing ad jingles. I thought in free time in a private office I will do these two. So I was not very serious on entrepreneurship.
The government is taking legal opinion on venture capital by individual foreign direct investment. Venture capital is fantastic for software. I sometimes hope for a venture capital project. But then better sense prevails. It is best to do good where you are present, than, take unnecessary challenges.
Now, China and far east are great economies first. And then maybe technology. Also China is famous for quality small scale and medium scale goods. If you look at toys, dumbbells etc. you will know what I am talking about. I feel south India is similar to China in this respect. Golu padi, grinding machines are good examples. So we have already done our best with regard to 'Make in India'.
Now entrepreneurship is not easy. Imagine all the financers running after you and you are not getting money from sales. It is not just the production loss in factories. It is real competition where only your edge at the international level that matters. That too this edge should be in the entrepreneurship field you are into.
Now to end. What project/product is best for entrepreneurship?


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saying Thanks

A poor Brahmin was in his house. He was alone. He led a austere life of prayers, discipline and gardening.
He was proud of the plants he grew. The beautiful flowers he had in his gardens. The tasty, ripe fruits the trees gave. He told everyone that he was the best gardener and he took care of the plants so well that they now give fruits and flowers.
One day a cow came into the garden and started eating plants and flowers and leaves. The Brahmin was praying at that time. When he accidentally saw the cow, he became very angry.
He took a stick and went to the garden and started hitting the cow. The poor cow could not take the poor Brahmin's beating and it died.
Then, Lord Indira appeared. He asked the Brahmin, "Who made the garden?".
The brahmin replies, "I made the garden".
Then Indira asks the brahmin, "Who made the plants give flowers?"
The Brahmin replies, " I grow the plants so well that they give flowers."
Then Indira asks the brahmin, "Who made the trees give fruits?"
The Brahmin replies, " I take care of the trees so well that they give fruits."
Then Indira asks the Brahmin, "Who killed the cow?"
Then Brahmin replies, "The Lord of death caused his death."

I always thought how to deal with such responses. How to mentally get balance. Then I found the thought which would give balance. My hard work, His grace and everybody's thanks. If all the three happens then one can avoid petty thoughts like my work, not my work etc.