Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Grandfather of Self Help - Creating Action

Many claim that self help boosts self confidence, but may not fetch results.
Now these critics have to eat their words. For now here I am revealing one of the biggest secrets. The secret to action. It is such a big revelation that I fear the repercussions that may happen. If it were a matter of a few briefcases of cash, I wouldn't have bothered much. But it is pulling the trigger of a gun. Heavens will shake and hells may break loose. Such is the power of this secret. A secret that has never been told. A secret whose time has come. A secret which needs to be told. To be told without the temptation of earning money.
But I do not want to go to hell. There is fear of punishment. For revealing this secret may change the mind of God himself.  Are you strong enough to take in this knowledge? Are you prepared to accept the challenge of a lifetime? By saying yes to getting to know this secret.