Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Youtube Offline Movies

I watched a few films offline from Youtube last week. I followed the cue about offline videos from a blog mate.
I watched "Ek Doctor Ki Maut","Sooraj ka Satwan Ghoda","Diksha","Train to Pakistan", "Kamla ki Maut". Currently I have "Shatranj ke Khiladi" and "Sardar- The movie".
It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for a movie to be downloaded. I think there is a day limit of 3 days within which you can watch the downloaded offline movie.
Some of my favorite movies are "Kahaani","Shaurya","A Wednesday","Sooraj ka Satwan Ghoda", "8 x 10 Tasveer" etc.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Self trained runner !!

No one teaches us to walk. We have packages in our genetic setup which enabled us to walk. As a kid we observed our parents and relatives and friends all around us walking and we probably asked ourselves "Why shouldn't I do the same myself ?".  And then we walked.
Walking when we are adults requires hardly any effort. It seems effortless like breathing. It comes natural. But because of our sedentary lifestyle we spend life sitting most of the time. We also overeat and eat wrong food. We put on weight and fat. Then walking for a longer time becomes a problem.
Jogging is different from walking. Almost all the body organs are stable in walking. Everything works effortlessly in walking. However jogging can be said to be a state where except breathing every other mechanism in our body requires effort. Breathing is the stable point in jogging. For people who want to jog and are habitual walkers, need to increase the speed of legs and raise them alternately. But they have to keep the breathing under voluntary control. You are jogging if your speed is below 6 miles per hour speed.
Running is a state where every activity in your body during running state requires effort. Even breathing. All the activities need effort at that particular time every time you run. It is a different feeling from jogging. I am gradually increasing the duration of my running. I plan to become a good runner in a month's time. By January end.
Later I shall improve my timing and duration and by God's will I shall participate in marathon in November 2015 and finish it as a runner. I am sure and confident and getting prepared for it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Books to Music to Books

The above are the books that I have.
In free books :-
1) Around the world in eighty days. Finished reading this book. The sati and saving the girl was amusing and not the least felt controversial or insulting in this book.
2) Analyzing Character. Read first chapter. Career in India is not same as a career in foreign. Here clerks, accountants are needed. Hard work for laborers and industry workers.
3) Pride and Prejudice. A classic tale from which I hope to learn an English mindset.
In Kindle e books:-
1) How to read Music. A book to fine tune my understanding of music.
2) Thinking fast and slow. A difficult one to understand. I tried reading a few pages.
3) The Pupeteers of Palem. I have taken a cue from a fellow blogger.
4) Laugh with Laxman. Subjects to improve my cartooning ability.
5) David and Goliath. Understand people and their macro guiding principles.
6) The notebooks of Leonardo da vinci. The master genius is different. Completely different. I hoped for some similarity. An evil wish perhaps. But no, I do not think like him.
7) The Einstein theory of relativity. Above my head book. The grapes are sour type of book. His genius cannot be understood.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The New Regimen

The gymnasium saga ended on December 8th.
I have begun my jogging and dumbbells exercising. The advantage is I can do anytime. Calories spent is more. Disadvantages are I have fixed weight dumbbells. Another disadvantage to weight training using dumbbells is swaying body and improper movements which are less in weight machines.
I shall gradually reduce protein intake and bring myself to normal eating in 2 months.
I am considering buying a barbell set to do weight training. Barbells, I feel are more perfect for bodybuilding than dumbbells. One is likely to do natural movements more in barbells.
If gymnasium is a body clinic, then dumbbells and jogging are at best self medications.