Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My current exercise schedules

I find it very good with dumbbells. I like doing exercises with them. I have a 5kg pair, 10 kg pair and a 12.5 kg pair.
I have changed my schedule. I do a complete workout with dumbbells. And then followed by a walking and jogging.
Two years back I had 23% body fat. After the gym, my fat got reduced to 18%. My protein increased by 5%. My aim is to reduce fat to 10% or less.
My present exercising using a 12.5kg and a 10 kg dumbbells are :-
Bench press, Dumbbell squats, Dumbbell heel raises, Bent over lifts, One arm rows with a bench (not workbench), One dumbbell legs and hands arching lying down for abs, Shoulder lifts, Biceps curls, Triceps back lifts. 3 sets each using prime number reps.
I am usually exhausted with this. But I do a 25 minute of jogging resulting in about 300 calories loss after this grueling dumbbells workout.
Recently, I saw Youtube videos of exercises which can reduce fat with light dumbbells and there was another one without dumbbells. The crux here is to do one exercises after another each done for 10 reps. Do three to four sets of these 10 reps of about 4 to 5 exercises. You will be exhausted with this and I feel it will increase the stamina. The exercises are like 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 overhead claps, 10 leg raises lying down etc. Do three to four repetitions of these without any break between them.
Many masters say bench press, dead lifts, squats and shoulder lifts are the most important of dumbbells/ barbells exercises. These exercises seem to be standard core exercises and improves the strength of the body.
I intend to do the four exercises more often. To build strength. Also twice a week I intend to do 10-10-10 routines to improve my stamina.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rhythm in bodybuilding

What did I achieve by going to gym for 15 months?
I gained weight. Yes, that was what that happened to me. Probably creatine effect. Then my muscles became a little bigger. More importantly, I realized the importance of food. And the most important benefit was improvement in rhythm.
Why don't we have turbo bikes? Because we do not have suitable helmets. Why do we have electrical voltages in multiples of 11? Because porcelain the best insulator in earlier times is suitable only up to 11 kV.
When we do running, we think about breathing. When we workout, we think about injuries. Safety is an important feature of humans. Rhythm can be built only when you feel safe.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety.
What is the difference between weights training and resistance training ? Weights training are bodybuilding with dumbbells and barbells. Resistance training are using pulleys in weight machines to give an angle for a more accurate workouts. Resistance training are basically using gym machines.
Which is better for building rhythm? Weights or resistance?
I have an answer. But I do not know whether it is correct or not. The answer is weights help build rhythm. Our body has a natural tendency to be in simple harmonic motion. The effect of direct gravity due to dumbbells and barbells are felt to be simple harmonics.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety
2) Dumbbells and barbells help in building rhythm.
What is the advantage if you feel rhythmic in bodybuilding? The advantage I feel is you can continue it as a habit for longer times.
1) Rhythm necessitates a feeling of safety
2) Dumbbells and barbells help in building rhythm.
3) Rhythm helps in being regular with bodybuilding.

Beyond Ambition

Is there anything beyond IITs and IIMs? I believe yes. It is the knowledge of mathematical constants.

In India many people have cleared IIT. But many are not blessed with the knowledge of constants. Many can possibly understand about constants and learn about them and write about them. But only a very few can publish about constants. There is a difference between an author and a publisher.

Many guys have failed in IITs. But I wish to offer them hope. Be regular and systematic like circular happenings. Call a spade a spade. Try to be unemotional and become factual.

Look at alternative courses like plastic engineering, bio engineering, arts, history, economics. Know that you can understand mathematical constants.

Let us forgive the disasters brought in the country by IITs. Look beyond IITs. Look beyond Ambition. Look forward to constants. Have hope. Have faith. If I can do it, so can you.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meaning of Life

"Being circular in habits and ways automatically makes a focus" - Myself.

I do not hurt people. I try to correct things. But when I fail, I am left alone.

I do not look for fame. It will be foolish to do so. But I do believe that fame can come even when avenues are closed. A thing meant for success will be successful whatever may come.

I had ideas. I had discoveries to share. It was not intentional. It was human.

I like it when many people talk about "Meaning of Life". What is your meaning of life?

Why not take a printout of the document from below and see for yourself what life means to you.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heart, Brain, Pi water and the Body

I believe our brains work like optical fibers. Also they are affected by heart beats.
Normally when you daydream or have deep interest in subjects like music, philosophy or art your heart gets affected. It drives the brain. Then brain reacts to this deep interest. Pi water reflects this reaction of brain and changes the body. Body understands and then a feedback loop type of chain is formed.
At certain times light affects heart and magnetism in blood splits the light. Like Zeeman effect. In this case the brain becomes very highly reactive due to this heart driven split. Pi water too reacts very highly. Body then spins and hands may be hyper-active. During this stage of brain activity, Pi water reaction and body form an unbeatable loop causing "discoveries".

(This article requires medical citation.)