Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Driving Force

People have many driving forces. For many men women. For some hypocrisy in the name of religion.

My driving force is the angular swing of the shadow of a lamppost due to linear motion of car and its headlights. It is amazing that a linear movement can make an angular effect.

This driving force is so strong, that I will not change my religion. You can give me millions of dollars but I will take it on only one condition. I will stick to this driving force of mine.
The above is the logo of my company. This image drives me crazy !!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Nataraja a form of Shiva is worshipped in South India. He is in the celestial dance pose.
The benefits of Nataraja pooja are :-
1) Music and Tala playing improvement
2) Music knowledge improvement
3) Improve  mathematical axes knowledge
4) Improve body fitness
5) Keep mind strong to ward off evil thoughts

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Platinum Day of Love - An Indiblogger contest

He loved her. She loved him. He knew she loves him. She knew he loves her. Their love was pure and precious. And magical.
They would have discussions of life, career, dreams and aspirations. Over coffee. And cookies. It was futile. They talked endlessly on all the aspects of life, career, dreams and aspirations; but they had no commonality. They were interested to know each other's viewpoint but they thought their own viewpoint was better.
He thought about metals. Metals were precious and pure and would allow magical properties of heat and electricity through them. But when it came to earthly conditions like dust, sunlight and moisture it just did not react. He thought their relationship was metallic. Metallic of highest order. Platinum.
She thought about metals. Metals were precious and pure and were always admired and added value to the person who wears. But when it came to actual reality then she knew there would be onlookers staring, chance of their being stolen, chance of selling them because of unsure finances. She thought their relationship was metallic. Metallic of highest order. Platinum.
But fate had something else in mind for them. He had to go his way. She had to go her own way.
He had to decide fast. He could not just wish her away. He bought a platinum ring. He invited her to the regular coffee shop. They talked and talked. She felt she had to go away and venture into new areas. He thought he had in him to make it big and earn enough for both of them. But time was running out. His life would get into ruins. He could not bear it.
He then took out the box containing ring out of his pocket. He opened the lid and showed the simple ring to her. And said sheepishly, "Wouldn't it be nice if we talk with each other this way the whole life? Will you be mine?" He saw the happiness in her face. And he could easily notice the shy look on her face. She replied, "Of course, yes. I am all yours. " And she showed her hand to him allowing him to put the ring on her hand.
They are currently living happily now . . .

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Windows Lifestyle

I wanted to make public my digital and mobile life. I have Nokia Lumia 720 for my touchphone and Dell PC with Windows 8.1. I have a Reliance USB internet connection for my laptop.
I have enabled apps in both my laptop and mobile to follow blogs of Politics to Fashion and Freebird. I wanted to follow Destination Infinity too but that site only allows following by email. I was able to get an app which could only display the headings of a blog in my mobile phone. In the case of Windows 8.1 laptop, Bento News app allows viewing of title and the writeup. But both of them do not allow viewing of comments. You need to use a browser to connect to the respective sites for that.
I spend most of my time awake over mobile and laptop. News most of the time.
Windows makes life and information easy. Everything at once !!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Recent History of Jogging

Jogging is fun and enjoyable. I have stressed the importance of breathing and relaxation in jogging schedule so that one is able to enjoy the benefits of jogging as an exercise. If you have missed it, here is the link to the blog title
There are a few more important points that are worth conveying. Before that my potential. If I were to participate in a 10K marathon, I am reasonably confident of completing it at a speed of 7.5 kmph. If the distance is more then I would say 6.5 kmph speed. This is my base speed.
What are the points that I was talking about? The first one is that jogging style should be similar to cycling for both your legs and hands. Your legs should move as if you are pressing an imaginary pedal with both your legs. And your hands should move as if you are pressing an imaginary pedal with both your hands. This fact is also stressed by BBC in their jogging article. If you have problems in the way you run, then look no further for a solution. Cycling is the best model to emulate and my statement corroborates the BBC instruction.
The second point is I think Indians feel stable only when breathing by nose. So one needs to experiment with breathing so that a maximum of distance and speed is obtained. This is an important point and motivation is necessary to be able to experiment with this factor.
The third point is if you get into serious aerobics, then it is a serious change to lifestyle. You are no longer a sit and eat individual but a run and get food individual. So think and act. But if you act then do not reverse your ways.
Here is happy diwali to all of you. May the festival bring about a change in lifestyle and good health. Vaazhthukkal !! (Good Wishes !!)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Full Body Approach and Display

Thimphu, the Buddhist monk asked his favourite disciple Raghuvanshi to meet at 4 in the morning the next day. Raghuvanshi could not sleep the whole night. He kept thinking what is it that his master wanted from him.Why was he calling him in the morning. He could hardly sleep.
At 4 the next morning, Raghuvanshi went to his master. His master then tells him, "Be away from the monastery for three months. I want you to discover in the real world. Discover your full bodied approach and display in real world. Use your legs, hands, mouth, ears, eyes all the organs to the maximum and discover for yourself the rich results that this approach will give you".
"Yes master, I shall do a Full Body Approach and Display in the real world. I shall come back to you in three months."
Raghuvanshi developed his running skills to develop strength for legs. Most of the onlookers were amazed and happy to see him doing so good running. He drew cartoons in paper to develop brain hand coordination. Children and parents were more than glad to get the papers of his catoons. He sang in the auditorium to develop mouth speech abilities. He got claps from everyone. But still he could not get the balance in his mind. He could not understand it. He kept meditating. What is it that I am not getting? The master was right. Full Bodied Approach and Display is important. But there is a missing piece somewhere. One important piece in the jigsaw. He needed to find it. He kept thinking.
He did running, cartoons, singing and all the whole three months. But he was not satisfied. He did not get the missing piece of the jigsaw even after intense meditation.
He went to the monastery dejected. He told his master that he did a Full Body Approach and Display. But he felt unhappy. He did not understand why.
His master then replies, "It is because you did a full body approach and display in a restricted area. The civilised world is different. It is restricted."
Raghuvanshi then replies,"Yes master. Now I understand. You have opened my eyes. The missing piece has been found. The real world works restricted. "

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Telangana - A Burning Andhra Pradesh

Telangana has been formed by the central government. Telangana will be in south central area of India and Hyderabad is the major city. The other area of current Andhra Pradesh is to be called Seemandhra.
There are advantages to the politicians because more the states will imply more will be VIPs. And there was pressure from some politicians and student unions for Telangana. However common people in Seemandhra were against the division of the state as a division in a state means loss of pride and interference from people unconcerned on internal matters, among other reasons.
We all have been following formation of new states. Uttarakhand from Uttar Pradesh; Jharkhand from Bihar; Chattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh. Also Darjeeling from West Bengal.
Narendra Modi (the BJP leader) has said that the formation of Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh made people happy and people exchanged sweets. On the other hand, Telangana is resulting in distress among people and violence. Also it may be noted that Darjeeling formation seemed sudden and without adequate preparations. Most of the commoners felt it was unexpected.
Telangana state will give voice to people of South India and I feel they will be heard in international arena. Because of powerful Muslim brothers in the Telangana region. It might be considered positive from this angle. But no one can predict future and what was the need to form Telangana before elections is a matter worth pondering.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Support GM foods . . . here

GM crops are crops grown on genetically modified seeds. Generally GM crops are more resistant to pests and are suitable for adverse weather conditions.
Why is there an opposition to GM crops? As far as my knowledge goes, GM crops for cotton is there in India. But there was a laboratory trial for brinjals and the labs showed that the brinjals may be poisonous to humans. Despite support for GM crops by ministers, the public seemed against it. The media played an irrelevant role in this crucial issue.
The poison if at all present, which some magazines said, is very less. Compare it to the pesticides we consume from vegetables and fruits we eat nowadays. And the carcinogenic colours. They are harmful too.
The government has planned food security bill. We need to be self sufficient in food at all times to achieve this. But given our history of irregular rains and poor storage we stand nowhere in the guarantee of food to the below poverty line.
A food item eaten is effective for people in 19 sq km area. Why do I say so? Because a person needs more food, to travel more than this distance.
The government must make plans using the above formula and experiment with GM seeds. I pray for a brave and logical approach to make GM seeds successful.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Grandfather of Self Help - Creating Action

Many claim that self help boosts self confidence, but may not fetch results.
Now these critics have to eat their words. For now here I am revealing one of the biggest secrets. The secret to action. It is such a big revelation that I fear the repercussions that may happen. If it were a matter of a few briefcases of cash, I wouldn't have bothered much. But it is pulling the trigger of a gun. Heavens will shake and hells may break loose. Such is the power of this secret. A secret that has never been told. A secret whose time has come. A secret which needs to be told. To be told without the temptation of earning money.
But I do not want to go to hell. There is fear of punishment. For revealing this secret may change the mind of God himself.  Are you strong enough to take in this knowledge? Are you prepared to accept the challenge of a lifetime? By saying yes to getting to know this secret.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In Step With Windows Phone - All the Time !!

Imagine a game where you have pressed the 'Start' button. The demon is up. He has been up the moment you pressed 'Start' button. The game now will never end. What you want to sleep? The demon may not want to sleep. The moment he wants to sleep, you too can. But otherwise he is always there. He will be always there.
The mobile may be treated the above way. You can have accounting, diary, blogs, calorie counter, rss etc all running up. The moment you fail to enter some information it goes haywire. Maybe you are unable to account for your weight gain, because you never fed in details of chips packet you ate in the calorie app. Or maybe unable to explain the bulge in your purse. Or maybe you feel incomplete because you missed entering some information in diary. Welcome to the modern world !!
There is a beautiful app called Counters in windows 8 phone.  It steps up or steps down by 1 everyday. Also you can step up or step down by 1 manually. Let us say, you plan to stop alcohol by 15th August, 2013. In the counters app you create a counter. You enter "Stop Alcohol" and enter date 15th August, 2013. That's all !! You can pin this counter to your start screen. The Counter in the screen will show "15th Aug 2013 ; 49 ; Stop Alcohol". The next day it will show "15th Aug 2013 ; 48 ; Stop Alcohol". It can be used as also "27th Jun 2013 ; 1 ; Did Jogging". Tomorrow it will be "27th Jun 2013 ; 2 ; Did Jogging".  If you missed then reduce number manually.
The above is a brilliant app of Windows 8.

Friday, May 31, 2013

We Chat with Anyone, Anywhere !

If given an opportunity to imagine and chat with five people, I would rather imagine that the five people are Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Ang Lee.
The issues are space, mathematics, IT and exchange of ideas.
I would want the discussion to be debate like. Therefore it will be only appropriate that two teams are there. The highly educated Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose and Larry Page on one side. And Bill Gates, Ang Lee and I on the other.
Though I would like the discussion to have its own flow, still there is one topic which is important and relevant. It is the relevance of logic in this social sites era.  I am sure this topic will be interesting to most of these gentlemen and the discussion could last for a couple of hours at the least.
It is also interesting to know that there is no need for translator as all these gentlemen speak English. Will the Chat ever happen?
Indiblogger, I am sure will arrange for such a meeting should there be enough enthusiasm from these men. Over to you, Indiblogger. The ball is in your court.
(In response to Indiblogger contest)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Dream Business

This post is in response to the invitation by indiblogger contest on "Your Dream Business" using Microsoft Office 365 products.
Microsoft Office 365 is about OpenXML standards among other things. OpenXML is a standard for including database objects in your word document, excel spreadsheet or in a powerpoint presentation.
A program can be developed with a supported language like C#. This program can embed data from a table into a word document or an excel spreadsheet or a powerpoint presentation.
There is scope for using OpenXML in Indian business scenario. What do small business offices look out for? They mainly want information stored in various formats like access, excel, text to be suitably presented in a powerpoint slide or maybe as a report in word. They also expect such a system be dynamic and change with the change in data. And they also expect that a datum presented be editable to maybe round off figures or maybe change the font size.
OpenXML programming is most suitable for above need and Office 365 supports OpenXML. I have developed a prototype using OpenXML in Visual Studio 2005.
Though it would not be a dream business, I will definitely treat it as an exciting option and a challenging entrepreneurship assignment. And of course a step towards . . . . . Everything At Once.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Cartooning is one of my hobbies. Below is a sample:-
The sheet is normal A4 sheet. Pencil is HB pencil. Background is my black briefcase. The signature on top is mine.
Hope you like it !!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Common Sense

Hello, World. What is common sense?
You are correct as usual Mr. Spock. It is the knowledge of 50-50.
Common Sense, the most uncommon thing in the world, is nothing but the knowing that a thing or an event is 50% favourable and 50% unfavourable. It might be an English thought, but England has laid the foundation in almost all the country of the world.
Which is the midpoint is a matter which is local in perspective. A banana peel which may make a man fall or which may not is as seen by someone. It is at the most a personal observation and personal reference drawn by the person. The mid point here is to fall due to banana peel. To another person the midpoint may be uncleanliness in the city.
Finding a mid-point to a lot of common situations is a challenging exercise. To a Delhi walla stopping a car in the middle of a road is OK. The middlepoint to him in this situation is the scratch on his car and whether to deal with the other guy with his fists or not.
What do you think is the middle point to some of the common situations that happen in our city?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friendly China

Chinese president has proposed five point formula for improving Sino-India relationship. But China is reluctant to solve the border problem with India.
China's perception of border is amazingly beautiful. They "feel" for the people and environment and draw a boundary where the "feel" ends. India has had a boundary problems since independence. Most of the borders have been marked by Britishers. India does not have a feel for boundary like China. Many states adjacent to Pakistan like Gujarat feel Pakistan is acceptable. Some Indians even talk of "Akhand Bharat" which is India and Pakistan together as one country.
I take the China's perception of border very seriously and it is also fearful.
Another thing Chinese president talked about was business relationship. Cooperation in this area is possible. What I envision is, for example, what China makes in steel India need not make sort of cooperation. Also in electricity we can have an international grid from China. This will make the world less polluted as India is mainly coal powered electricity producer.
But these calls for visionary business thinking and what we see today is businessmen like Ruia and all involving in corruption. The business community is shameless and sell their own daughters for money.