Saturday, September 7, 2013

Support GM foods . . . here

GM crops are crops grown on genetically modified seeds. Generally GM crops are more resistant to pests and are suitable for adverse weather conditions.
Why is there an opposition to GM crops? As far as my knowledge goes, GM crops for cotton is there in India. But there was a laboratory trial for brinjals and the labs showed that the brinjals may be poisonous to humans. Despite support for GM crops by ministers, the public seemed against it. The media played an irrelevant role in this crucial issue.
The poison if at all present, which some magazines said, is very less. Compare it to the pesticides we consume from vegetables and fruits we eat nowadays. And the carcinogenic colours. They are harmful too.
The government has planned food security bill. We need to be self sufficient in food at all times to achieve this. But given our history of irregular rains and poor storage we stand nowhere in the guarantee of food to the below poverty line.
A food item eaten is effective for people in 19 sq km area. Why do I say so? Because a person needs more food, to travel more than this distance.
The government must make plans using the above formula and experiment with GM seeds. I pray for a brave and logical approach to make GM seeds successful.


sm said...

its not a food bill its a vote bill
nothing else

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Thanks SM.