Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Future Plans in Bodybuilding

Currently, protein is from Complan, milk powder and pulses. Exercises are at home. This can be augmented with Whey if needs come. And joining a gym.
My favorite bodybuilding statement is "Athleticism is nothing but strength by fat ratio" (
I have given myself a nickname of "PythaShastri". For, I believe in bodybuilding by geometry principles.
I am against caste based reservations. And their continuity in the system is killing me. Have they not progressed?
I will build my body and punch some of them some day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Will it Work?

As I had written in my earlier blogs, my food issue has been reasonably solved (up to 80%) by applying circular eating habits. I am talking w.r.t bodybuilding.
Now, I am managing to solve my exercise regimen. Can you believe this? I am sure (up to 60%) that I will do dumbbells exercises every day. The trick here is the arrow workouts which is easy and inspiring.
I do rapid dumbbells session, which is with hardly any breaks in between. It is tiring and you feel like jogging at higher speed. I think this is an appropriate comparison. Dumbbells session with hardly any breaks is equivalent to running.
With dumbbells session this way, you develop strength also. So calories are burnt not only during exercises but also higher calorie level burning happens throughout the day. Because of stronger muscles.

Will this reduce fat percentage by 7% in one month?
My challenge to myself starts today . . . .