Friday, October 28, 2016

The 12% Law

Rajeev Kumar communicates very good. He wants to communicate in an excellent way.
Rishabh Chaudhury organizes very good. He wants to organize in an excellent way.
Sunil Damodaran manages very good. He wants to manage in an excellent way.
Life is like that. Many very goods get a score of 90% in their activities. But they want to increase their score to 95%. It is not easy to improve further.
What is the solution?
I am providing a solution which may work and make it possible the journey from 90% to 95%.
I call it the 12% hesitancy (whether a dot is a circle or a square inspiration based). The theory is
If you are happy be in a circle and lead your life with 90%. Or make a jump and try to be harmonious with 95%. My point is, that which is 12% difficult is what can give you success in this attempt. Trying a thing too difficult may result in failure.
Rajeev Kumar is 12% hesitant to communicate with enemies. He needs to improve this.
Rishabh Chaudhury is 12% hesitant to organize things with tough financiers. He needs to improve this.
Sunil Damodaran is 12% hesitant in managing women colleagues. He needs to improve this.
So the point is, identify areas which requires 12% pep-up and attack that area. Not more.
This is based on geometry and equality and number theories.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quality of life and exercising

I have realized that to lead a life of quality now and in future, I have to lead a life of exercising and discipline.
The circle theory works well with food control. I have written about it in my earlier blogs. Regular food, uniform food and same food are what are circular. Once you get this theory of circle into eating; your habits of tasty food goes away.
Now exercising. I am finding this tough. My muscles are not good in relaxation and one tough round may cause them to over-react. Motivation may not be enough.
I self massage. I apply rejuvenating oil. Probably my body demands more of relaxation. And less exercising. I guess two massage sessions and one exercising session is what is needed.
So I plan to do 30 minutes of dumbbells in the mornings. In the evenings, I shall do 1 hour of relaxation and massaging with rejuvenating oil. Himalaya body oil or Narayani oil.
Remember, if exercising is your right leg then relaxation is your left leg. And imbibe circular food habits and cut down on taste.
Here is wishing a good health.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Guilt Free Holidays

I promise to empathize and extend support for a need of holidays in a luxury hotel after a heavy toil.
I like comfort. And style. I feel I deserve it, too.
Google bloggers may take a break from work. Go to a comfort hotel. Be in style. And . . . . . read my blogs.