Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Future Plans in Bodybuilding

Currently, protein is from Complan, milk powder and pulses. Exercises are at home. This can be augmented with Whey if needs come. And joining a gym.
My favorite bodybuilding statement is "Athleticism is nothing but strength by fat ratio" (
I have given myself a nickname of "PythaShastri". For, I believe in bodybuilding by geometry principles.
I am against caste based reservations. And their continuity in the system is killing me. Have they not progressed?
I will build my body and punch some of them some day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Will it Work?

As I had written in my earlier blogs, my food issue has been reasonably solved (up to 80%) by applying circular eating habits. I am talking w.r.t bodybuilding.
Now, I am managing to solve my exercise regimen. Can you believe this? I am sure (up to 60%) that I will do dumbbells exercises every day. The trick here is the arrow workouts which is easy and inspiring.
I do rapid dumbbells session, which is with hardly any breaks in between. It is tiring and you feel like jogging at higher speed. I think this is an appropriate comparison. Dumbbells session with hardly any breaks is equivalent to running.
With dumbbells session this way, you develop strength also. So calories are burnt not only during exercises but also higher calorie level burning happens throughout the day. Because of stronger muscles.

Will this reduce fat percentage by 7% in one month?
My challenge to myself starts today . . . .

Friday, October 28, 2016

The 12% Law

Rajeev Kumar communicates very good. He wants to communicate in an excellent way.
Rishabh Chaudhury organizes very good. He wants to organize in an excellent way.
Sunil Damodaran manages very good. He wants to manage in an excellent way.
Life is like that. Many very goods get a score of 90% in their activities. But they want to increase their score to 95%. It is not easy to improve further.
What is the solution?
I am providing a solution which may work and make it possible the journey from 90% to 95%.
I call it the 12% hesitancy (whether a dot is a circle or a square inspiration based). The theory is
If you are happy be in a circle and lead your life with 90%. Or make a jump and try to be harmonious with 95%. My point is, that which is 12% difficult is what can give you success in this attempt. Trying a thing too difficult may result in failure.
Rajeev Kumar is 12% hesitant to communicate with enemies. He needs to improve this.
Rishabh Chaudhury is 12% hesitant to organize things with tough financiers. He needs to improve this.
Sunil Damodaran is 12% hesitant in managing women colleagues. He needs to improve this.
So the point is, identify areas which requires 12% pep-up and attack that area. Not more.
This is based on geometry and equality and number theories.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quality of life and exercising

I have realized that to lead a life of quality now and in future, I have to lead a life of exercising and discipline.
The circle theory works well with food control. I have written about it in my earlier blogs. Regular food, uniform food and same food are what are circular. Once you get this theory of circle into eating; your habits of tasty food goes away.
Now exercising. I am finding this tough. My muscles are not good in relaxation and one tough round may cause them to over-react. Motivation may not be enough.
I self massage. I apply rejuvenating oil. Probably my body demands more of relaxation. And less exercising. I guess two massage sessions and one exercising session is what is needed.
So I plan to do 30 minutes of dumbbells in the mornings. In the evenings, I shall do 1 hour of relaxation and massaging with rejuvenating oil. Himalaya body oil or Narayani oil.
Remember, if exercising is your right leg then relaxation is your left leg. And imbibe circular food habits and cut down on taste.
Here is wishing a good health.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Guilt Free Holidays

I promise to empathize and extend support for a need of holidays in a luxury hotel after a heavy toil.
I like comfort. And style. I feel I deserve it, too.
Google bloggers may take a break from work. Go to a comfort hotel. Be in style. And . . . . . read my blogs. 

Friday, September 30, 2016


If you had ordered,
I would have followed, most obediently.
If you had wished,
I would have tried, with full faith.
If you had desired,
I would have turned, for your desires are my wish.

But you want acceptance,
I did not know that.
But you want freedom,
I did not know that.
But you want sincerity,
I did not know that.

Indo-Pak War

The situation around LOC is grim.
There were attacks from Pakistan in Uri and many of our soldiers lost their lives.
India retaliated and caused considerable damage to the Pakistani forces on the other side of the LOC.
India has a policy of no first attack.
Getting provoked and responding to the provocation is being defensive. Not responding is loosing time. Responding with an attack would be serious.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A write-up on Java technologies

Java is the accepted technology in coal belts and iron belts zones of India. Java, in my opinion is a rival to Microsoft technologies. The above two statements need corroboration from Bangalore IT guys.
What can Java achieve? They can make every PC, desktop a browser. Java technology can also make every server a sort of cloud server. These are logical deduction. Bangalore IT guys.
So, have the people of coal belts and iron belts accepted in some way mobile technology? IT question. Bangalore IT guys.
Do these technologies make our children dumb? Do these technologies reduce the intelligence of our children? Do these technologies reduce the creativity of our children? No, not at all. These technologies possibly direct intelligence in a browser fashion. Attractive pages. See comparison. Bargain. Click to choose. Other answer. Bangalore IT guys!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

IT Security

What is IT Security?
Virus? Only viruses ?
No. Startup Items, cookies, wrong registry entries all fall under IT Security.
When we talk of viruses, we talk about floppies and internet. The general perception is they slow down the system and slows down every other system because they spread. But then what about Trojans? Trojans just wait to know what you are typing. The moment it knows you are typing your bank password, your bank balance becomes zero. The typing and password typing is difficult for any Trojan to distinguish. It might be easy if your user name for a site is your name itself.
If you want my opinion on IT Security policy, the first principle I suggest is acceptance of the fact that everyone spreads viruses. Including you.
The second principle is 360 Total Security. Use this software.
The third principle is buy a non Windows firewall. And disable Windows Firewall. I am not against Windows Firewall, but it is only important if you are the administrator. And why did I say disable Windows Firewall? It is because two firewalls will slow down the system.
So, use 360 total Security software. And if you can afford it, buy GlassWire Firewall suggested by 360 Total Security. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Growing Child

When a child is born, most of his needs are fulfilled by parents. An example of abstract classes. The object(ive) of child is materialized. ASP.NET object. The child is gradually exposed to methods after his exposure to the world. Textbox methods, gridview methods after the exposed ASP.NET methods.
The child develops intelligence from internet, HTML and web. ASP.NET object.
However, .NET object keeps a count of internet usage and times ASP.NET. ASP.NET for finance, ASP.NET for news, ASP.NET for medical science etc. .NET object counting is Generics. An OOPS concept.
The child uses daddy's laptop, password for ASP.NET internet. This is inheritance. An OOPS concept.
Gradually, the child grows up and realizes he needs to get his work done. He uses his hand and gets money. Maybe from daddy. The hand is the interface. An OOPS concept.
The child gives the money to his servant using hand and gets biscuits. The servant is the delegate. An OOPS concept.
The child gives the money to his friend for ice-creams. Vanilla ice cream and Strawberry ice cream. The hand is encapsulated for these two purposes. An OOPS concept.
The child may be mischievous and disobey all these rules of daddy. He overrides daddy's instruction. An OOPS concept.
Meanwhile, the daddy gets older. He begins to introspect. What is he about? He is an object from an abstract class. But is that enough? Has he not been constructed? Is not there a destruction? Does he not have methods? Does he not have exceptions? Does he not collect garbage? His own. Does he not believe in start to finish?
Improvement. I get 7 out of 12 marks.

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's a Rhombus

1. It is the rhombus which gives a Pythagoras sort of equation. It makes a rectangle when the corners are made to meet at the center.
2. Rhombus is obtained by swaying a square on one side. Square is obtained by swaying a rhombus on one side suitably.
3. Because rectangle and square area are based on sides, it can be interpreted that attraction towards center is what causes sides of 90 degrees.
4. A square can be made into a rhombus by pushing or pulling either the bottom or the top side. One of these. Not both.
5. A rhombus can be made into a square by pushing either the bottom or the top side. One of these. Not both. And also only when suitably done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feel Like Doing Exercise Schedule

It is tough to do too many exercises at home or in your room. And also regularly.
So I have rescheduled my exercises plans. I have done them in such a fashion that it is light and easy.
Two days for trunk. One day for limbs. One day for my prayers which is nothing but geometry and self motivation and numbers.
Day 1
Military Press
Dumbbells rows
Day 2
Bench Presses
Dead Lifts
Day 3
Biceps Curls
Day 4
Gayatri Mantra and Sandhyavandanam

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Approaching Soldier Level

I am talking of weights workouts. Maximum reps is the number of reps of a particular exercise that you can do in a set and doing further is not possible. As an example, maximum reps for biceps curls with a 10 kg pair dumbbells is 19 for me. If I do 19 reps of biceps curls 6 times then my level is soldier level. If I do 19 reps of biceps curls 8 times then my level is pro level. And if I do 19 reps of biceps curls 10 times, then my level is beast level.
Currently, I am out of Delhi on work. And I have bought a 10 kg pair dumbbells. And I do exercising with them.
My routine is :-

  1. Push Ups 6 sets of 7 reps each
  2. Bench Presses 6 sets of 17 reps each
  3. Dumbbells flyes 6 sets of 7 reps each
  4. Squats 6 sets of 7 reps each
  5. Heel Raises 6 sets of 29 reps each
  6. Leg lunges 6 sets of 3 reps for each leg
  7. Dead Lifts 6 sets of 11 reps each
  8. Dumbbells rows 6 sets of 11 reps each
  9. Leg cycling lying down 6 sets of 31 reps each
  10. Alternate leg raises lying down 6 sets of 13 reps for each leg
  11. Military Presses 6 reps of 7 reps each
  12. Triceps back lifts 6 reps of 13 reps each
  13. Biceps Curls 6 reps of 11 reps each
  14. Planks till a count of 100
It takes me one hour to do the above. Though I do well below maximum rep level, I do 6 sets. And in a matter of few days I shall increase the reps.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My desires are worth one million dollars

I wanted to make money and tried principles of American self help preachers. But money did not happen to me. I am a mixture of Anil Ambani and Narayanamurthy when it comes to finances. Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs. Also I had big business houses to talk about. But still money did not happen. Because I had weaknesses. Strengths were high. Weaknesses were reasonable. Opportunities came and went. Threats happened. Result I did not become big. I am confident of a hand to mouth living. I will not be shameless.
My desires are worth one million dollars. They are:-
1. A bungalow near a beach with a gym and a soundproof music room.
2. A Mercedes-Benz car.
3. A top class tuition for improving cartoons.
4. A top class tuition for advanced calculus.
5. A top class coaching for increasing running speed to 10 kmph. Half the Olympic speed.
But then I think about my family and kids and forget these desires. Reality pushes the dreams out of me. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Mind of Doubts

Get the concepts clear, in the first place.

  1. Square roots best represents the number line. Because the line cannot have thickness. In other words squares are not possible in the number line.
  2. Frankly, only a growth from 1 to 2 is what matters. I feel root 2, root 3 and root 4 (2) is the real growth from 1 to 2.
  3. Once 2 is formed, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc. with many many numbers contained within them happens.
  4. What changes from 2 to 4 is the spin and usage of hands or machines or any other such device which can make this happen.
  5. Lot many numbers are behind this. Irrational numbers, real numbers, rational numbers, natural squares and prime numbers to name a few.
I had doubts on why be irrational. This doubt is the first figure drawn by me on Windows Paint.

The second figure is the answer. I have got this picture from internet and have used it here.

This finishes off my theoretical doubts. Practicality is however different. 

Mathematicians say e is real. This is shocking to me as all men are not same in India.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Entropy Issues

According to the laws of heat, entropy cannot be reversed. A cup falling down on the floor and getting broken cannot be in any way join together and rise to the starting position.
Usage of energy is an entropy issue.
However God or Devil or union of them may reverse entropy. It is subject to a person's belief. To me fear prevents entropy. Fear of violence.
In India there are motorcycle, car companies, appliances companies who are responsible for energy usages. Many of them own up responsibility by also supplying energy variants devices. Gas variants, turbo chargers etc.
Fear usually stops entropy. Love may increase it. Because a man may then use energy intensive methods to impress a girl.
Another factor involved with heat engines are the coolants. Coolants are absolutely essential for a heat device. Air, water and chemicals are the most usual coolants.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bodybuilding Food Manners Internalised

I knew the importance of food in bodybuilding. But I was hungry for most of the time. I needed discipline.
Then I applied my circle theory into food eating and made my eating very regular. Both in timings and the type of food. For the last many months I have been following this strategy. But my body needed carbs to feel energetic and active. I just could not come out of this high carbs eating. Though I was circular in eating habits.
Last week I decided to work on this issue. I reduced my carbs to one third. My regular daily eating pattern is like this:-
1. Whey protein  - 2 scoops.    After weights.
2. Two toasts + 2 eggs. Breakfast.
3. Sprouts+ Veggies. Lunch
4. One bowl of curd rice. Dinner
5. Whey protein- 2 scoops. Before sleep.
This is working out fine for me. I do not feel less energetic.
Exercises are 4 sets of complete dumbbells/barbells routine in 30 minutes. The exercises are :-
1. Chest Press
2. Squats
3. Heel Raises
4. Deadlifts
5. Barbell rows
6. Barbell abs rollover
7. Military Press
8. Biceps curls
9. Triceps back curls
Also, I do barbells clean and jerk 11 times in the end. This builds strength.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Weight Exercises and Weights

The first picture is that of my 12.5 kg dumbbells which I have kept inside my house. I shall be doing complete dumbbells workout four times in 30 minutes using them.
The second picture is that of whey protein and proteinex drink powders. I have them once a day.
The third picture is that of my foam roller using which I shall massage and soothe muscles.
The fourth picture is that of my bullworker which was with me for the last 30 years. It is a great equipment for strengthening muscles. It will take only 10 minutes to do a complete exercise for all muscles.
( Some people ask whether bullworker be combined with weights. I searched the internet and the answer is between sets if at all a combination is felt like doing).
The fifth picture is that of my barbells with 7.5 kg pair and 10 kg pair dumbbells which I have kept in the terrace.. On some days I will do exercises in the terrace with these. I plan to do only clean and jerk with barbells. With 10 kg pair, four sets of complete dumbbells workout completed in 30 minutes.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Need for a desktop computer

Pi is a brilliant constant.
I was able to deduce it to be approximately be equal to 22/7.
I had Euler's formula and using Taylor series can deduce its value to about 350 places.
Now, how to go beyond this?
I have a hunch that √2 and √3 which are both transcendental can help me to determine value of Pi to higher levels of accuracy.
I need a desktop and software for this. Also proper channels for effective communication.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exercise Schedule Planned

I have bought a 5 feet barbell bar and two 7.5 kg weights. This cost me Rs.900. I bought them yesterday from a local sports shop. I have kept them in the car. The lift was not working yesterday and so I could not take them to my third floor apartment.
Barbell has its own properties. Both the hands move simultaneously, bringing in disciplined movements.
The exercises planned are :-

  1. Chest Press
  2. Squats
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Chin level lifts
  5. Barbell Rows
  6. Military Press
  7. Biceps curls
  8. Triceps Back curls
  1. Chest Press
  2. Squats
  3. Dead Lifts
  4. Left hand dumbbell rows
  5. Right hand dumbbell rows
  6. Military Press
  7. Biceps Curls
  8. Triceps Back Lifts
  1. Two sets of leg cycling 
  2. Two sets of leg raises
Whey Protein. Regular food.
Jogging on a few days shall be included depending on mood, timings and other issues.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The 10 % paper

A paper is a colored flat and thin object which serves as a media and a background for communication in the form of writing. The language may be important as certain languages have properties which are more suitable in certain occasions. Even drawings might be suitable because a situation may demand it.
A paper folded is more of a cloth but has stiffness.
But both writing and folding a paper is due to an empty mind except in the case of authoritative instructions. In this case it is a liberty to write within limits prescribed by the perception of the individual concerned.
A paper folded and shaped remains the same paper because no color has been added to it. Interesting interpretations can be drawn from these folded and shaped paper and this should be rightfully called a lesson. If constant e is defined due to folding then it means stiffness is the e.
Drawings in paper is for the eye to understand. Written material is however different. Though color has been added in both the cases of drawing and writing to the paper; writing is more sinful as more sense organs are used.
So, therefore 10% paper is used in the case of folding and drawing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My five favorite internet/mobile ideas

Internet/ Mobile has brought out great ideas. I am listing here five of my favorite ideas from this area:-
1) Siri. We have been waiting for an artificial intelligence system for a long long time. Since 1990s at least. Then Apple brought out an artificial intelligent system Siri in their mobile.
2) Crossword Maestro software. This software is brilliant for solving crosswords and even learning how to solve one. This software has used artificial intelligence very well, it seemed.
3) Microsoft Web Pages. Microsoft web pages are very well designed. One can learn a lot on where to place menu, what should be the border, how much etc.
4) Google Search String. Google has worked a lot on as you type string help.
5) Username/Password storage. Unsecured sites take a lot of help from this storage and a user needs to type less.
What are yours?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Current Schedule of Workouts

It is tough to find inspiration these days. So exercising for longer time is difficult. So I have cut my exercising regimen.
I do Chest and Legs on Day 1. Back and Abs on Day 2. Arms and Shoulders on Day 3.
This way my number of exercises in a day reduces to a maximum of 5 or 6. I use dumbbells.
The bodybuilding masters do exercises these way. They divide the muscles group for exercising in three or four groups and do exercises for one group in a day. If you look at the schedule of great bodybuilders, you will understand what I mean.
But I will do complete dumbbells routine in a day once I get my enthusiasm back. Till then, I will do some experimentation to keep myself exercised.