Sunday, April 10, 2016

My desires are worth one million dollars

I wanted to make money and tried principles of American self help preachers. But money did not happen to me. I am a mixture of Anil Ambani and Narayanamurthy when it comes to finances. Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs. Also I had big business houses to talk about. But still money did not happen. Because I had weaknesses. Strengths were high. Weaknesses were reasonable. Opportunities came and went. Threats happened. Result I did not become big. I am confident of a hand to mouth living. I will not be shameless.
My desires are worth one million dollars. They are:-
1. A bungalow near a beach with a gym and a soundproof music room.
2. A Mercedes-Benz car.
3. A top class tuition for improving cartoons.
4. A top class tuition for advanced calculus.
5. A top class coaching for increasing running speed to 10 kmph. Half the Olympic speed.
But then I think about my family and kids and forget these desires. Reality pushes the dreams out of me. 

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