Monday, June 29, 2015

The Meaning - A Short Story

Raju was alone in the house with his grandpa. His parents were away to visit an important relative of theirs. The mother had instructed Raju to do the maths homework completely in the three hours that will take for the parents to come back. The grandpa was keeping an eye on Raju for mischief and was guiding Raju to concentrate on his homework.
After a while, Raju asked his grandpa, "Can I go to the toilet for number one?"
His grandpa muttered, "Why say number one? Just say I want to go to the toilet. And come back soon and finish your work. Your mother will be angry otherwise."
Raju behaved very well and completed his maths homework, when the newspaper vendor came and rang the bell.
Raju opened the door and took the bill and announcing loudly, "Four hundred twenty rupees for magazines !", he gave the bill to his grandpa.
Raju then asked his grandpa to pay the money to the newspaper vendor. His grandpa refused loudly and told Raju to give the bill to his father.
Raju could not understand. He asked his grandpa, "You have a lot of money. Why don't you pay?".
Grandpa replied," I shall pay this time. But ask the newspaper vendor to change the name in the bill to my name."
Raju did as asked by his grandpa. He got the name changed and made the payment to the newspaper vendor.
The parents came back from their visit back home. On hearing that Raju had finished his homework, the mother gave Raju a big hug.
There were smiles and happiness everywhere . . .


Monday, June 15, 2015

Software Standards and Software Technology

What is the difference between OpenXML and Interop?
OpenXML is a software standard. While Interop is a software technology. But both of them can work with Word and make programming a Word document.
I have seen many organizations comfortable with software technology. Like packages of Oracle etc. They are not comfortable with software standards like OOPS built on industry accepted technologies.
A language is a language. There is nothing beyond it. A package is a hidden pack of lies and substandard intelligence which is best kept hidden. Many times you do not realize why a package does not work and you may have to look at a manual kept in a library. Many times the librarian keeps the book hidden to give it to his favorite customer. Your dream of completing the software program gets broken, then.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jogging with Whey

My exercise regimen is now jogging in the mornings. I have also calculated that if I reduce weight by 10%, I will cross the 10kmph speed running for a considerable time. It is simple Physics.
But tell me, is our body simple physics?
No it is not, everyone will say.
Now, everyday jogging takes a toll on your body. Muscles get fatigued. They may get torn. And needs repairing. Means protein consumption.
Also with a target of fat reduction, you do realize that blood vessels paths will be altered. This requires a lot of body engineering. Again more protein consumption.
Therefore it is essential to have whey drinks. Luckily, I have some stock left from my earlier bodybuilding session.
I have opened a new page in exercising chapter with Jogging and Whey. Also I am showing control in my diet. With these three in place and constancy and determination in approach I hope to be a 10kmph ( double digit) base speed runner. (Base speed means that I can always get into 10kmph speed if I feel fatigued at 12 kmph speed).
Jogging also clears my thinking.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Different Towns

I very recently was on a vacation to USA. I travelled in their highways and happened to look at their houses in their countryside. Most of the houses had at least one floor over the ground floor. To me this implied the use of steel and cement in their buildings.
In India, in towns, we normally have only ground floor buildings. We never used steel in our buildings.
Steel makes the difference. Between heights of buildings. Between money and poverty.
I heard that Empire State building is in fact a very old building. So, USA knew the importance of steel in civil work and they had brilliant engineers too.
There are people who say "Why should not we change our buildings, now? Why not make taller buildings at town level?"
The answer is what Dr.M.S.Swaminathan said about improving agriculture. He said that it is tough to change the age old mindset of Indian people.
So, age old mindset and Tazurba(experience) and Riyasat(tradition) of buddas(old men) prevent any fruitful change in civil structures at rural and town levels.
At the same time, it is tough for young to implement their ideas and dreams. For, to implement a plan a young at heart needs Haan(Yes) from many places. And for the failure to implement a plan usually requires one Naa(No).

Thursday, June 4, 2015

IQ Level

First of all, I believe IQ tests definitely tests your intelligence. Otherwise, why should it get publicity?
I have undertaken IQ test. My IQ score came to be 90 or something.
I took a look at the IQ levels of geniuses. 180 and above list. Kasparov is one of them with 190 score. Hawking has 180 score. Einstein and Da Vinci are also there in the list. Then there is a lady too in the present day list with 190. The highest ranking was 230.
Have you ever taken the IQ test?