Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jogging with Whey

My exercise regimen is now jogging in the mornings. I have also calculated that if I reduce weight by 10%, I will cross the 10kmph speed running for a considerable time. It is simple Physics.
But tell me, is our body simple physics?
No it is not, everyone will say.
Now, everyday jogging takes a toll on your body. Muscles get fatigued. They may get torn. And needs repairing. Means protein consumption.
Also with a target of fat reduction, you do realize that blood vessels paths will be altered. This requires a lot of body engineering. Again more protein consumption.
Therefore it is essential to have whey drinks. Luckily, I have some stock left from my earlier bodybuilding session.
I have opened a new page in exercising chapter with Jogging and Whey. Also I am showing control in my diet. With these three in place and constancy and determination in approach I hope to be a 10kmph ( double digit) base speed runner. (Base speed means that I can always get into 10kmph speed if I feel fatigued at 12 kmph speed).
Jogging also clears my thinking.

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