Friday, August 17, 2012


Kuch tumhari majboori rahi hogi
Kuch hamari kamzori.
Tumhare iraade ka mujhko pata nahin.
Hamara maqsad ekta-e-hind thi.

There is only a little that can be achieved by blogging your thoughts. You may have followers. You may be able to influence people. Hoping that mine can influence people, I will want my readers to be united for a strong India.
But my blogs have more or less become an open diary of thoughts. With most of the comments being mine.
India is 65 years old. The world over people are becoming smarter, stronger and more and more competitive. We should not be left behind. We need to be united in purpose and play the game by the rules of the game.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unforgettable moment? Or compensation?

Events add up in memory. And reach till a boiling point. Like number addition.
The latest grid failure is an unforgettable moment. All the people have to be suitably compensated with money. But in India there is no compensation. They make it an unforgettable event.
People boil with rage due to power breaks and sometimes pick stones for pelting on government employees and buildings. The politicians say when electricity comes back everything will become thanda.
Buddhadeb has said that even the President has admitted that development does not trickle down from up. Maybe true. But what trickles down from up is playing politics.