Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Engineered Body

During my school days I would play cricket, badminton and volleyball.  I was a fast bowler then a leg spinner and then an off spinner in cricket. We had a team of 6-7 boys and we were beaten by other teams in our area. Normally we used to play for ball as a bet. Both the teams will put money to buy a ball and the winning team would take the ball. I also played badminton and I realized there were many guys better than me. During my senior secondary school life(16 to 18 years), we played volleyball. Volleyball games were enjoyable as there was more team involvement.
Later after getting a job, I learnt yoga from international famed Sivananda-Vishnu Devananda Yoga Centre. More recently I learnt "The Art of Living" from Sri Sri Ravishankar disciples.
Now I am into gym. I was into jogging for about 3 years. Though jogging helped me in getting some stamina, the results were not phenomenal.
I like being mentally prepared before everyday gym workouts. I applied my knowledge to gym workouts to help me do better.
Hydraulics are more suitable to explain weight workouts. I realized that muscles are always used just as the hydraulic mechanism is always on. But I think slow twitch fibers in muscles are used in this phase. But like in hydraulics where direction has to be given to hydraulic oil for lifting and bull dozing activities; in our body we need to concentrate and use the correct muscles for weight training. During this phase fast twitch muscle fibers are also used(apart from slow twitch muscle fibers).
Electricals explain cardio activities better. There is a need for residual magnetism for motor to work. In a body there has to be a little glycogen stored to begin cardio. If the components in motor are better in magnetic properties then the motor performs better. In a body if the blood (magnet) mechanism is better then it will do cardio better. Better blood mechanism will mean
1) Clean blood devoid of toxins.
2) Unclogged arteries and veins.
3) Stronger heart.
4) Efficient lungs to clean blood better.
The motor coupled to mechanics will work best when alignment is good. Similarly in a body the legs have to be suitably used to get better results. However wrong alignment, does not mean an inefficient motor. Only the results will not be good to see or brag about.
Improvements are difficult to come by in gym. And one needs to improve every day to get best results. Usually I improve on mental perception and mental motivation. Body improvements are possible if we improve on some of the points written above. And these have to guided by the body heat laws . . .