Friday, December 25, 2015

The Ideal Weight to Lift

If I were asked this question, I will say the weight in kilograms which can be lifted 11 (eleven) times for an exercise. I am talking of bodybuilding, of course.
For me, 10 kilogram pair dumbbells for military press is the ideal weight to lift. I can do just 11 reps of military press with 10 kilogram dumbbells. I can do about 43 bench presses with 10kg pair dumbbells. Maybe 17.5 kilogram pair is the ideal weight for bench presses. Because then I can manage just 11.
So this is the reason why young boys insist on joining gym. They have 10 kilogram pair , 17.5 kilogram pair and more. Also other equipments.
Now, why 11?
My reasoning is prime numbers in decreasing order four times. Why decreasing? 'cause I believe that decreasing primes keeps pain constant. Why four? 'cause four is two squared ( meaning two from any side) and two is biggest enemy of prime numbers.
Even numbers. Why 11? 'cause 11 will lead to 11, 7, 5 and 3. Keep the pain low and constant.
To me, a 10 kilogram pairs of dumbbells is ideal for military press as I can do 11, 7, 5 and 3. With bench press I do 23, 19, 17 and 13. Not from 43 'cause it is more difficult to do 43, 37, 31 and 29.
I now have clarity in sets and reps. But I do not know whether I should do quick and complete dumbbells workout repeated 2 or more times. Or whether strength for 4 sets in decreasing primes starting suitably from a number appropriate to the muscles exercised.
Do you have similar confusion? Please write about it.
Yet another important theory is clear now !!
What is it?
When one can do many many reps like 43 in bench press etc., then the next rep will be half. 22 or 21.
How about this?
This is a practical realisation!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bangalore IT guys ?

  1. While JSON is for data between two closer systems, XML is for data between any two systems.
  2. Blog comments can be used as a feed for news in a blog.
  3. Labeling of blog comments by blog authors should be made available. This will give an additional dimension to point number 2. (We do have approval of comments by blog authors. So why not labeling?)
  4. If we get horizontal (recursive) XML license, then vertical XML should not be a problem.
  5. In the development of software thinking techniques of for loops thinking and start to finish thinking; in start to finish thinking all the data or all the objects needed should be thought out first. Are we in sync here? Kindly refer to Start to finish software thinking and For Loops thinking.
  6. Another software thinking needed would be "to contract or to expand" logic ability or "exit" thinking or exception thinking.
  7. Microsoft technology is Blend with xaml,.NET, Web services layers. Is it not?
Merry X-Mas to you guys.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Get rid of faith

Faith can move mountains. What a great lie!! Great men still advise to keep having faith. They say your problems are molehill and not mountains. I say if faith cannot move a molehill I refuse to believe that it can move mountains.
Then, what is it that works?
I am coming to that. But before that there are two relativity principles that I will like to state.
1) Light is attracted to gravity
2) A stationary observer outside a train would see a ball thrown in air inside a train following the same trajectory irrespective of the sudden acceleration of the train. To the man inside, the ball suddenly comes back or moves ahead.
Most of the problems you face are described in the above two points. You are automatically drawn into the gravity of a problem. And you cannot believe that people outside could be so thick skinned and not understand you. Result, you loose faith.
Have no fear. God helps those who help themselves. Alas, there are people who only take help from others. I believe in giving help fully.
The above is a philosophy from science. There are many greats in science. Some excel in explaining better. Some excel in applying science better. Yet there are those who put mathematics to science. These are the people whom I admire the most. Who put mathematics to science.
Take a look at the problems you face. Get a true picture. And lead a good life. And I beg you to do so.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gadgets Galore

Earlier, I had a Windows XP machine of HCL brand. In those days, there were only simple cellphones. It was 1G or 2G at the most and SMS and calls were possible and WAP standard browsing. Motorola had a browser called Dolphin to serve WAP pages. I had a Motorola cellphone and an HCL PC.
Things started moving fast. 3G services came up and with it Smartphones. These phones were able to work with HTTP and most of them had built Apps. As HTTP had facebook support, these Smartphones were able to build Facebook App. Thus entered the social structure in mobile. A static social man became a mobile social man. I had a Samsung Monte in those days. All the Apps were inbuilt in it and a few more at the most could be downloaded from the Samsung social site.
Later the Google social site came up. Google being most popular, its social reach was phenomenal. Facebook had social restrictions but Google had no such well understood restrictions. The Smartphones became smarter and smart enough to get an Artificial Intelligent system. I had Windows phones Nokia Lumia 720 and 1520 during these times. I had concern for security and decided emphatically to have the best possible security. And that of Windows.
Even today, the Lumia 1520 is my favorite gadget. It seems easy for me. Though for gaming and teaching kids I have a Google tab and a Samsung tab.; I do not use these as seamlessly as a Nokia.
These are the gadgets I have. And a Dell PC. Then there is a Kindle reader and a new Acer Windows 10 tablet. About the connections, I presently have only one. Airtel 4G. Then, home WiFi.
And there is a remote keyboard and other blue tooth gadgets like Bose headphones. And other USB devices.
A secured gadgets galore. Driven by passion. A responsible corporate citizen trying to do the best in these trying times.