Monday, December 7, 2015

Gadgets Galore

Earlier, I had a Windows XP machine of HCL brand. In those days, there were only simple cellphones. It was 1G or 2G at the most and SMS and calls were possible and WAP standard browsing. Motorola had a browser called Dolphin to serve WAP pages. I had a Motorola cellphone and an HCL PC.
Things started moving fast. 3G services came up and with it Smartphones. These phones were able to work with HTTP and most of them had built Apps. As HTTP had facebook support, these Smartphones were able to build Facebook App. Thus entered the social structure in mobile. A static social man became a mobile social man. I had a Samsung Monte in those days. All the Apps were inbuilt in it and a few more at the most could be downloaded from the Samsung social site.
Later the Google social site came up. Google being most popular, its social reach was phenomenal. Facebook had social restrictions but Google had no such well understood restrictions. The Smartphones became smarter and smart enough to get an Artificial Intelligent system. I had Windows phones Nokia Lumia 720 and 1520 during these times. I had concern for security and decided emphatically to have the best possible security. And that of Windows.
Even today, the Lumia 1520 is my favorite gadget. It seems easy for me. Though for gaming and teaching kids I have a Google tab and a Samsung tab.; I do not use these as seamlessly as a Nokia.
These are the gadgets I have. And a Dell PC. Then there is a Kindle reader and a new Acer Windows 10 tablet. About the connections, I presently have only one. Airtel 4G. Then, home WiFi.
And there is a remote keyboard and other blue tooth gadgets like Bose headphones. And other USB devices.
A secured gadgets galore. Driven by passion. A responsible corporate citizen trying to do the best in these trying times.

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