Monday, July 11, 2016

A Growing Child

When a child is born, most of his needs are fulfilled by parents. An example of abstract classes. The object(ive) of child is materialized. ASP.NET object. The child is gradually exposed to methods after his exposure to the world. Textbox methods, gridview methods after the exposed ASP.NET methods.
The child develops intelligence from internet, HTML and web. ASP.NET object.
However, .NET object keeps a count of internet usage and times ASP.NET. ASP.NET for finance, ASP.NET for news, ASP.NET for medical science etc. .NET object counting is Generics. An OOPS concept.
The child uses daddy's laptop, password for ASP.NET internet. This is inheritance. An OOPS concept.
Gradually, the child grows up and realizes he needs to get his work done. He uses his hand and gets money. Maybe from daddy. The hand is the interface. An OOPS concept.
The child gives the money to his servant using hand and gets biscuits. The servant is the delegate. An OOPS concept.
The child gives the money to his friend for ice-creams. Vanilla ice cream and Strawberry ice cream. The hand is encapsulated for these two purposes. An OOPS concept.
The child may be mischievous and disobey all these rules of daddy. He overrides daddy's instruction. An OOPS concept.
Meanwhile, the daddy gets older. He begins to introspect. What is he about? He is an object from an abstract class. But is that enough? Has he not been constructed? Is not there a destruction? Does he not have methods? Does he not have exceptions? Does he not collect garbage? His own. Does he not believe in start to finish?
Improvement. I get 7 out of 12 marks.

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's a Rhombus

1. It is the rhombus which gives a Pythagoras sort of equation. It makes a rectangle when the corners are made to meet at the center.
2. Rhombus is obtained by swaying a square on one side. Square is obtained by swaying a rhombus on one side suitably.
3. Because rectangle and square area are based on sides, it can be interpreted that attraction towards center is what causes sides of 90 degrees.
4. A square can be made into a rhombus by pushing or pulling either the bottom or the top side. One of these. Not both.
5. A rhombus can be made into a square by pushing either the bottom or the top side. One of these. Not both. And also only when suitably done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feel Like Doing Exercise Schedule

It is tough to do too many exercises at home or in your room. And also regularly.
So I have rescheduled my exercises plans. I have done them in such a fashion that it is light and easy.
Two days for trunk. One day for limbs. One day for my prayers which is nothing but geometry and self motivation and numbers.
Day 1
Military Press
Dumbbells rows
Day 2
Bench Presses
Dead Lifts
Day 3
Biceps Curls
Day 4
Gayatri Mantra and Sandhyavandanam