Monday, October 19, 2015

Vegan and Proteins

Does vegans have problems with proteins?
Yes. They are disadvantaged when it comes to need for proteins for increasing size and bulk of muscle tissue. However my feeling is maintaining the same muscle size should not be a problem.
Is this a learned knowledge or a realized knowledge?
Realized by my body and me.
But vegans can consume 5 to 6 or more servings of whey and get protein needs. Can't they?
Yes. But whey is an animal products. So is eggs and fish. Some vegans consume eggs, fish etc. But they are not truly vegans. Moreover morality comes into play when we talk of whey. Because it is a milk products.
What morality?
Everyone consume 2-4 cups of tea. And curd. And paneer possibly. So this is the morality level. Two scoops of whey.
Will it not affect bodybuilding? With lesser proteins of 1 gm per kilogram instead of 1 gm per pound?
No. Athletics bodybuilding is possible.
How do you say?
What results?
I have improved on timing and duration of jogging. That's why.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Humble Knowledge

Bodybuilding is an ocean of knowledge.
I must begin by saying that I am not clear in Abs knowledge. Possibly a person's deep interest. Maybe laziness.
Basic Bodybuilding Exercises
Bench Press
A vertical forearm and a horizontal biceps and triceps felt as resultant in the chest muscles. It is a good inspiration for muscle geometry exercisers.
Willingness to work. To take pain. And a pleasure to do so. It is a good inspiration for workaholic exercisers.
Dead Lifts
The first step of a standing man. It is good for boosting interest in exercising.
Military Press
Proudly lifting a trophy won. It is hypocrisy. And I find it laughable. It is good for proud exercisers.
Basic Free body Exercises
Already explained. I like doing it. Possibly slavery and hard work. A pain to work. And a pleasure that you will get food. Simple animal instincts.
Push - ups
Not just your legs but your upper body together can make you walk.
Pull - ups
Not able to do it. Overweight possibly. Weak shoulders. Philosophy is Not just your legs but your upper body together can make you jump.
Improving strength in bodybuilding
Slow animation technique. Just like cartoon hands drawn in sequence lift step by step slowly.
Improving running
Improve breathing by Pranayama done vigorously. Do squats to improve leg strength.
Nobel Prize Level Bodybuilding Knowledge
Decreasing Primes number of reps in sets keeps the pain constant. As an example, if you manage to do 13 reps with 12.5 kg dumbbells. Then the second rep should be 11 reps. The third 7 reps. The fourth 5 reps.
Corollary to above will be Increasing Primes number of reps in sets keeps the gain constant. Do 5 reps. Then 7 reps. Then 11 reps. Then 13.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Navratri Celebrations

This is the festive season in India. This season is the Navratri season. It is celebrated for 10 days. These 10 days symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
In Bengal and east India this season is called as Durga Pooja. Goddess Durga fights the evil Mahishasura and kills him. In the western India and Gujarat there is Garbha dance. It symbolizes Shakti of women. In northern India and UP Dussehra is celebrated. The war between Rama and Ravana. In southern India Golu is celebrated. Steps of Golu with toys of Gods and Goddesses are kept and pooja is done.
The pictures of our Golu is hereby posted:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What next ?

Software, Exercises, Cartooning and Music. What else?
Electric Guitar? So that shastriya music and chords both can be played ( Old mindsets die hard ). No.
Get a driller, vinegar, alcohol, Colin and polishes for home enhancement? Maybe yes.
How about learning accounting? It is good to think about. But no.
Teaching kids? For heaven's sake, no.
How about 1 hour in grooming yourself? Trimming, creams, flossing, pedicure? Not really.
Reading World History? I have done that. Can redo it. Sort of brushing up for more accuracy. Yes.
Calligraphy? No.
Handwriting analysis? No. No.
Stitching, knitting sweaters, socks? Are you kidding?
Perfecting ironing of clothes? Yes. But not everyday. Because of employment.
Pickles, jams, squashes ? Oh come on.
Cooking? Hmm . . . No.
Meditation, pranayama? No.
More weights sessions? No.
More jogging sessions ? Maybe. But no overdoing.
Judo, Karate ? Not in this age.
Puzzles, crosswords, Rubik cube ? Rubik cube from You tube should be good.
Books? I need to develop different sections at convenient time habit.
Restaurants, malls? I am going out with family. No increase in frequency needed.
Prayers? Yes. Need to make it a habit.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Hopes on improvement in drawing skills

What are the areas of drawing do I wish to develop and the scope in doing better than now ?
  1. Cartooning. The scope of improvement is medium to high.
  2. Caricatures. The scope is medium.
  3. Rapid Sketching. The scope is less.
How do I plan to improve in the above areas of drawing ?
  1. Cartooning. Do different angles cartooning of humans and I like doing this.
  2. Caricatures. Practice on shapes and sizes and positioning of facial organs and I need to do this as this is a skill worth doing. It is important so I like it.
  3. Rapid sketching. The world is a place of contrasts and shapes and styles and sketching it in 15 minutes would be excellent. But do I care?
Why do you think that only these three are important?
  • Basically drawing humans is what I like. But then background is also important. Which calls for rapid sketching of scenes. Also humans have emotions which needs to be drawn. Which to my mind is caricaturing. Hence these three are what are important.
Do I think I can improve dramatically?
  • I may not. But as Shri Krishna said, one can only focus on working with interest without caring for results.
  • My problems are the fingers of hands when looked directly above the fingertips. This needs mastering.
  • Parallels, repetitions, sizing and positioning and their improvement may help in sketching scenes.
  • Understanding contrasts may also help in sketching better. I saw an optical illusion photo where our eyes can be duped so easily with contrasts. I have learnt a lesson here.
So, these are my plans in one of my hobbies and developing this hobby of cartooning. You may wish to know that software, bodybuilding and music are the other things I like. And I normally work very hard.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bodybuilding Knowledge

Can all barbell exercises be done with dumbbells?
Almost all of the exercises can be done. The rolling abs barbell exercise cannot be done with dumbbells if dumbbells are not round.

What is the single most important ingredient for success in weights workouts?
The feel for exceeding just a little.

What is the single most important consideration in cardio activities?
Having no weaknesses in legs and lungs and metabolism. A cardio activity is successful till your weakest of the three namely legs or lungs or metabolism can withstand.

So, will removing weaknesses and strengthening legs, lungs and metabolism individually help?
It will help till a lot of extent. But ultimately coordination is also important.

Anything else?
Here's what :