Friday, October 2, 2015

Hopes on improvement in drawing skills

What are the areas of drawing do I wish to develop and the scope in doing better than now ?
  1. Cartooning. The scope of improvement is medium to high.
  2. Caricatures. The scope is medium.
  3. Rapid Sketching. The scope is less.
How do I plan to improve in the above areas of drawing ?
  1. Cartooning. Do different angles cartooning of humans and I like doing this.
  2. Caricatures. Practice on shapes and sizes and positioning of facial organs and I need to do this as this is a skill worth doing. It is important so I like it.
  3. Rapid sketching. The world is a place of contrasts and shapes and styles and sketching it in 15 minutes would be excellent. But do I care?
Why do you think that only these three are important?
  • Basically drawing humans is what I like. But then background is also important. Which calls for rapid sketching of scenes. Also humans have emotions which needs to be drawn. Which to my mind is caricaturing. Hence these three are what are important.
Do I think I can improve dramatically?
  • I may not. But as Shri Krishna said, one can only focus on working with interest without caring for results.
  • My problems are the fingers of hands when looked directly above the fingertips. This needs mastering.
  • Parallels, repetitions, sizing and positioning and their improvement may help in sketching scenes.
  • Understanding contrasts may also help in sketching better. I saw an optical illusion photo where our eyes can be duped so easily with contrasts. I have learnt a lesson here.
So, these are my plans in one of my hobbies and developing this hobby of cartooning. You may wish to know that software, bodybuilding and music are the other things I like. And I normally work very hard.


Destination Infinity said...

Wishing you all the best to improve your drawings soon. Nothing is impossible with practice and determination :)

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Thanks for your motivation, Destination Infinity.