Saturday, November 21, 2015

The only way to loose fat

This is just a check on your memory of how much you are able to recall from my blogs. Especially on bodybuilding.
Yes, I claim "Complete and Quick Dumbbells Routine" repeated in quick succession four times for 8 reps to be the only way to loose fat.
Why be confused whether cardio or weights is important for fat loss? Do both at the same time.
It is tough. But it gets you ripped in minimum time. And you have the word of a master for it.
Would not running with dumbbells a better idea? No it is not. As only arms can be worked out. But not chest or back

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An elemental heart

It is a common belief that man is made of five elements, namely fire, earth, water, air and sky.
Fire is a great addition element. It knows what cooperate and what not instantly.
Earth is infinity. Yes earth is what is infinity. Not space. So earth is abundance.
Water is focus. It is because it is neutral. If you are convinced that your enemies and friends are equally correct it means you're focused.
Air is highly incremental. It may turn into a wind and then into a storm and then into tornadoes as per the conditions. It teaches action with full attention.
Space is finite. As per our view because we are limited. It teaches division of a problem into manageable chunks.
We must learn to see and observe our feelings in the heart. What garb is the heart wearing? Fire, earth, water, air or sky.
If possible then we must guide the heart to a much better garb than the one that it is currently wearing.
It is not a bad idea to make an heart diary. And observe heart feelings and the guidance needed for a specific situation.
Good Luck !!!