Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures Enough?

Yes, it is enough to store numbers and data.
The reason is the mathematical constant e, which is the accepted method of dealing with numbers. e also has a logic to it and follows the binary tree structure(similar to master-detail). There need not be one e, the start-up. But many.  Another e starting up later is a practical reality. This gives me the confidence to say that "Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures is enough" for dealing with numbers and data.
But does it explain the real world scenario. It does not. OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) is better here. OOPS has been accepted as the best paradigm for software development. And therefore a OOPS system with Master-Detail screens and back procedures is ideal.
What I am recommending here is the package "Visual Studio Lightswitch" for company packages. It is OOPS. It has master-detail. You may have database triggers for procedures.
It is essential to have standardised packages for development of software. And I am taking the risk in educating people about its usefulness.
I wish every system follow this system and take software development to great heights.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Latest Hardware Additions

I bought Soleus health band. It has features like time, date, step monitor, calorie monitor, sleep monitor, exercise monitor and phone call details syncing.
I thought it will go well with Google Nexus tab. Windows phone do not support Soleus. But Google Nexus tab does not work with Soleus Go app. And this app is needed for my Soleus Go Activity Tracker. Also Samsung 10.1 did not work for Soleus Go app.
So what did I do? Got for myself a Moto-X. That is what you see in the picture above. I was a customer of Motorola earlier during 1G stages or 2G stages. So Motorola was an obvious choice. And Moto-X because of useful Google Now integration.
The Soleus app and the Soleus Go Activity Tracker finally managed to be synced. (Without app, activity trackers are not useful. It is difficult to read from the small panel and requires many button pushes.) . So how is it? Great !! The steps are beautifully graphed and detailed. The exercise section too. The weight session is marked with jerky bars in chart. The sleep section is also mapped. Did you know that sleep is of two levels. Deep sleep and low sleep. They alternate. There is another kind of sleep just before your waking up. If paired, then the health band will also tell you if a phone arrives.
Paired means phone Bluetooth on.
I really like this device. It can act as a watch. Go ahead and buy to lead a healthy life.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cartoonist - A Short Story

Asif Mirza Sulalabad was happy with the cartoon he just finished. The lines were bold, the shadings perfect, the depth appropriate and above all the humour acidic.
He was thankful to almighty Allah for the generous gift bestowed to him. He kissed his right hand in gratitude and uttered prayers for thanks. His innate desire was to change the society by powerful cartoons with clear cut sharp messages.
He took out the brown bandhgala from the almirah and wore it. It was cold outside and the bandhgala would be just fine, he felt. He left the house to buy a loaf of bread and eggs for his morning breakfast. He had the habit of talking with the shopowner Harsh Mastana on local and national issues.
Asif broke the ice with an innocuous,"From 15 rupees to 20 rupees, the cost of bread has risen. The government seems to be blind."
Harsh was cool and said,"The democracy setup has to feed millions. The hoarders are like hawks waiting for an opportunity. But the economy rises. People have more money and therefore the price rise is justified."
Asif, "Really. Amazing how the democracy works. You must be getting more margin. And I wonder what the police is planning for hoarders."
Harsh, "I need more money. But I loose track of margin because of the number of items I buy. About Police, I do not have any idea. I think they want to crack on the hoarders."
Asif,"Police care for their uniform only. There are eccentrics who take the uniform issue personally and beats thieves with danda. The uniform is their pride."
Harsh, "Danda is best hit with one hand. But one hand means more talent. Dexterous, they say. So it means 50%. And hence unsuitable for democracy."
Asif,"Oh !! That was a fine way of looking, I must say. So will it mean that the right hand that I kissed because of my cartooning results in being undemocratic?"
Harsh,"Allah has given brains too. You need to think over. But yes, talented means undemocratic. "
Asif hands over 100 rupees to Harsh and leaves absent mindedly . . .

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cartooning with Calligraphy pens- The Diagonal

When I was a kid I was not clear what area of art should I follow. Water Colour painting, Sketching or Cartoons. As time went by I became clear. I decided on cartoons. I was also interested in engineering. To be frank, I am not much into music. Though I loved film songs.
Cartoons are great. You do not have to worry much about proportions. I thought I had a sense of humour and therefore cartooning will be more suitable.
I recently realised the importance of perspective in cartoons and angle of view from "Cartooning For Dummies".
Here are the new additions to my cartooning kit.

I bought for myself Calligraphy Pens(Japanese) and also a Parker set. I bought the Japanese pens earlier. They are easy. Parker refused to work and I had to look into Internet to make the ink flow from cartridges to the nib.
Why calligraphy pens for cartooning? Because from the internet sites cartooning pens looked to me like calligraphy pens. That's why.
The hair and shoes in the cartoon showing a man has been done by slanting the broad diagonal tip of pen. The thin lines by keeping the tip appropriately of a less broad pen.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Extension by 3 more months

I have extended my gym schedule further. By 3 more months. Till December.
At the gym, I plan to do

Chest Press or Pec Fly alternated.
Wrist Curl Lifts or Biceps Curls alternated.
Lateral Pull Down or Shoulder Lifts alternated.
Leg Curls Sitting or Leg Curls Lying alternated.

Ellipticals for cardio.

Abs exercises to end with.

At home, I do dumbells (if time permits; about 3 times a week).

Biceps Curls, Shoulder lifts, Triceps Back lifts, Bench Presses, Heel Lifts with 10kg pair.
Wrist Curls, Arms side raises with 5kg pair.
Squats and Abs exercises.

I do foam rolling after dumbbells, at home.

My unconscious aim seems to be improving athleticism. This means maximising strength by fat ratio. Machines are good for athletic improvement. More than barbells and dumbbells. Because machines work on group muscles. My superconscious drive is the confidence to maintain Pythagorean harmony in my body. My near future wish in athletic achievement would be to finish 10km in 45 minutes.