Monday, September 8, 2014

Cartooning with Calligraphy pens- The Diagonal

When I was a kid I was not clear what area of art should I follow. Water Colour painting, Sketching or Cartoons. As time went by I became clear. I decided on cartoons. I was also interested in engineering. To be frank, I am not much into music. Though I loved film songs.
Cartoons are great. You do not have to worry much about proportions. I thought I had a sense of humour and therefore cartooning will be more suitable.
I recently realised the importance of perspective in cartoons and angle of view from "Cartooning For Dummies".
Here are the new additions to my cartooning kit.

I bought for myself Calligraphy Pens(Japanese) and also a Parker set. I bought the Japanese pens earlier. They are easy. Parker refused to work and I had to look into Internet to make the ink flow from cartridges to the nib.
Why calligraphy pens for cartooning? Because from the internet sites cartooning pens looked to me like calligraphy pens. That's why.
The hair and shoes in the cartoon showing a man has been done by slanting the broad diagonal tip of pen. The thin lines by keeping the tip appropriately of a less broad pen.

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