Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cartoonist - A Short Story

Asif Mirza Sulalabad was happy with the cartoon he just finished. The lines were bold, the shadings perfect, the depth appropriate and above all the humour acidic.
He was thankful to almighty Allah for the generous gift bestowed to him. He kissed his right hand in gratitude and uttered prayers for thanks. His innate desire was to change the society by powerful cartoons with clear cut sharp messages.
He took out the brown bandhgala from the almirah and wore it. It was cold outside and the bandhgala would be just fine, he felt. He left the house to buy a loaf of bread and eggs for his morning breakfast. He had the habit of talking with the shopowner Harsh Mastana on local and national issues.
Asif broke the ice with an innocuous,"From 15 rupees to 20 rupees, the cost of bread has risen. The government seems to be blind."
Harsh was cool and said,"The democracy setup has to feed millions. The hoarders are like hawks waiting for an opportunity. But the economy rises. People have more money and therefore the price rise is justified."
Asif, "Really. Amazing how the democracy works. You must be getting more margin. And I wonder what the police is planning for hoarders."
Harsh, "I need more money. But I loose track of margin because of the number of items I buy. About Police, I do not have any idea. I think they want to crack on the hoarders."
Asif,"Police care for their uniform only. There are eccentrics who take the uniform issue personally and beats thieves with danda. The uniform is their pride."
Harsh, "Danda is best hit with one hand. But one hand means more talent. Dexterous, they say. So it means 50%. And hence unsuitable for democracy."
Asif,"Oh !! That was a fine way of looking, I must say. So will it mean that the right hand that I kissed because of my cartooning results in being undemocratic?"
Harsh,"Allah has given brains too. You need to think over. But yes, talented means undemocratic. "
Asif hands over 100 rupees to Harsh and leaves absent mindedly . . .


sm said...

talented means undemocratic - lol

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

Thanks, sm