Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures Enough?

Yes, it is enough to store numbers and data.
The reason is the mathematical constant e, which is the accepted method of dealing with numbers. e also has a logic to it and follows the binary tree structure(similar to master-detail). There need not be one e, the start-up. But many.  Another e starting up later is a practical reality. This gives me the confidence to say that "Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures is enough" for dealing with numbers and data.
But does it explain the real world scenario. It does not. OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) is better here. OOPS has been accepted as the best paradigm for software development. And therefore a OOPS system with Master-Detail screens and back procedures is ideal.
What I am recommending here is the package "Visual Studio Lightswitch" for company packages. It is OOPS. It has master-detail. You may have database triggers for procedures.
It is essential to have standardised packages for development of software. And I am taking the risk in educating people about its usefulness.
I wish every system follow this system and take software development to great heights.

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