Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hindu marriage - Support of celibacy?

A Hindu's ultimate aim is self realisation. Becoming a sanyasi is one of the essential step. And celibacy is a step towards being a sanyasi.
Celibacy is difficult to practise. Much like censorship the more you put pressure to practise celibacy more is the urge to indulge in carnal pleasure. A man then decides to marry. Because he is unable to live in a life of conflict between celibacy and sex. He enjoys the life of marriage and children are born. He may remarry but the celibacy force of Hindu is strong and he correctly feels that remarrying is not a solution. The balance between celibacy and sexual urge results in monogamy. Monogamy is being with nature. For the ratio between number of men and women is approximately 1:1. Thus celibacy is a will of God and is consistent with nature.
I do not claim the above to be a logical deduction. Logic is after all a western concept. I tremble to say emphatic no or an emphatic yes. Because these are logical statements. I may at the most say "I feel like" or "I feel resonant with". 
I am thankful to the western mind for giving us the liberty to make logical statements. And on behalf of all the Google bloggers I wish them good luck.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love and Passion - Two powerful words

Love is a powerful word and all religions talk about it. We are living in present but our past affects us by reappearing in memory. We are not able to give our best in the present due to this. And so our future is not good. This is the story which happens to us at all instant. Only God can help to get rid of this problem because some past activities may be really bad. Love is God's word and one must love one's past to do better now and ensure a good future.
When we talk of work, we must work with passion. Passion is about yourself. What is it that you like. Not what others want you to do. You maybe an engineer but gardening is what you have passion for.  When we work passionately the results satisfy us. We are happy with ourselves because we do what we want.
Love and Passion. God and you. Both are for a happy you. Because you deserve the best.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Indian races and a humourous analysis

I was interested in understanding Indians. Eminent writers feel that India is like USA. USA has people from various countries. India also has people from various countries living here. Only thing is in India people had come much earlier than in USA. Aryans came in BCs. Mughals from Afghanistan. Original inhabitants writers say are the tribals.
Anyway Indians are Indo-Caucasians, Indo-Aryans, Indo-Mongloid, Indo-Dravidians.
Characteristics of each of them (humourous)-
1) Indo-Caucasians (Punjabi) - They believe in being practical in early years and later theoretical.

2)Indo-Aryans(UP) - Blow hot everywhere except on Kamadeva.

3) Indo-Mongloid(Mizoram) - Let everyone think I am stupid but I am above you.

4)Indo-Dravidians(Tamil Nadu)- They say no for every reason and for no reason they say yes.