Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love and Passion - Two powerful words

Love is a powerful word and all religions talk about it. We are living in present but our past affects us by reappearing in memory. We are not able to give our best in the present due to this. And so our future is not good. This is the story which happens to us at all instant. Only God can help to get rid of this problem because some past activities may be really bad. Love is God's word and one must love one's past to do better now and ensure a good future.
When we talk of work, we must work with passion. Passion is about yourself. What is it that you like. Not what others want you to do. You maybe an engineer but gardening is what you have passion for.  When we work passionately the results satisfy us. We are happy with ourselves because we do what we want.
Love and Passion. God and you. Both are for a happy you. Because you deserve the best.

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Kirtivasan said...

We are all mistake makers. God can help us from making mistakes. We have to accept our mistakes and repent for them. We should not repeat the same mistake.
No one has to say what is mistake. Because we know in our hearts as to what is a mistake.