Thursday, March 1, 2012

Indian races and a humourous analysis

I was interested in understanding Indians. Eminent writers feel that India is like USA. USA has people from various countries. India also has people from various countries living here. Only thing is in India people had come much earlier than in USA. Aryans came in BCs. Mughals from Afghanistan. Original inhabitants writers say are the tribals.
Anyway Indians are Indo-Caucasians, Indo-Aryans, Indo-Mongloid, Indo-Dravidians.
Characteristics of each of them (humourous)-
1) Indo-Caucasians (Punjabi) - They believe in being practical in early years and later theoretical.

2)Indo-Aryans(UP) - Blow hot everywhere except on Kamadeva.

3) Indo-Mongloid(Mizoram) - Let everyone think I am stupid but I am above you.

4)Indo-Dravidians(Tamil Nadu)- They say no for every reason and for no reason they say yes.


Kirtivasan said...

Indo-Caucasians(Punjabi) - Practical and theoretical in career and education matters.

Jeevan said...


Kirtivasan said...

It is not a joke on visual appearance of person but on audible communication with them.

Kirtivasan said...

Welcome to my blog, Jeevan.
Though I believe that people of India are a mixture of the four types but still one of the traits is more prominent than the other.

Destination Infinity said...

I think the lines between the various races in India are blurring out. But an interesting analysis, though.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan said...


Sandhya said...

No mixture in blood with Dravidians, I think.

Interesting theory, Krithivasan!

Kirtivasan said...

No mixture in blood with Dravidians. Just memories of old times in Coimbatore.
Thanks for your comment.

sm said...

interesting topic

Kirtivasan said...

It was a Frontline article. I do not remember the author. But a famous sociologist guy. He wrote about Indians and other issues.
I have applied some of my thoughts.