Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Youtube Offline Movies

I watched a few films offline from Youtube last week. I followed the cue about offline videos from a blog mate.
I watched "Ek Doctor Ki Maut","Sooraj ka Satwan Ghoda","Diksha","Train to Pakistan", "Kamla ki Maut". Currently I have "Shatranj ke Khiladi" and "Sardar- The movie".
It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for a movie to be downloaded. I think there is a day limit of 3 days within which you can watch the downloaded offline movie.
Some of my favorite movies are "Kahaani","Shaurya","A Wednesday","Sooraj ka Satwan Ghoda", "8 x 10 Tasveer" etc.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Self trained runner !!

No one teaches us to walk. We have packages in our genetic setup which enabled us to walk. As a kid we observed our parents and relatives and friends all around us walking and we probably asked ourselves "Why shouldn't I do the same myself ?".  And then we walked.
Walking when we are adults requires hardly any effort. It seems effortless like breathing. It comes natural. But because of our sedentary lifestyle we spend life sitting most of the time. We also overeat and eat wrong food. We put on weight and fat. Then walking for a longer time becomes a problem.
Jogging is different from walking. Almost all the body organs are stable in walking. Everything works effortlessly in walking. However jogging can be said to be a state where except breathing every other mechanism in our body requires effort. Breathing is the stable point in jogging. For people who want to jog and are habitual walkers, need to increase the speed of legs and raise them alternately. But they have to keep the breathing under voluntary control. You are jogging if your speed is below 6 miles per hour speed.
Running is a state where every activity in your body during running state requires effort. Even breathing. All the activities need effort at that particular time every time you run. It is a different feeling from jogging. I am gradually increasing the duration of my running. I plan to become a good runner in a month's time. By January end.
Later I shall improve my timing and duration and by God's will I shall participate in marathon in November 2015 and finish it as a runner. I am sure and confident and getting prepared for it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Books to Music to Books

The above are the books that I have.
In free books :-
1) Around the world in eighty days. Finished reading this book. The sati and saving the girl was amusing and not the least felt controversial or insulting in this book.
2) Analyzing Character. Read first chapter. Career in India is not same as a career in foreign. Here clerks, accountants are needed. Hard work for laborers and industry workers.
3) Pride and Prejudice. A classic tale from which I hope to learn an English mindset.
In Kindle e books:-
1) How to read Music. A book to fine tune my understanding of music.
2) Thinking fast and slow. A difficult one to understand. I tried reading a few pages.
3) The Pupeteers of Palem. I have taken a cue from a fellow blogger.
4) Laugh with Laxman. Subjects to improve my cartooning ability.
5) David and Goliath. Understand people and their macro guiding principles.
6) The notebooks of Leonardo da vinci. The master genius is different. Completely different. I hoped for some similarity. An evil wish perhaps. But no, I do not think like him.
7) The Einstein theory of relativity. Above my head book. The grapes are sour type of book. His genius cannot be understood.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The New Regimen

The gymnasium saga ended on December 8th.
I have begun my jogging and dumbbells exercising. The advantage is I can do anytime. Calories spent is more. Disadvantages are I have fixed weight dumbbells. Another disadvantage to weight training using dumbbells is swaying body and improper movements which are less in weight machines.
I shall gradually reduce protein intake and bring myself to normal eating in 2 months.
I am considering buying a barbell set to do weight training. Barbells, I feel are more perfect for bodybuilding than dumbbells. One is likely to do natural movements more in barbells.
If gymnasium is a body clinic, then dumbbells and jogging are at best self medications.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Engineered Body

During my school days I would play cricket, badminton and volleyball.  I was a fast bowler then a leg spinner and then an off spinner in cricket. We had a team of 6-7 boys and we were beaten by other teams in our area. Normally we used to play for ball as a bet. Both the teams will put money to buy a ball and the winning team would take the ball. I also played badminton and I realized there were many guys better than me. During my senior secondary school life(16 to 18 years), we played volleyball. Volleyball games were enjoyable as there was more team involvement.
Later after getting a job, I learnt yoga from international famed Sivananda-Vishnu Devananda Yoga Centre. More recently I learnt "The Art of Living" from Sri Sri Ravishankar disciples.
Now I am into gym. I was into jogging for about 3 years. Though jogging helped me in getting some stamina, the results were not phenomenal.
I like being mentally prepared before everyday gym workouts. I applied my knowledge to gym workouts to help me do better.
Hydraulics are more suitable to explain weight workouts. I realized that muscles are always used just as the hydraulic mechanism is always on. But I think slow twitch fibers in muscles are used in this phase. But like in hydraulics where direction has to be given to hydraulic oil for lifting and bull dozing activities; in our body we need to concentrate and use the correct muscles for weight training. During this phase fast twitch muscle fibers are also used(apart from slow twitch muscle fibers).
Electricals explain cardio activities better. There is a need for residual magnetism for motor to work. In a body there has to be a little glycogen stored to begin cardio. If the components in motor are better in magnetic properties then the motor performs better. In a body if the blood (magnet) mechanism is better then it will do cardio better. Better blood mechanism will mean
1) Clean blood devoid of toxins.
2) Unclogged arteries and veins.
3) Stronger heart.
4) Efficient lungs to clean blood better.
The motor coupled to mechanics will work best when alignment is good. Similarly in a body the legs have to be suitably used to get better results. However wrong alignment, does not mean an inefficient motor. Only the results will not be good to see or brag about.
Improvements are difficult to come by in gym. And one needs to improve every day to get best results. Usually I improve on mental perception and mental motivation. Body improvements are possible if we improve on some of the points written above. And these have to guided by the body heat laws . . .


Friday, October 17, 2014

India and Indians - A Complete Solution

Figure 1

Figure 2
We, Indians have a tendency to consider certain things positive. And certain things negative. As an example, education is considered positive while white collar jobs is considered negative. 
When we  say Education (Positive Harmony) we may say books is Positive Factor 1 and intelligence is Positive Factor 2. Together books and intelligence causes positive harmony.
Take the case of white collar jobs. We may say Gossip is Negative Factor 1 and Politics is Negative Factor 2. Together gossip and playing politics causes negative harmony.
In a circle there is positive and negative. Also I have considered this to be one aspect of thought and therefore one circle(Figure 1).
This might result in two parallel lines at the centre. Whether two parallel lines or one line? We tend to treat things positive and negative and therefore from our thoughts the line has two distinct sides. Hence parallel line is appropriate. Is this how the equal to symbol originated? I wonder.
The problem with this approach of thinking is we may tend to become lonely. We may be at the center with things happening all around.
What is the solution?
Our brain has two sides imaginative side and precise side.
If we manage one aspect say education with full imagination and white collar job with precision ; we would have dealt with our considered education energy and white collar energy effectively (Figure 2). Because we are humans and we can only think this way.
And this is precisely the way I lead my life. I try to be precise on matters I consider positive. I use imagination and allow myself to go on things i consider negative.

I am attaching images of worksheet which will help you in self development using my principles.
For your benefit you can convert this image files to pdf. And then take a printout of this pdf. Take time to fill up this worksheet. It will only benefit you.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures Enough?

Yes, it is enough to store numbers and data.
The reason is the mathematical constant e, which is the accepted method of dealing with numbers. e also has a logic to it and follows the binary tree structure(similar to master-detail). There need not be one e, the start-up. But many.  Another e starting up later is a practical reality. This gives me the confidence to say that "Master-Detail Data Structure with back Procedures is enough" for dealing with numbers and data.
But does it explain the real world scenario. It does not. OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) is better here. OOPS has been accepted as the best paradigm for software development. And therefore a OOPS system with Master-Detail screens and back procedures is ideal.
What I am recommending here is the package "Visual Studio Lightswitch" for company packages. It is OOPS. It has master-detail. You may have database triggers for procedures.
It is essential to have standardised packages for development of software. And I am taking the risk in educating people about its usefulness.
I wish every system follow this system and take software development to great heights.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Latest Hardware Additions

I bought Soleus health band. It has features like time, date, step monitor, calorie monitor, sleep monitor, exercise monitor and phone call details syncing.
I thought it will go well with Google Nexus tab. Windows phone do not support Soleus. But Google Nexus tab does not work with Soleus Go app. And this app is needed for my Soleus Go Activity Tracker. Also Samsung 10.1 did not work for Soleus Go app.
So what did I do? Got for myself a Moto-X. That is what you see in the picture above. I was a customer of Motorola earlier during 1G stages or 2G stages. So Motorola was an obvious choice. And Moto-X because of useful Google Now integration.
The Soleus app and the Soleus Go Activity Tracker finally managed to be synced. (Without app, activity trackers are not useful. It is difficult to read from the small panel and requires many button pushes.) . So how is it? Great !! The steps are beautifully graphed and detailed. The exercise section too. The weight session is marked with jerky bars in chart. The sleep section is also mapped. Did you know that sleep is of two levels. Deep sleep and low sleep. They alternate. There is another kind of sleep just before your waking up. If paired, then the health band will also tell you if a phone arrives.
Paired means phone Bluetooth on.
I really like this device. It can act as a watch. Go ahead and buy to lead a healthy life.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cartoonist - A Short Story

Asif Mirza Sulalabad was happy with the cartoon he just finished. The lines were bold, the shadings perfect, the depth appropriate and above all the humour acidic.
He was thankful to almighty Allah for the generous gift bestowed to him. He kissed his right hand in gratitude and uttered prayers for thanks. His innate desire was to change the society by powerful cartoons with clear cut sharp messages.
He took out the brown bandhgala from the almirah and wore it. It was cold outside and the bandhgala would be just fine, he felt. He left the house to buy a loaf of bread and eggs for his morning breakfast. He had the habit of talking with the shopowner Harsh Mastana on local and national issues.
Asif broke the ice with an innocuous,"From 15 rupees to 20 rupees, the cost of bread has risen. The government seems to be blind."
Harsh was cool and said,"The democracy setup has to feed millions. The hoarders are like hawks waiting for an opportunity. But the economy rises. People have more money and therefore the price rise is justified."
Asif, "Really. Amazing how the democracy works. You must be getting more margin. And I wonder what the police is planning for hoarders."
Harsh, "I need more money. But I loose track of margin because of the number of items I buy. About Police, I do not have any idea. I think they want to crack on the hoarders."
Asif,"Police care for their uniform only. There are eccentrics who take the uniform issue personally and beats thieves with danda. The uniform is their pride."
Harsh, "Danda is best hit with one hand. But one hand means more talent. Dexterous, they say. So it means 50%. And hence unsuitable for democracy."
Asif,"Oh !! That was a fine way of looking, I must say. So will it mean that the right hand that I kissed because of my cartooning results in being undemocratic?"
Harsh,"Allah has given brains too. You need to think over. But yes, talented means undemocratic. "
Asif hands over 100 rupees to Harsh and leaves absent mindedly . . .

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cartooning with Calligraphy pens- The Diagonal

When I was a kid I was not clear what area of art should I follow. Water Colour painting, Sketching or Cartoons. As time went by I became clear. I decided on cartoons. I was also interested in engineering. To be frank, I am not much into music. Though I loved film songs.
Cartoons are great. You do not have to worry much about proportions. I thought I had a sense of humour and therefore cartooning will be more suitable.
I recently realised the importance of perspective in cartoons and angle of view from "Cartooning For Dummies".
Here are the new additions to my cartooning kit.

I bought for myself Calligraphy Pens(Japanese) and also a Parker set. I bought the Japanese pens earlier. They are easy. Parker refused to work and I had to look into Internet to make the ink flow from cartridges to the nib.
Why calligraphy pens for cartooning? Because from the internet sites cartooning pens looked to me like calligraphy pens. That's why.
The hair and shoes in the cartoon showing a man has been done by slanting the broad diagonal tip of pen. The thin lines by keeping the tip appropriately of a less broad pen.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Extension by 3 more months

I have extended my gym schedule further. By 3 more months. Till December.
At the gym, I plan to do

Chest Press or Pec Fly alternated.
Wrist Curl Lifts or Biceps Curls alternated.
Lateral Pull Down or Shoulder Lifts alternated.
Leg Curls Sitting or Leg Curls Lying alternated.

Ellipticals for cardio.

Abs exercises to end with.

At home, I do dumbells (if time permits; about 3 times a week).

Biceps Curls, Shoulder lifts, Triceps Back lifts, Bench Presses, Heel Lifts with 10kg pair.
Wrist Curls, Arms side raises with 5kg pair.
Squats and Abs exercises.

I do foam rolling after dumbbells, at home.

My unconscious aim seems to be improving athleticism. This means maximising strength by fat ratio. Machines are good for athletic improvement. More than barbells and dumbbells. Because machines work on group muscles. My superconscious drive is the confidence to maintain Pythagorean harmony in my body. My near future wish in athletic achievement would be to finish 10km in 45 minutes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Rid of Latency

Latent heat is a very important concept. In water, 0 degrees centigrade is the latent heat of melting. 100 degrees centigrade is the latent heat of vaporisation. At 0 degree centigrade solid ice becomes liquid water. Temperature remains 0 degree centigrade for some time till solid ice becomes liquid water completely. After that temperature raises with time.
Humans too have latency. Some exhibit latency in studying while some in working. Humans do not become liquid or vapour on getting energy. Humans use this energy in brain activities or muscular activities. Rice eaters generally exhibit less latency. Rice is starch and gets used by body more easily. Wheat eaters exhibit more latency. But human body is a wonder. It adjusts so well, for possibly survival, that it adjusts suitably to the food we eat.
Motivation is the key to a human being. Inspiration often drives the motivation and makes a man excel in his field. But inspiration is being tied to faith. This faith could be faith in your abilities, support from parents or friends or God or anything. So having faith is the key.
So assuming faith is the most important thing; should one try to cling to faith like solid ice and refuse to become liquid water when heat like situation happens? No. In fact the opposite should be done. One should have faith and understand that both solid ice and liquid water are H2O and should allow conversion in state. This is likely to improve a person trying to get rid of latency.
So, believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Accept the changes happening. React and act to these situations by maintaining faith in yourself. Gradually, you will get rid of latency and lead a more dynamic life.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Extended Workouts

I have extended my gymnasium workouts by 3 months. Till September.
I am now able to do workouts especially cardio much more easily. Normally I do two cardio for 15 minutes each with a 15 minutes weight workouts. Sometimes, I do three cardio workouts for 15 minutes each. I normally do workouts for 45 minutes. The cardio sessions are usually intense and is at my maximum.
I also do dumbbells at home in the evenings. I have a 10 kg pair and a 5 kg pair at home. I do bicep curls, shoulder lifts, one dumbbell triceps back lifts, bench press, squats, squat jumps, free leg raises. (It is important for bodybuilding enthusiasts to learn definitions and names of exercises). The evening session is for 30 minutes.  With the 5 kg pair, I do exercises like wrist curls, arm side raises.
I am managing to show discipline in eating habits. I eat to a plan as much as practically possible. What I mean here is I may eat a snack instead of Complan planned. This is because I was offered snacks at home and I was tempted to eat this.
Workouts also brings about peace in mind and if you are one of those who want to participate in marathon race, then workouts give hope too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Staying in circle

The earlier style of governments at the centre revolved around personalities. The men in power were assumed supreme status and those who were in their loop succeeded. And those who did not manage to get their patronage remained insignificant. Moreover, people not in their coterie, had difficult time trying to please and get rid of differences in opinions. Many times, it would be maddening for these people.
Now that a new government is there, a new way of work is expected. The not so lucky should not feel deprived of mental viewpoints differences. The talented should get opportunities to succeed. After all, people have clearly rejected old way of working in the just concluded elections.
Dale Carnegie, the foremost expert in relationships, has said that there is only one way to build a relationship. Satisfying the other person. But in USA, win-win works. In India it may not. It is usually win-loose relationship.
So therefore to get into relationship or to get a job done, here in India, one must be ready to loose. To gain one thing, loose something else ( maybe more precious ). But one must face it boldly. Having faith in oneself and staying away from things that weaken your strong areas helps.
Here is the diagram, I suggest you follow to maintain harmony in you and also in others. The aim is to keep your circle going. The situation you face, should not make the object get out of the circle tangentially and cause damage.
If the circle is stable; and your minimum objective is met; and the other person is happy; then fine. Go all out and get the job done. Or go ahead in the relationship.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bright Future

Exit polls indicate a simple majority for NDA. And good performance by BJP.  People wanted a change. People voted for change. Now, people have to work for change.
I was interested in exercising. My brother ordered Bullworker by parcel during school days. He also bought dumbells from market. Over the years I discovered that spiritual balance can be brought out only by exercises.
I was always a reader. I remember being a member of four libraries during my school days. But now, I find music more interesting. Currently I listen to web direct music; thanks to Nokia Mix Radio. However, I like reading economic news. I read Economic Times and mobile Mint everyday.
I am reasonably religious. I am reasonably good in music. Film music interests me. Younger music directors are quite good. I enjoy their music.
The reason I wrote about exit polls and about myself is because one has to give positive contribution to the new government.

My attempt at a Windows phone App:-

There are readymade templates available. These have to be filled with right information.    
Nokia 720 having Windows Phone 7.1. Look at the background. There is an image !!
Below are the snapshots of Storyteller Apps in my laptop. You may observe my cartoons from my cartooning site. Also you may observe my dafli video posted on Youtube. Dafli video has been made using Youtube template in designer with search conditions "dafli+percussion".

Below is the snap taken from Nokia 1520 of my Nokia 720 having Cortana. Cortana is the yellow rectangle around the corner of the screen. She gives instruction in speech. You may observe that phone tile is missing. This is because it may not be needed as AI instructs about phone and I felt tile is not needed because of this. Also observe the background image.
Below is the status of my Lumia 720.

This is how my Nokia Lumia 720 looks like at present. Notice the Cortana tile.
The final position of my Nokia Lumia 720. No SIM. But as long as VoIP is there, using Nokia Lumia 720 this way is no way morally wrong.
Nokia 1520 is my regular phone now. I bought a Bose headset with Bluetooth from Reliance shop. Nokia 1520, Nokia Mix Radio and Bose goes just too good together . . .
The latest position of Lumia 720 is as below. Cortana is still unavailable in India. I was trying for evaluation purposes. It was enabled by changing region to US and not India. Now I have disabled Cortana. Region is India. Also, the access point was configured at last. The internet works, now, in Lumia 720. Hence the news section tiles.
Lumia 720 as on 30th June 2014.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hot Winds

Summer has arrived in India. The temperature soars upto 43 degrees celcius in most part of India.
I take the following steps to beat the heat.
  1. Hygiene - During initial summer beginning, bacteria and fungi grow at a faster rate than the immunity of humans. Therefore, one needs to be careful and avoid drinking water from dubious sources. One must avoid outside food too. This is because water and food may have stronger bacteria and our immunity may be not that strong. The initial days are first 10 days. Currently, the initial period is over. Now you can have filtered water. You can also eat food outside.
  2. Keeping it cool - Crop your hair if you are a man. You may apply amla oil if you are a woman. Dabur Amla hair oil has thick oil base. So apply only a little. Oil bath also helps in keeping body cool.
  3. Keep pores clean - Scrub your body with loofah after applying soap. This will take out oil and dirt from pores.
  4. Cap and goggles - Wear a thin cap on your head and wear goggles while going out.
  5. Sleeping on floor - Try to get a nap in the afternoons on holiday on the floor without even a bedsheet or mattress. Just the floor and you. Switch on the fan. No AC or cooler. Try to get an hour or two of nap. Your body will get relaxed and you will also cool down.
  6. Cleanliness - When taking bath clean the feet completely with loofah and soap. The palm of the feet. The fingers of feet etc. This will energise you.
  7. Chywanprash - Chyawanprash can be taken if you are worried of getting infection due to water or food.
Follow these steps and you will be able to beat the heat better.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Yet More Digital . . .

Heartbleed is causing problems.
Password Management software stores user name and password for sites. For Hotmail, Hotmail user name and password. For GMail, GMail user name and password. The Password Management software do not mix these up. Also there is confidentiality.
One place the Password Management software do not work is the secured sites. Banking for instance. Here the user has to fill in the username and password manually. These sites work on SSL. Here, the data fed in are encrypted and decrypted at server. Similarly the data from server are encrypted and decrypted at browser level.
Programs had to be developed for utilising SSL features. So, OpenSSL standards were made.
Heartbleed exploited OpenSSL and the data was exposed.
Why did it happen? Encryption, Security are ever changing paradigms. The users of internet are expected to update their systems. Latest browsers are expected to be used. But an average user normally disallows automatic updates by software vendors and this results in malwares like Heartbleed. Because even though the server may be having latest security, the client browser may not. Therefore, only old security would work here. The Heartbleed fully understands this and manages to break the encryption and takes out the heart of information from the junk encrypted value. It enjoys the data fully and data is totally at the mercy of Heartbleed.
Windows 8.1 will be available shortly for phones. For laptops it was already there. Windows 8.1 in phones will mean Cortana assistant; more lockscreen messages from Windows app, say lockscreen reminder messages from reminder windows phone app; more user friendly features like better volume etc. Also tiles backround can be from an image.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make it a habit

There is a problem with success. You have to keep succeeding.
There are many talent out there in the real world. But there are stories associated with them. Stories that they were dejected. Or poor. Or unhappy.
If your talent does not manifest into a habit then you will end up into a tragic story. You may argue that you will go to heaven for all the talent you possess. But people who successfully make a habit of their talent will cause so much jealousy that your present life in earth will be a hell.
You can make habits. It should not be difficult. It requires discipline. It requires practise.

The above chart helps in make one understand habit formation. If the circle is balanced and if you decide to apply your soul then you will be able to make a habit.
(Source of inspiration :- Statue of Nataraja)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gym Exercises

I have joined Enigma Fitness Centre, Sector - 10, Dwarka for being more regular in my workouts. The idea was mooted by my family. They were probably inspired by my regularity in jogging and suggested that I join Enigma Fitness Centre.
There are advantages in being trained in gym. The challenges to a body can be increased. The resistance in ellipticals or the incline in treadmill can be increased. Whereas increasing speed in jogging or finding a hilly area on own is not feasible.
One does not realise the importance of trainer. Even today I do not know whether it is important or not. The trainer knows it better. It is relaxing to know that you are under a trainer. Mr. Praveen is my trainer at Enigma Fitness Center.
I have joined the gym for three months. I wish to improve my stamina.
A dog near the stairs for entering Enigma Fitness Center is an obstacle. He barks on seeing me. I then took a longer route to approach the stairs. The dog was unaware of my smart entry. I hope to make him friendly in a few days time as there will be more light at 5:30 am.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Indian Society

Indian society is the aspirations, the hopes, the expectations of its people. Our spirits are affected by forces which shaped our history. The music unfolds its majesty and tells the story as it witnesses. It is neither biased nor it is partial. The story of Indian society by music is a story which is true. Which is real. And which is as it is.
We had dynasties like Maurya, Gupta, Chalukyas who imbibed to us the values of Hindu kingdom. The king is supreme. Unfaithfulness cannot be tolerated. Culture is important. People are important. Respect is expected. And all such values. The advisers were respected for their wisdom. Chanakya was able to advise Chandragupta Maurya to establish a big kingdom. The music and arts of Samudragupta, even today reverberates in our ears not allowing to be left unheard. Kalidasa the poet in the kingdom of Chandragupta Vikramaditya is read even today and the visuals imagined by his work can never be erased by any war of significance. The kings were benevolent and tolerant to their people is exemplified by the actions of Harsha and Ashoka who became Buddhists with the welfare of people in their minds.
The Delhi sultans are the real Islam that India knows. There was slavery. There was freedom. There was growth of arts. There was suppression. There was promotion to agriculture. There was taxes. War was not a priority. It was considered essential, but avoided.
The Mughals were conquerors. They believed in war. They were strong. War was the motive of the early Mughals. Then the Shahenshah and Jahanpanah Akbar ruled. He brought about a revolution by bringing about Din-I-ilahi and tolerance. The Mughals began to accept Delhi Sultans principles later. As exemplified by Aurangzeb.
Where 1857 is considered as India's first revolt, it was also to be the beginning of a sycophant Indian. The war was lost by the mutineers. The Raj started building institutions. Congress was born. And their party leaders began to practice sycophancy to get admissions and jobs. More crucial mistake was their avoidance of Muslim League. It was a genuine avoidance and a very costly one.
Where to now, the music asks? Hindu kings, Delhi Sultans, the Mughals, The Congress or where? The elections are around the corner. And I am asking this question from the Delhi Sultanate mindset.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How far, Commander?

The touch mobile is the commander here.
Some of the upcoming trends in mobile are being briefed here. Just wrapping up things.
Bing becoming more effective. Your device gets more publicity. Over workgroups, intranet, internet.
Nokia launches Android touch mobile. Maybe with Live Tile. So Android fans, get ready for "Everything at once."
Location based social apps launched. If you carry your mobile to Jaipur, then this social app will display your society's Jaipur experience. 360 is one such app. Navicomputer may be another.
Windows are working on speech help. Stuck up with Copy screen and paste. No problems. Speech help comes handy.
Lync is voice communication in Office 365. Apart from possible other functions.
Password management apps. Trust me here. Be careful with these apps. No point in having an assistant for password management. A carefully kept diary is the best solution. I have a diary with  username and password for about 50 sites. Never trust these password apps, I tell you. Be safe.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travel Smart with Skyscanner - Indiblogger Contest

Planning to spend your vacations by going on a pleasure trip? Go ahead but do not forget to plan your trip well in advance.
The first step would be to follow the place's dress code. Some places demand that you are always presentable. This means that you cannot open the doors of your room for allowing service in  undergarments.
The second step will be to tell precisely what you are looking for to eat if you plan to visit abroad. No eggs, no meat will not do. It will be better if you are specific like Thai Buddhist food or Mexican guilt free food.
The third step is the currency if you plan a visit abroad. You can go to bank and get foreign currency in exchange for rupees. You may take your credit card too along with you.
The fourth step is the communication. Learn how to enable roaming in your phone if your phone requires a manual changeover. Get an International SIM card if you are going abroad.
In case of trips within India, make an itinerary for all the days you shall be travelling. Keep a local map too with you. Tourist buses are actually very good to travel as there will be a guide who will give you information and interesting facts.
If you have a relative in foreign country who can help you during visit, then there is nothing quite like it.
Bon Voyage !! Travel Smart with Skyscanner.

Reality Views

One of the most interesting concept of life is there is nothing absolute. Most of the things are perceived relatively favourable or relatively unfavourable.
What can be considered as being a reality view? I can explain it. This is supported by my favourite theory of statistical kinks.
What is a kink?

If you look at the graph, the x axis is Rs.10 for 1 cm. But there is a kink at the start. 0 to 50.5 has been represented in 1 cm. Then afterwards it is Rs.10 for 1 cm.
In reality a box may be just 2 metres away from you in the table.  But to reach it requires moving your feet, see to it that your hands are clean, be convinced that you need it etc.  These are the kinks that come to my mind.
By the way, kink in slang means sexual taste of a person.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hope Project - Indiblogger contest

Devdasis are a reality and is a part of our culture. Many devdasis are Meera. Some have become Meera from Radha. Why? The prevailing circumstances. I remember the song "Ek Radha Ek Meera" composed by Ravindra Jain for Raj Kapoor, here
You are employed. How many are unemployed? You are leading a dignified life. How many know the word dignity? You take liberty in choosing luxury item. How many have the liberty to think luxury? It is a pity that greed has never been dealt with by our saints. I have read hundreds of books but none of the hypocrites, sorry saints, has explained greed. Probably they were unable to discover themselves.
Though not an expert, I deal with greed pretty well. I choose the less obvious ones. Then I try to make them better. Or use it more than needed to satiate greed. I know it is wrong. But the world is competitive. And one cannot escape from it because of resources. The least one can do is stay away from involvement in too many areas. Be good in your area and save resources by not involving in areas not your concern.
Our country is poor. We have been slaves. One can afford to have pride in oneself. But greed; I am afraid not at all.
Controlling our greed will be our biggest contribution to the devdasis. Let us take a pledge that we shall get rid of greed on our own. We should not be discouraged because our saints have not taught how to deal with greed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 things you can do with your Touch Mobiles

Are we using our touch mobiles to as much as possible, as far as possible? Maybe not.

These are the areas where touch mobiles help :-
1. Communication - Voice, Videos, Text based communication
2. Information - Media, Newspapers, blogs
3. Calculations - Accounting, pattern matching data, Storage
4. Guidance - GPS navigation
5. Artificial Intelligence Guidance - Siri, Google Now etc.
6. Timely Help - Alarms, Appointments
7. Music - Radio, mp3,recording etc.
8. Videos - TV, movies,video camera, still camera etc.
9. Health - Heart Beats, pedometer, emotions etc.
10. Touch - Sketching, arrangement style, colour etc.

Am I missing something else?

The above are the status of my Nokia Lumias.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some More Digital . . .

What you see in the above picture is what is new to my collection. Google Nexus 7 which I bought earlier. I mentioned about it in
But the problem was connecting Google Nexus 7 to internet. It is here that my brainwave worked. I bought a wireless router which supports 3G dongle. The wireless router is the white object on the photo. Then came Reliance 3G dongle. The wireless router took it in and worked seamlessly with it.It lasted for 21 days.
Then the most awaited day came. The phablet from Nokia-Microsoft. I wanted a good mobile camera. I am totally fine with digital enhancements. So I got a Nokia 1520. That is what you see in the picture above. The yellow object. I did not know about nano SIM.
I cut the Reliance 3G SIM into nano SIM and put it in Nokia 1520. Alas !! The voice did not work. No SMSs. The internet however did work. I tried to make nano back to big SIM by adapter. But sorry!! The dongle said it was too much. It failed to work. That was the end of Reliance 3G dongle and SIM which I downsized without proper knowledge.
I have now put Airtel nano SIM in Nokia 1520. Only the voice works. Nokia 1520 is obviously the best in business. It deserves an Airtel with 3G. I have applied for 3G.

 And by the way, I wanted to show the picture of how a blog looks like in My Feeds in Windows Phone and in News Bento Metro App running on Windows 8.1 in my laptop. And my latest snap . . .